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The National FFA Organization

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A group of young families in 1928 formed the Future Farmers of America (FFA), whose name was changed in 1988 to The National FFA Organization. The families wanted to educate future generations about the science, business, and art of feeding the ever-growing population within the USA through biology, chemistry, veterinary science, engineering, and entrepreneurial efforts. This National organization has state and local chapters. The organization's motto is: ""Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve."" The National FFA Organization offers a variety of activities, programs, learning experiences, guidance and leadership etc. in all 50 States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
The FFA Salute is the Pledge of Allegiance.
The major changes in the creed involved replacing the word farming and farmer with agriculture and agriculturist.
Henry Groseclose is considered to be the father of the FFA. George Washington Owens and J.R. Thomas wrote the constitution for the NFA. H.O. sargent conceived the idea of the NFA.
The first National FFA President was Leslie Applegate and he was from Freehold, New Jersey.
    In my life, I recently won the Utah State Extemporaneous contest. This not only gave me the satisfaction of winning, but throughtout my studying process, I gained the satisfaction of knowledge. The FFA has provided me with a reason to gain that knowlede and a useful purpose for it.   ...
The official FFA magazine is called FFA New Horizons.
41 percent of FFA members are female in 2010.
3agriculture, education, and FFA
E.M. Tiffany wrote the FFA creed, it has always been one Creed, just improved by others. -EWG FFA Chapter
The FFA was established in 1928.
the Baltimore hotel in kansas city Missouri
While the first state to have a Future Farmers Association was Virginia, the national association of the Future Farmers of America was started at the Baltimore Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri. This was in November, 1928.
Smithfield, Virginia
There are six National FFA Officers - president, secretary and one vice president from each of the four regions.
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FFA has given me many leadership opportunities that I otherwise wouldn't have. FFA has allowed me to gain important skills as well, both career and life. It also has given me connections to people with similar interests and goals.
In the 1920s Virginia started a Future Farmers club for boys in agriculture classes. This innovation caught fire accross the country and the national FFA was organized in 1928.
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FFA is a twelve month program and to be considered an active chapter, the local chapter should be active in the summer. That means, at the very least, holding meetings.
Learning to do,Doing to learn,Earning to live,Living to serve.
Dr. Gus Litner =)
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The National FFA Emblem consists of 5 symbols.
The official name is "The National FFA Organization"... the letters still stand for "Future Farmers of America", but they don't want to alienate the Future Biologists, Future Chemists, Future Veterinarians, Future Engineers and Future Entrepreneurs.
In the 1920s Virginia started a Future Farmers club for boys in agriculture classes. This innovation caught fire accross the country and the national FFA was organized in 1928.
CDE stands for Career Development Event. CDE's are contests that usually focus on jobs, ex. Ag Mechanics, Forestry, Livestock Judging, Agronomy, ect.
Future Farmers of America.
FFA stands for Future Farmers of America, It was founded in 1928 by a group of young farmers to help prepare their future generations to work on the farm. Although now only about 5% of those in FFA will still choose the hard life of a farmer, FFA members have gone off in all branches for careers,...
The FFA, Future Farmers of America, was founded in 1928.
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Rising Sun - A token of a new era in agriculture   Plow - Labor and tillage of the soil   Ear of Corn - Common agrcultural interest   Bust of Washington - Honesty, agricultural leadership, accurtate  records   Clasped Hands - Symbol of friendship   American Flag - National scope of...
There is no official 'FFA song', but each year for National Convention there is a new theme chosen, and a song is made up to go with the theme each year.
it has bee revived three times
The FFA Creed was revised during the 38th Convention is 1965. Changed organized farmers to progressive agriculturist. Then it was revised during the 63rd Convention in 1990 to make it fit more students of vocational agriculture. Removed the word "farming and rural" and replaced with "agriculture."
At the national level there are six officers. These officers consist of: President, Secretary, and four regional Vice Presidents.
Career Development Events
Navy blue and gold
The songs are listed in the bottom right hand corner of the page found under related links.
It was the Baltimore hotel in Kansas City Mo.
The FFA motto is "Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve"Improved By The Freeport FFA Chapter
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Future Farmers of America
In 1988 The National FFA Organization changed its name from Future Farmers of America.
FFA develops premier leadership, personal growth, and career success.
There were 1006 active Texas FFA Chapters in 2009-2010
Active, Collegiate, Alumni, and Honorary
It is the FFA emblem, similar to a degree pin, but has a charm attached to the bottom that is in the shape of a shield with three stars across the top and vertical lines to symbolize stripes below the stars.
must be in high school enrolled in an agriculture education class and paid your ffa dues
The national FFA Organization envisions a future in which all agriculture education students will discover their passion in life and build on the insight to chart the course for their educational, career and personal future.
The sentinel. During the official opening ceremonies it states that the sentinel is stationed by the door. "through this door pass many friends of the FFA. It is my duty to see that the door is open..." but the sentinel is also in charge of extending a hand of friendship to everyone. The symbol used...
He was elected the first African-American National FFA officer, becoming the National FFA Secretary in 1974.
The Six Are: The Cross section of an ear of cornEagleThe Rising sunThe owl The plowand the wording of, "Agricultural FFA Education"
It was established in 1944 =]
The cross-section ear of corn represents unity and a common belief in agriculture. Corn is grown in all 50 states.
A cross section of an ear of corn, because it represents a common interest in agriculture (corn is grown in all 50 states)
There is only one FFA emblem which consists of : the cross section of the ear of corn, the rising sun, the plow, the eagle, the owl, and the words agricultural education and FFA.
The FFA salute is the Pledge of Allegiance.
George Hamilton once said "If at first you do not find the answer  but you keep looking are you failing or succeeding further than  anyone has gone before?"
Partners in Active Learning Support, a mentoring program that matches FFA members with elementary and/or middle school students.
The first national FFA advisor was Dr. C.H. Lane.
Greenhand is the first. then discovery, then state, then American
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