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Swordfish are a saltwater sporting fish. They are named after the sword-like bill extending from the front of their head.
in runescape there is no such thing as toxic amout of shark or sword fish if your talking about a real life situation as your doctor for advice hope this helped add me if you have any question (CYCLON3X111)or(illdog9512)
No...they live in the ocean!
Swordfish are found around the world in tropical, temperate, andsometimes cold waters of the Atlantic , Indian and Pacific Oceans. North Atlantic swordfish are found inthe Gulf Stream of the western North Atlantic Ocean ,extending north into the Grand Banks of Newfoundland.
English "the swordfish" is German: "Der Schwertfisch".
When you examine it this is what it says "this looks tricky to eat"
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the swordfish has live babys
the Swordfish are not listed as an endangered species.. the Swordfish are not listed as an endangered species.
Well first of all, there is no such thing as a spearfish. Spearfishing is a sport. ~~ This is incorrect. There is such a thing as a Spearfish. There are several types of Spearfish, which like swordfish, are Marlin http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marlin. Spearfish, like Sailfish, have really large,...
No A swordfish eats fish for energy.
The bird is a kind of "sea anchor" that is lowered into the water on a cable, on each side of the boat from booms out over the water. It is shaped sort of like a streamlined "bird" from which it gets its name. The birds keep the boat steadier in the water as it's moving and help reduce rolling in...
A swordfish protects itself against predators by using it's pointy sword like nose to slice the predator into pieces!
Whot do sword fish look like
A swordfish is a big fish with a long pointy nose that looks like a sword.
Swordfish are highly migratory fish ranging throughout the AtlanticOcean and the Mediterranean Sea.
Fast Facts: Swordfish are a common catch for commercial fisheries around the world. The largest swordfish catches come from Pacific Ocean, and the demand is highest in North America and Europe. Hope This Helps!! Your Friend, HorseGirl8614 (Or The Swordfish Girl XD)
they swim fast
Always goes to the surface for water.
we eat swordfish and so do u and we are all people so deal with it and they eat lunas and ambers. we eat swordfish and so do u and we are all people so deal with it and they eat lunas and ambers
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YEs it is cuz us (humans) hunt these animals and a type of squid tricks it and ends up killing it
About as big as a horse and as heavy
Sword fish arent mammals therefore they do not give bearth to live, they lay eggs.
the size in prehistoric times used to be at least 1.5ft and now it is 4-6.5m and the weight used to to be 85lbs and now it is at least 1000lbs
Its ξιφίας (xifias/ksifias).
No reptiles are air breathing, cold blooded, egg laying animals. Fish are not air breathing.
the swordfish has a longer snout and the sailfish's top fin is colorful to the point where it looks like a boats sail
you can find a swordfish in warm and temperate oceans. .
sailfish is the fastest sea animal
According to the International Game Fish Association, the all-tackle angling record for a swordfish was a 1,182 lb (536.15 kg) specimen caught off Chile in 1953.
The difference between a male and female swordfish is that thefemales are more elongated and have no sword. Males have anexternal reproductive organ called the gonopodium.
1167.25 lbs. 1167.25 lbs
yes, salt preserves every kind of meat
There isn`t one swordies can be caught whenever but beware the tunas.
well obivosly they hump each other i mean really.
in Malayalam, we can call a swordfish vaalmeen/komban sravu.
the swordfish finds their home in small caves
they basically "wag" their tail to move, and use their pectoralfins (the ones on the belly side) to steer.
You need to oil the grill and the fish, but don't put so much oil on the fish that the grill will flare up when the oil drips off. Season the fish, if its about half an inch thick, cook it on one side for 5 minutes, turning it 90 degrees half way through, then flip it over and cook it for two...
With there nose....
No, but it is a verte brate . ;] A vertebrate is any animal with a spine, - that is, a set of vertebrae - including all fish, birds, reptiles, and mammals.
the answer is , shrimp eater
what do sword fish do at night
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a swordfis can have up to eight babies i don't know what am i saying
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The British 3rd Infantry Division fought on SWORD Beach alongsidethe 79th Armoured Division.
No, it has a VERY long sword-like mouth used to snatch at little fish in groups.
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you will need a big space for your swordfish some coral then don't forget it needs some open space.The swordfish is usually found at depths from 600 feet in water from 65 to70F. It is mostly seen swimming at the surface while hunting schools of fish but has been known to swim at depths of 1000 feet!
you can tell by if it has more than 7 fins
The swordfish uses it sharp and pointy nose to cut down predators
well the difference is, the swordfish has a long "nose" that stretches out in front of it. sword fish are fish and killer whales are mammals
Swordfishes are referred to as Pelagic fishes because are locatedin pelagic area of water including the Atlantic and Pacific ocean.
As of a matter of fact they actually do use their sword. They use it for a lot of things encluding getting food.
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Swordfish give 100 fishing exp when caught normally, and an extra 10 strength exp if caught using the barbarian fishing method. They will give 200 fishing exp when caught with a sacred clay harpoon (obtained from Stealing Creation minigame). When cooked on a range or fire the give 140 cooking exp,...
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There different behavioral adaptations seen in swordfish. Some ofthe common adaptations include being migratory and having a longpredatory jaw that looks like a sword.
a swordfish can swim do summer salt
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the marlin has a large fin on top of it's body, and swordfish spear from below.
The swordfish populion today ranges from fourty five to fifty thousand world wide
Carnivorous fish large enough prey upon the swordfish. Sharks for example.
fisher man gets earn $ 3 per pound in the market.
the young of swordfish is called "Knifefish"