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Celebrities are persons easily recognized in a society or culture. Most of today’s celebrities are popular personalities from the movie and music industries. Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Daniel Radcliffe and Robert Pattinson are some of today’s hottest celebrities.


Probably not. You should go see a doctor and find out if you are pregnant again. Or why you are getting a positive result if you aren't.
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On the ESPN website it states that Bo Jackson at 6'1", 230 lbs, ran a 4.12 40 yard dash. If I recall correctly, this was run at the NFL combine after his senior year of college. Reportedly this is the best 40 yard dash in the history of the combine and beating out Neon Deion Sanders who at 6'1", 180…
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%REPLIES% Answer in the movie business Answer Its hard to be a full time wrestler and a full time actor. Answer The Rock has been busy with his movie career. But now, his cantract with the WWE is up and in an interview he said he is done with the WWE for good. Check NODQ.COM. That's whe…
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Andrew Divoff From Wikipedia: Andrew Divoff has played many villains in film and on television and is best known for playing Djinn in the first two films of the Wishmaster series. His films range from Another 48 Hours, The Hunt for Red October and Toy Soldiers. Andrew Divoff's TV guest appe…
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Chuck Yeager, a US Air Force fighter pilot, was a fighter ace in World War II. After World War II, he became a Test Pilot and became the first person to fly faster than the speed of sound on 14 October 1947 while flying a Bell X-1 experimental aircraft named "Glamorous Glennis" The flight originated…
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Robin Sherwood runs a company called `Frecklefarm,' which sells unique items for bedrooms, dining rooms, and gardens. She lives in Manhattan, and has recently said that she's returning to acting. Kathleen Tolan is currently working as a playwright. You can google her name and find the plays she'…
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yes. Corey Patterson was recently married in 2011.   I think that Corey is not married, at least that is what the 2004 Chicago Cubs book stated. However, Corey is extremely hot and an awesome ball player!!! Whoever steals his heart is one very lucky girl!!!   Corey Patterson is …
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%DETAILS% Answer Sounds like a good research project, get to it! You might start by going to www.google.com and type in Faith Bandler. Michael Montagne
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ANSWER Your crush is based on what they want you to see and what their promoters want you to see (buy). You will never see the real person. They want you to see the poster image so you will follow thousands/millions of others and buy their CD, movie, perfume etc. Don't feel too bad about yourself…
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Celebrities and Non-Celebrities Your answer is, Celeberties do date Non-Celeberties,for example Taylor Launter dated a girl from Tennesee,who was not in one way famous, her name was Bernice Macentire, and she was on the Ellen Show once, and to prove she dated him she has pictures on Google, so there…
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Answer Go to this link: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000364/ It's her page at the Internet Movie Database, where you can search by person or title, etc. You can click on each movie to see the other people in it, as well. You should bookmark that site because it is a great research tool! Answer …
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The dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov was born on 28 January 1948, in Riga, Latvia, Soviet Union I hope its helpful
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Famous Celebs that Performed at Apollo Here are names from WikiAnswers contributors: The answer is MIley cyrus I don't know about Miley Cyrus, but I do know: Ella Fitzgerald David Peaston Red Fox Lena Horne Sarah Vaughn Dinah Washington just to name a few and Michael Jackson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
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Robert Tilton, a well known American televangelist, was dubbed "The Farting Preacher" in a satirical viral video on the internet, following various allegations of scandalous behaviour. He has always denied any misconduct and has not been convicted of any offence.
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Chyna's real name is Joan Marie Laurer.
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Liver Eating Johnston received his nickname for removing part of an Indian's liver during a knife fight. His real name was Garrison and he was also known as John Johnson, Jack Johnson and just Liver Eating Johnson. See Crow Killer and Mountain Man, both good 'tall tale' books, the movie Jeremiah Joh…
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I am not sure but i have heard edge is married so no   edge WAS married with val venis' wife   ur mad lita vill screw Kane. and she will go with edge iwill bet.   It's all based on real life events. Lita was Matt Hardy's real-life girlfriend. Edge and Lita had a real-life affair a…
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(There is a whole list of them at the related link.)__What kind of famous are you looking for? There are artists such as Arashi, Kat-Tun or actors like Oguri Shun, Ueto Aya.
