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Holidays, celebrations and festivals from around the world. This category covers religious and non-religious holidays and their associated traditions, as well as some multicultural events.
I like to get on a dark road and adjust them with the screws on top and sides of the lights but don't blind the driver comming at you.
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Here's just what I know from having a father and mother from Ireland and living there. The priest that presides over a wedding is invited to the reception. Mead wine is served, warm, at weddings. Usually the wedding cake is a lot like Christmas fruit cake. It almost always has fruit. If a fork fa…
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%DETAILS% Answer Not sure what you're referring to here ... traditionally, most people turn their Christmas lights on every night from the time they put them up, until the time they take them down. Are you, perhaps, refering to the *last* time you're supposed to turn on your Christmas light…
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There are many festivals and celebrations on or near the December 25th date. Some of the closest include (in no particular order): YuleSolsticethe 8 Days of Hanukkahthe 29-30 days of Ramadan (in some years)Boxing Daythe 7 days of KwanzaaNew Years' EveNew Years' DayHuman-lightWorld Aids DayFestivus (…
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Christmas as National Holiday Christmas was declared a national holiday by Ulysses S. Grant in 1870. It's Jesus' Birthday it has to be a holiday.
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Cultural Celebrations Even in America, different regions have different traditions. However, a few examples of Christmas around the world might include ...  Christmas in Germany In Germany, as in many European countries, the Christmas season picks up with December 6th, St. Nicholas's Day. On D…
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Groundhog Day Europeans do not have an equivalent of Groundhog Day. In Canada and the US, Ground Hog Day is a silly annual festival, held in late winter, to 'predict" how soon Spring will come to the area, Groundhog Day in the US (as seen in the Bill Murray film) is 2nd February. Early in the …
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Given the segregated nature of American society at the time of WWII, and of the armed forces, there were significantly fewer Black sevicemen than white ones and they were often relegated to secondary roles. Black sailors could only serve as cooks and mess stewards. Although there were black army com…
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Short answer: Easter Sunday is the first Sunday after the first full moon after vernal equinox. Detailed Explanation: The calculation of Easter is complicated because it is linked to (an inaccurate version of) the Hebrew calendar. Jesus was crucified immediately before the Jewish Passover, which is …
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Easter is the name of the English Goddess of Light. Her annual Spring-time festival was ancient before the Christians appeared and caused the people, in the words of the Venerable Bede, to "celebrate the old feast in the spirit of a new solemnity." The Easter eggs, magical ones, in a grass-lined bas…
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A paper published by the UCLA Center for the Study of Latino Health and Culture states that the day first started in California in response to the resistance to the French rule in Mexico. When Mexican miners in the town of Columbia, California heard news about the resistance, they were so overjoyed …
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Kwanzaa is celebrated by some African-Americans in the United States of America. The colors, black, red, and green, represent the candles and seven principles of the long lasting "Christmas and New Years" get together celebration. Kwanzaa is a non-religious African American holiday which celebrat…
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If he is still married and he tells you that he wants to be with you, he really doesn't, because if he did, he'd be divorced. He is lying. You'll move on though, to someone who will be worth your time.
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Answer a really good beach is in sa Coma but i advise you to bring your own parosol and chairs or towels as it can get up to €40 for space on beach property. yeah...there are thousends of beaches in Majorca Spain and I feel that the all beaches are so beautiful. if you need further deta…
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Yes, but I am looking for the rest of the tradition myself. I know that it involves giving a loaf of soda bread, paper bag and the change from the purchase, but I know there is a few more things in the bag.   I too am looking for the complete list... I know there is a poem that is to be inclu…
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It means your hormones are very confused.  It means that you should take a pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy and be a lot mroe responsible about taking your birth control if you don't wnat to become pregnant or get on another form of birth control such as the shot ( every 3 months) the patc…
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Turning on Christmas Lights I turn mine on during Thanksgiving weekend I live in the Chicago area, where a lot of people put up their lights in October, before it gets bitterly cold. Some people turn the lights on as soon as they're up, but the majority of us wait until at least Nov. 15. Traditi…
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Since Guy Fawkes Night is a celebration of the failed attempt of the Guy to blow up the British Houses of Parliament, why would anyone else want to celebrate?Back then, the UK had control over some of the British colonies, so it was also celebrated by New Zealand, Canada and British Caribbean.I beli…
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Hanging Stockings Please visit the History Channel Com. for information on all the traditions of Christmas throughout the world, http://www.historychannel.com "The History of Christmas."
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Christmas as National Holidy June 26, 1870 2008
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the countries which celebrate "three kings day" are "those countries which celebrate christamas".I feel that all countries celebrate christamas.the twelth day after Christmas is the "three kings day".It is the 6th of January . But it is mostly Mexico.
