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San Antonio Spurs

Originally the Dallas (as well as Texas) Chaparrals who played in the American Basketball Association, they moved to San Antonio and renamed themselves the Spurs for the 1973 season and in 1976 they joined the NBA. Here you can ask questions about the players and anything else about the team.
The mediocre Dallas Chaparrals of the old ABA (American Basketball Assn.) were a dissappointment to their wealthy owner base. In 1973, a few wealthy San Antonio businessmen "rented" the team for a year, moving them to the HemisFair Arena in San Antonio. A fan contest for a new name was held with ...
  Tim Duncan   c/o San Antonio Spurs   One AT&T Center   San Antonio, TX 78219
Andrew Bynum was 17 years 8 months and 2 days years of age when he entered the NBA (national basketball association). Andrew Bynum was 10th overall pick in the 2005 NBA draft pick by the Los Anglas Lakers.Jonathan Bender
Starting line up is Derick Rose, Ray Allen, Carmelo Anthony, Lebron James, And Kareem Abdul Jabar
Josh Duncan*** and Tim Ducan**** are not related
  One AT&T Center San Antonio, TX 78219
Mengke Bateer, Bruce Bowen, Devin Brown, Speedy Claxton, Tim Duncan, Danny Ferry, Manu Ginobili, Anthony Goldwire, Stephen Jackson, Steve Kerr, Tony Parker, David Robinson, Malik Rose, Steve Smith, Kevin Willis
Michael Finley won his only NBA Championship with the San Antonio Spurs in 2007.
5 Championships - 1999, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2014
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Section I-Definition For the purpose of clarification the 24-second device shall be referred to as "the 24-second clock." Section II-Starting and Stopping of 24-Second Clock a. The 24-second clock will start when a team gains new possession of a ball which is in play. b. On a throw-in, the 24...
  Tim Duncan has won two MVP awards. One in 2002 and one in 2003. He was also The Finals MVP in '99, '03 and '05.
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4 championships (1999,2003,2005,2007)
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Yes. They were the #1 seed in the Western Conference and defeated Minnesota and Dallas in the first two rounds before losing to the Lakers in the Conference finals.
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-Spurs got a 58-24 record -Spurs lose 5 games in 2002 second round -Spurs announced their new home court, SBC Center (currently AT&T Center) -David Robinson announced that its his last in NBA
San Antonio's department of health is formally known as the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District.
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Four former Spurs are in the Hall of Fame: 1. George "Ice Man" Gervin 2. Moses Malone, inducted in 2001. 3. Dominique Wilkins, inducted in 2006. 4. David Robinson, inducted in 2009. While the Spurs don't have their own Hall of Fame, they do have 6 jerseys retired, which are: 00 - Johnny Moore ...
  The 2009 San Antonio Spurs starting lineup was Tony Parker, Roger Mason, Jr., Michael Finley, Matt Bonner, and Tim Duncan. Only Tony Parker is an international player. He is from France. Other international players on their team include Manu Ginobili & Fabricio Oberto, both from Argentina, and...
They have played 132 times in the regular season and the score as of the 10th March 09 is Lakers 67 Spurs 65. They have played 52 times in the playoffs with the score Lakers 34 Spurs 18
  The youngest player on the San Antonio Spurs is rookie Malik Hairston, who played for the University of Oregon. He was born on February 23, 1987, and is 21 years of age.
The whole Team. There is no one player who carries the team through every game, this role passes around from Tim Duncan to Tony Parker to Emmanuel (Manu) Ginobili to Roger Mason Jr. ... Yeah that guy was a little bit exaggerating with Roger Mason Jr. but with the others i agree, next best player is...
  His height isn't officially listed. However, photographs of him on the sidelines during games seem to show that he's about the same height as Tony Parker. Parker is listed as 6'2", or 188cm.
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of course he was he won two rings and three defensive players of the year on that team
  In 2009 Tim Duncan is the highest paid Spurs player with a income of $22,183,220
  The Spurs franchise actually started in Dallas as the Chaparrals in 1967, but moved to San Antonio and were renamed the Spurs in 1973.
  As of the end of the 2009 Season it is 0.675
Season: 2005-06 Wins: 63 Loses: 19 Percentage: .768
The Spurs franchise began as the Dallas Chaparrals of the American Basketball Association in 1967. The Chaparrals were relocated to San Antonio and renamed the Spurs in 1973 while still a member of the ABA. When the ABA disbanded in 1976, the Spurs were admitted into the NBA.
  == Answer ==   Yes. http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&VideoID=2405360
The Spurs have played basketball in San Antonio since 1836, when Davy Crockett (the team's founder) invented the slam dunk a few hours before being killed at the Battle of the Alamo. They were named the Spurs because the original team wore spurs and cowboy boots instead of basketball shoes. ...
  Bill Schoening is the Spurs radio announcer.
  The Spurs athletic trainer is Will Sevening
the San Antonio Spurs
For a team it depends on how many people there are on that team, example: If there is 8 people on a team, there can only be 9-15 players on a team.
  They have a practice center across the street from the statium.
  The San Antonio Spurs have won four NBA championships (1999, 2003, 2005, 2007). They have also won four Western Conference titles and 15 Division titles. Their record in the NBA finals is 4-0.
Tim Duncan- Center Boris Diaw- Power Forward Kawhi Leonard- Small Forward Danny Green- Shooting Guard Tony Parker- Point Guard
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The Spurs entered the NBA on June 17, 1976. The Spurs are based out  of San Antonio, Texas. The team plays their home games at the ATT  Center.
Nowadays foreign players are better at basketball compared to the US. The Olympics can not be ruled by the US any longer because countries have played more and more basketball. Soon a lot more team will have foreign born players.
Since the 2002-03 season he was drafted in 1999
Milwaukee Bucks
The Dallas Chaperalls ( why do you think Dallas hates us most of all )
The spurs are a very good and consistant team. In 2011, they were the number one ranked team in the west and second overall behind the chicago bulls. When the two teams mached up, the spurs would win the majority of the games. However, in 2012, the tides have shifted. The Oklahome City Thunder are...
They currently call the at&t center home (formerly the SBC center). It's an indoor arena that holds a capacity of just over 18,500 people. Prior to moving to the at&t center the spurs played in the alamodome, a football stadium that seats some 65,000 plus at capacity. Before that they played...
No. The Dallas Chaparrals of the ABA, originally changed cities and names to the San Antonio Spurs. Then later changed leagues. (From ABA-NBA)
well, everyone is really good. I guess it depends on what your asking. For example, best defense, best offense, etc. No one player is the only good one.
These two teams are both very good. They end up with very similar records. They also have several good players. In the end, I would say that the home team would win.
Spurs! Spurs! Spurs!
4 championships (1999,2003,2005,2007)
1999 - Knicks in 5 2003 - Nets in 62005 - Pistons in 72007 - Cavaliers in 4
None but he's actively involved in some charities such as the Spurs/Pizza Hut Drug Free Youth Basketball League and the San Antonio Food Bank
Spurs are the nickname for the best team in the world Tottenham!!!
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