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Nose Job Mania Celebrities who have had nose jobs:By:Sarahrocks1257800 Michael JacksonJanet JacksonLil Kim LaToya JacksonCherTori SpellingKathy GriffinJennifer GreyPhyllis DillerJoan RiversAmerie Antonio Sabato JrKristin Cavallari from Laguna BeachParis HiltonNicky HiltonClaire DanesRichard Grieco f…
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 It's your change to try to meet him just keep on trrying if you are trying to meet him and don't give up KEEP ON TRYING!!!
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Mr. Chapstick is a mascot, designed by a big company, like Santa Clause (Coca Cola)Frankenberry (the cereal) and Coco (chocos).
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The leader of an organization by the name of TeamBuilders.
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DD is a brilliant actress in dramas and comedies - the top box-office female of all time. She is one of the best singers and dancers. She recorded near 1000 songs by Columbia records and some other productions. Her career as a singer began when she was 16 years old in 1938 with Barney Rapp orchest…
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Pierre Bouvier (Pierre Charles Bouvier) is the lead singer/back up guitar player of the punk/rock/alternative band Simple Plan. He is in the band with Sebastien Lefebvre, David Desrosiers, Chuck Comeau and Jeff Stinco.Pierre was born in L'Ile Bizard, Quebec, Canada (birthday: May 9th 1979) and went …
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Times 50 Cent's Been Shot Three opinions. Which is right? 50 cent has been shot at 9 times its was actually 3 shots that hit him but it is publicised that he got hit 9 times to build up street credibility. . Answer He was shot with a paint ball gun 27 times and told people that he was sho…
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It is not known for sure if The Rock takes steroids, but here are some opinions:Opinion 1:Nobody in wrestling takes steroids anymore. they are all tested for them prior to signing a contract.However all wrestlers used steroids at least once up until 1999, so wrestlers before that time did. the Rock …
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No. They are not sisters. Victoria Principal was born in the United States whereas Kim Cattrall was born in England, then on to Vancouver, Canada, then to New York, and finally Los Angeles. She is currently doing theater in London. Victoria Principal has one sister (named Kim), her parents' names…
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It was not a story line it was real. Lita and Matt are no longer together and she Edge are no longer together, Edge and his wife divorced over this.
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Chiklis's Butt No he does not. It's padded underwear.
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He isn't as of right now.
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Answer He actually 49. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/08/10/AR2005081002371_pf.html To quote Andy himself, it's the result of a "growth hormone problem." Answer The answer above with the washingtonpost.com link is uncorrect though I recommend you use this link (th…
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bill gates paul Allen 4 walmart people Saudi prince warren buffet  Donald Trump  10. S. Robson Walton (Wal Mart) - $18.3 billion9. Lawrence Ellison (Oracle) - $18.4 billion8. Karl Albrecht (owns many supermarkets in Germany) - $18.5 billion7. Paul Allen (Microsoft) - $21 billion6. Ingvar…
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Walter Camp was born on April 7, 1859.
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Answer Sy Sperling, founding President of Hair Club For Men, resigned his office, even though he still remains one of its clientele.
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Where Batista Lives Reston, Virginia, well more like that's where his house is, the the wrestlers spend over 250 days a year on the road, so he lives in the WWE and has a house in Reston, Virginia. Batista lives in Washington DC. Remember he said this is the first time he has wrestled in his hometow…
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Her birth name is Madonna Louise Ciccone (born August 16, 1958).
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Pierre has a girlfriend, her name is Lachelle Farrar and he even wrote her a song in their last album, I Can Wait Forever. updated Jan 2015: Pierre is married to Lachelle and they have 2 daughters- Lennon Rose, and Soren. Follow @pierrebouvier on twitter or instagram to keep up with his posts.
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Answer No, he's in a relation ship with Lachelle Farrar, he wrote to her a song called I Can Wait Forever.
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The Terminator came out before The Last Action Hero. The Terminator was released in 1984 and the Last Action Hero was released in 1993.
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Answer have the baby. make it a good sextual reaction and make sure u love eachother.No one can stop you from following through with your plans, and you can go to a clinic where sperm is donated. One of you will be impregnated, but I am sure, there are responsibilities and requirements with the c…
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If you google any celebrity's names, official fanclubs, fansites, and much more will come up. it's easy to find any fanclubs online using google.
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Answer course he will still be himself. rob van dam wouldn't get the electric if he changed name. would he? He will come back as Rob Van Dam and be just as extreme as he was before.