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The purpose ofMardi Grasis to partake of food, drink and fun before the beginning of fasting for the Catholic holiday Lent.
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It represents the Americans getting Independence.Independence Day
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Boxing Day, also known as St. Stephen's Day, is celebrated on December 26 - the day after Christmas. It was a way for people to make contributions of cash or goods to those less fortunate. Some say it began with the opening of alms boxes in churches during Christmas season and the contributions were…
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It is a Mesoamerican celebration of a girl becoming a young woman on the 15th birthday. It also celebrates her tradition. It also gives the girl to show her great style to her family and freinds.    
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Answer A rite of passage for generations of American teenagers for nearly a century, the high school prom is usually the first formal event in the lives of young people. For many teenagers, the prom is the most stressful event of their lives. It intensifies peer pressure over issues of inclusion …
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Answer Easy Answer: New York, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia The second largest St. Patrick's Day parade is in Savannah, Georgia. Really. : )
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Despite the lively images suggested by the name, it has nothing to do with pugilistic expositions between tanked-up family members who have dearly been looking forward to taking a round out of each other for the past year. Likewise, it does not gain its name from the overpowering need to rid the hou…
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world war 2 started in 1939 when Germany invaded Poland
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Halloween or 'all hallows eve' has its roots in European pre-Christian paganism symbolising the beginning of winter and the burning of leaves and cleansing by fire of all that is old or evil. When Europe converted to Christianity, the early Christians used the festival to search out heathens and bur…
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Germany - except the Rhine, the Black Forest, Berlin and Munich.France and Belgium - the Ardennes.Bulgaria and Romania, provided you keep away from the coast.Slovakia.Czech Republic, provided you keep away from Prague.Russia - almost anywhere, but avoid Moscow and St Petersburg.Keep well clear of al…
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Answer thanksgiving babyy! (: a;kj;slj;dsfa;jl;kjj;ljeio;eijfa;osijefa«☻☻☻☻☻☻2☻☻☻☻☺☻☺♥☻♣♦♣JU♣-/♣
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Oktoberfest is a German tradition or celebration. So anything German such as pigtails, cabbagerolls, pretzles, sauerbraten, schnitzel, and tortes for dessert. Drinks like Goldschlaeger and Jaegarmeister are German, too. Beer, lots of beer. Listen to accordian music, like Walter Ostenak. Wear Germ…
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Typically, gifts are not exchanged at that type of occasion. Friends may want to send flowers to the family of the deceased, but other than that, gifts are not typically exchanged. Often the family of the deceased or a religious group associated with the deceased may provide a meal after…
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July 28! :) my bday..
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The answer that comes to mind with that description is Thanksgiving. But there are probably other holidays as well.
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3 days! but it really was not considered a holiday until president Lincon declared it a holiday in 1863 and he was the first one to do this.
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The idea behind the term "Black Friday" is that on the day after Thanksgiving retail stores have enough sales to put them "in the black" for the year. "Black" refers to the accounting practice of recording losses in red and profits in black.
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Answer: Only shepherds celebrated with his parents the day Jesus Christ was born over 2000 years ago. Record of this celebration and the related details, but not an exact date, can be found in the Bible (Luke chapter 2). It is thought that the early Christians did not widely celebrate the birth of …
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Grant President Ulysses S. Grant was president when Christmas was made a national holiday in 1870.
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The History of Christmas Before the fourth century, the primary Christian celebration was Easter, celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. In the fourth century, church officials decided to institute the birth of Jesus as a holiday. Unfortunately, the Bible does not mention date for his birth (a fa…
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It is called a Hanukiah or a Hanukkah menorah.
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Only about 1/3 of the worlds population is Christian so celebrations of Christmas are limited to areas where they are present - primarily Europe, North and South American, parts of Africa and Australia. Christmas may be celebrated as a secular or commercial activity in some other areas. Many Muslim …
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A Wonderful Christmas Under normal circumstances I would be on my way to Aspen for a skiing holiday... dang it!...well maybe next year. This holiday season will be a simple celebration with a few close friends and family while recuperating from my second knee operation. Could be worse! :O
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The most common Valentine's Day gifts are:ChocolatesFlowersJewelryCardsTeddy BearStuffed animalsA dateA kissAlso consider Valentine's Day Gift Baskets. They can be chocolate arrangements, flowers and chocolates, flowers and Valentine's Day Teddy Bears, chocolates and wine, or even bath or spa produc…
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First African-American Honored With Holiday When President Truman was in office, during the 79th Congress, Public Law 290 was passed and designated January 5 of every year George Washing Carver Recognition Day. This is considered a national holiday. The flag was ordered to fly at half staff on th…
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There are too many festivals for everyone to know about because many countries celebrate many diffrent kind of festivals like Germany celebrates Oktoberfest and New Zealand celebrates Matariki. There are a lot of festivals around the world to celebrate.