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Lil' JJ is 21 years old (birthdate: October 31, 1990).
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"Abby" can be a name on its own, or a nickname for anything beginning with "Ab." The most common, however, is "Abigail."
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Answer yes her name is Jondelle Michelle Lee and they have two children, Anaia Jolie Houston and Jarell Damonte Houston. Anaia is older than Jarell by one year. They were born in 2005 and 2006.
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Answer Believe it or not...James Earl Jones (Dark Vader...Star Wars) has/had a stutter problem. Answer Others: Bruce Willis (actor) Winston Churchill (statesman) Bill Walton (NBA player / commentator) John Melendez (Tonight Show announcer) Jimmy Stewart (actor) Bob Newhart (actor) …
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fran gotti has a girlfriend, and so does john, im not to sure about carmine.  Frank is currently dating his girlfriend Nikki, John recently got back with his girlfriend Terry (His mother made that official on the Dr. Phil show) And Carmine is single at the moment*** Carmine is currently with s…
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Lil JJ's NameHis real name is James Charles Lewis. the second. not just James Lewis.
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2002: Tony Blackburn (Radio DJ) 2003: Phil Tuffnell (Cricketman) 2004: Kerry Katona (Atomic Kitten band member) 2004: Joe Pasquale (Comedian) 2005: Carol Thatcher (Journalist) 2006: Matt Willis (Busted band member) 2007: Christopher Biggins (Panto star) 2008: Joe Swash (EastEnders acto…
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Answer www.bobbyvalentino.co.uk
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If you are referring to Patrick star he most likely looks up to any of the other main characters besides plankton. If this was not who you were referring to you should probably make your answer more specific. Were you reffering to .........Patrick Henry- Revolutionary War HeroPatrick Swayze- actorSt…
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No Amy and Matt r not married Matt and Amy dated for 6 yrs then she cheated on him with Adam
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Little Rock, Arkansas For more on Lil JJ, see: http://www.wma.com/lil_jj/summary/ ~ T
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He's married to Ashlee Simpson. They got married in May 2008 They have a beautiful baby boy named Bronx
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Value of James Garner Picture Since James Garner is still alive and you can still readily get autographed pictures of him, existing pictures have little to no collectible value, unless they are very old, in perfect shape and are of an unusual nature.
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Eric Stoltz Yes. Some people also find Lyle Lovett attractive. And Ric Ocasek. Answer I am one of those people who find Lyle Lovett extremely attractive, although I am not too fond of Eric Stoltz. I find Eric Stoltz incredibly sexy. He has red hair, freckles and is circumcised - three ace po…
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The real Bobby Valentino's full name is Robert James Valentino. The real name of the midget who stole the name is: Bobby Wilson. Ahhhhaa that iz sooooo freakin funni who ever wrote that up^^ there!.but iz he really a midget or that short??.5ft 2in
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No, Paul Reinman passed away September 27th, 1988 at the age of 78.
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Gooding's Suit We found that he was wearing a black suit with a gray tie.
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Significance of Oprah Winfrey Because she inspires people like you and has a TV show Oprah She is the epitome of political correctness, and that is the most popular thing today. Oprah Winfrey helps people that need it. She helps people that need to lose weight also. She helps out African girls in ge…
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Jim Henson Leadership Characteristics A bunch of puppets to do his bidding. None, he died in 1990.
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they broke up sorry   they broke up a long time ago, but there is a pic of Pierre and his exgirlfriend Wave Gagnon on Google.
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Answer It's called "Africa Mate" by Blue Rain. However I've been searching for it EVERYWHERE & I can't find it. But for sure that is the name Hope this helped! :-)
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At the moment he is best known in America for playing Dr. Gregory House in 'House MD'. He is also known for his role as the Dad in the Stuart Little Movies. Hugh Laurie may also be recognized in America for his role as Jasper, the taller of Cruela's henchmen, in the live action version of 101 Dalma…
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Many of these lamps are valued in price close to $50 to $75 each. The amount of each lamp will vary depending upon its condition.
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He sings this song in the movie, "48 Hours".
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That would have to be Oprah Winfrey.
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where exactly were the Olympics held?  192 meters long  how many miles?  OLympic  566554
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Answer Eva is engaged to Lance Gross
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I remember her in my 5th grade class at Carpenter Avenue Elementary School (Studio City, CA). The teacher was Mr. Polvoi. I'm unsure why Regis Philbin never mentions her. It's probably something personal in the family. There was an unauthorized biography written about Regis. She is mentioned there.…
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Better question: What CAN'T Chuck Norris do?He'll also kill you for spelling his name wrong.