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The biggest holiday in Guatemala is Semana Santa, which is a week long celebration that takes place around Easter (in March). They lay down large carpets made of flowers and leaves in intricate designs. They also celebrate Christmas and New Years, although not as passionately as some North Americans…
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We celebrate it in Boston because when the British left Boston. That's why we celebrate Evacuation Day.
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The Jewish marriage ceremony has multiple parts, they are (according to orthodox tradition): Kabbalat Panim The bride and groom sit in different rooms. The bride sits on a "throne" that is usually on a small stage and receives her guests. The groom is surrounded by the male guests who sing and toa…
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Harmony Day is a day of cultural respect in Australia. The main objectives are inclusiveness, productivity diversity, and community harmony.
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The word may come from an Arabic word meaning "caller" or "announcer."
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Shabbat - every Saturday (from Friday at sunset until Saturday after twilight) Rosh Hashanah - the Jewish New Year, 2 days Yom Kippur - a fast day, the Day of Atonement, 1 day Pesach - Passover - 7 or 8 days Shavuot - Feast of Weeks; Yom HaBikurim - 1 or 2 days Sukkot - Feast of Booths - 7 days…
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Yes, There Is Mail. Good Friday is not a national holiday so yes, the US Postal Service delivers mail. When is there no mail delivery in the US? See the Related Link for a list of days on which the United States Postal Service does not deliver mail.
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It was only a few years ago: 2007! My older brother's birthday was on Easter Sunday, April 8, 2007. I save all my yearly calendars as my diaries.
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Nothing, actually. People have been celebrating spring for as long as weather got cold in the winter, and food supplies dwindled. Birds usually lay their eggs in the spring, so eggs were a natural symbol for spring, rebirth, and new life. Rabbits are very fertile animals whose babies scampered abou…
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Answer They don't. Easter is a religious holiday and is always on a Sunday. In most provinces, the Monday is taken as a civic holiday due to the fact that Easter falls on a day which is already a non-working day for most Canadians. Many Union employees also get a holiday on Good Friday as well.
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Various Holidays and Festivals April 16th is Emancipation Day in Washington D.C.. It commemorates the day in 1862 that Abraham Lincoln signed the Compensated Emancipation Act for the District of Columbia.April 16th is also the Feast Day of many Catholic Saints including Benedict Joseph Labre, Drogo,…
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i would say they celebrate valentines day like it is world wide. iwould say they celebrate 04 can you guess what they are?
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With Red Wine and Guinness. Answer: The same way you would celebrate any other grandchild -- with love, excitement and joy! If the baby is a boy, there will probably be a Bris. Some Jews prefer to not receive baby gifts until the baby is born (this is true of other cultures too). But many have giv…
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Some traditions in Judaism are to go to synagogue and celebrate holidays. There are too many Jewish traditions to list here. If you could break this down into a more detailed question, like "traditions of Marriage," "Traditions of prayer...." etc. it would be easier to answer. See also the attache…
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You stand out if respect, just like that of the national anthem. Imagine if everyone sat down, it would seem like they "don't care." Once again just respect, and you would also take off your hat if you're wearing one.
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The Sikhs celebrate everyday when they do the ardas; however on vaisakhi we mark the occasion with festivities; families go to gurdwara's together; we rejoice in the name of freedom we have been blessed with through the actions of the Tenth Guru "Guru Gobind Singh Ji" . Vaisakhi commerotes the day …
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Witsuntide is the week beginning on Whitsunday. Whitsunday, which is also known as Pentecost is 50 days, or app. 7 weeks after Easter.
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It began on Sunday, 7 December 1941. Actually the Second World War began Friday September 1st 1939, when Adolf Hitler invaded Poland. America Came into the war on the 7th of December, 1941.
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The word 'holiday' comes from "holy day". In ancient times these days were given to workers so they could go to church and worship. Later is was called holiday and did not necessarily mean attendance at worship. It derives from an Old English word Haligdaeg meaning, holy+day or a religious festiva…
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Poppies symbolise remembrance. The story goes that, following one of the bloodiest battles of World War I, in the fields of Flanders in western Europe,when the ground was completely churned up and muddied, thousands of red poppies sprang up. The seeds had lain dormant in the soil and, after being a…
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Strange as it may sound, some were involved in the manufacture of products like the V-2 rocket, the counterfitting of US and English money and art objects. Most however were involved in manual labor. one of the most popular jobs at work camps was working in the toilets. sure it smelled a bit but yo…
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Kwanzaa is a week-long holiday celebrated primarily in the United States, honoring African heritage, The oficial Kwanzaa web site is below in related links.The word is related to Swahili "kwanza" meaning "first".
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New Years Day, one of the oldest of hoildays, is celebrated all over the world. Most New Year celebrations focus on family and friends. It is a time to reflect on the past and welcome the new year with hope.
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The Vice President of the United States has only four official duties: (1) He presides over the Senate - formally, he sits in Senate and acts as the officer-in-charge, by which he does the usual management of administering a parliamentary-based body. He does NOT have powers to vote (see below for a…
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Thanksgiving, with the native Americans.
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Cinco de Mayo commemorates that fateful day of May 5, 1862, on which the Battle of Puebla occurred. It was on this day that 5,000 poorly trained, ill-equipped Mexican peasants, under the command of one General Ignacio Zaragoza, fought against a regiment of French soldiers. The French were following …
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The origin of enchiladas is Mexico.
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Because 4,000 Mexican soldiers smashed the French and traitor Mexican army of 8,000 at Puebla, Mexico, 100 miles east of Mexico City on the morning of May 5, 1862. more info on http://www.vivacincodemayo.org/history.htm ANOTHER ANSWEROn the other hand...The original question was, "Why do AMERICANS…
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During Roosevelt's presidency, he began to implement the Good Neighbor Policy (1933) towards several countries in Latin America. Cinco de Mayo began as a cultural festival, quickly turning into a Mexican-American Pride Day, as much as St. Patrick's Day is for Irish-Americans. Ironically, Cinco de …
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We celebrate this day as United States birthday!!
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Albanians celebrate all kinds of holidays. There it does not matter the religion. Muslims celebrate Christmas and Christians celebrate Ramadan for example. There is a very good harmony between the two religions. The holidays are the same. See the Related Link below for a good list:
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The country of Oman celebrates its freedom from Portugal every November 18. The Iman Sultan Bin Saif led a revolt against Portugal that successfully expelled them from the country and the ports of Oman. The day is celebrated with fireworks, and is a national holiday.
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History repeating itself is not a theory, nor is it a truth. It is an observation. There may be things "new under the sun," but I'm afraid to say, that, in and of itself, is a repeat in history. There will always be new things and improvements. The little "similarities" that some mock are in fact wh…
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topaz, yellowish gold
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My opinion is that break dancing is the most popular dance because lots of people do it.
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First Story: This practice continues from the British Rule in India since the East India Company regime. I admit, I don't know the exact reason why it was started and exactly since when? But most probably, it may be on account of implementation of some Bye-laws of the Memorandum of Association and A…
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Halloween has the highest candy grossing candy sales Easter is second Candy sales are the highest on Halloween, followed by Easter, Christmas, then Valentine's Day. Did you know: According to Information Resources, Inc., in 2004, 99% of households in the U.S. purchased candy at some point during…
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May Day in the former Soviet Union was "International Workers' Day." Parades on this date were to show the people that communism was making them strong by displaying their military hardware and manpower. May Day or "International Workers' Day" (also known as "May Day") is a celebration of the inter…
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Countries that celebrate a day that honors their flag each year are: Afghanistan - August 19 Albania - November 28 Argentina - June 20 Aruba - March 18 Australia - September 3 Azerbaijan - November 9 Bolivia - August 17 Brazil - November 19 Canada - February 15 Quebec - January 21 Denmark…
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St Georges Day is a day unique to England as St George is the patron saint. There aren't that many traditions and holidays that are unique specifically to England as many (such as Bonfire night, boxing day, etc) are celebrated in the rest of the UK as well.
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The next date will be July 7, 2107
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My family goes to Tennessee with family and we have a meal, play games, and open presents. Some families though dont celebrate it. They are missing out.
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Answer: Christmas is for Jesus' birthday (however Santa has taken that holiday meaning from Christ), Easter for Jesus' Resurrection (the Easter bunny is from a Pagan religion for the "god if fertility".), Palm Sunday, the Passover, and many others. I'm not entirely sure about the 'taking from pagans…
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In some cases it is Christmas because some people are Jewish Halloween Clombus day Easter
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Challah is Jewish bread.
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Some customs and traditions of Italy are catholism, olive oil, fascism, pasta, gold and fruit trees/ vines everywhere. Also a very traditional Christmas day. Also, building a ceppo ( a sort of a Italian Christmas tree also known as the tree of light) near Christmas time is a past time. Having a fea…
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Spanish HolidaysI see i am the fist one to answer this question, there are a lot of holidays in Spain, even every village or region has it´s own holidays. Each village has a saint (padron) and on the name-day of this saint the village will celebrate.Some regions have different reasons for a "fiesta…
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