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There is 1 celebrity who everybody in the world should know, even if you are living out on the streets or don't have a TV. 1. MICHAEL JORDAN
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Celebrities Who Wear Adidas * Missy Elliott * Nick Cannon David Beckham Steve Carell Method Man Redman Kevin Garnett Snoop Dogg Ciara Lionel Messi Alicia Keyes Jay Baruchel Young Jeezy Rev Run B.o.B Paul Iacono Matt Bennett (He wears them in pretty much all the episodes he's been on …
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Robbie Williams WikiAnswers does not provide private phone numbers, email or residential addresses for any person, celebrity or non-celebrity alike. But fret not! you can send fan mail to Robbie Williams at the following address: Robbie Williams Ie Music Ltd. (Music Artists Management Company) 1…
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Answer To a stamp dealer, 80% of face value. To most people, it's worth the value of the postage, i.e., what you paid for them. To a Marilyn Monroe collector who knows nothing about stamps, you could probably double your money.
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she is living the obsecure rich life
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NO SHES NOT . She's currently on the show Dancing With The Stars !
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No he does not have a girlfriend and if you want to find out from Bryan got to his myspace page and ask him.
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Bobby Valentino is 5 ft 3 in tall.
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Celebrities are role models to children and often represent some facet of life that people wish they could have. Stars in the sky have become representative of freedom and hope, and it is wonderful to think that your ancestors and your children, and their children, and their children after them wil…
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Vin Diesel's Sexual Preference Vin Diesel IS NOT GAY! Just about every actor has had that label slammed on them and although there are more and more actors coming out of the closet it doesn't mean they are all gay. Vin Diesel has the intelligence not to answer such a stupid question and if he…
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Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey) is 76 years old (birthdate: July 7, 1940).
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The world's most popular chess player in the world was Bobby Fischer. Nowadays Garry Kasparov is very popular as well. EDIT: All true. However, Kasparov no longer plays competitive chess so his popularity, as far as a chess player, has waned, and Fischer is, well, dead.Currently the most popular Gra…
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Have you watched a soap opera? They are rediculous (excuse the opinion, but many others feel the same way and that is why they don't win more awards or get recognized like a movie star). There are a few soap stars who make it to the big screen and are successful, but the ones who remain on soaps are…
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Yes. Refer to this similar question. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Who_is_pete_wentz_going_out_with
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He is in his grave in Selfoss, Iceland. A link of the city is provided below. On July 13, 2004, Fischer was arrested at Narita International Airport in Narita, Japan near Tokyo for allegedly using a revoked U.S. passport while trying to board a Japan Airlines flight to Ninoy Aquino International Ai…
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Raz-B and J-Boog Parents? Yes Raz-B does have a childand j-boog has a daughter. she is so pretty and so is her dad man watch you got served and see him he is beautiful
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Jazzy Lyle Samson and I am her #1 fan..She's known to be the most beautiful woman in the world based on the people's vote...=) As for now,no one is discovered to be prettier than she...
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Dream Street broke up due to the their producers, Louis Baldonieri and Brian Lukow wanted the guys to quit school and their parents didnt want them to.
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This is not what he asked dude, He wanted to know if its the real, original Kane. In my openion, yes. But we will never really know. Not unless the original Kane comes back, in a Kane vs Kane match..... Which would be awesome since there was a Undertaker "Purple Gloves", VS, Undertake "Grey Gloves".…
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Getting to Know Your Favorite Actressthis would be quite hard to do. but here are some options:try to find out her usual daily routine and try to be in those places and hopefully catch her there. try shopping stores/malls where she likes, that's a popular one for the press.find out where the next op…
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Lil' JJ was born on October 31, 1990.
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He is approximately 5'6.5". He is very short for a guy. He tends to look taller or shorter when standing next to different people. 5'6 or 5'7 ,according to Google. Answer He's 5'7.
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Her annual income can fluctuate from year to year. However, her net worth is around 10 million U.S.Dollars.
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about 15 million a year, gie or take.
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Maynard James Keenan is an American music artist, record producer and actor. Keenan's address in Arizona is kept private for obvious reasons but fans can follow him on popular social networking platforms.
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