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National Basketball Association (NBA)

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The NBA is a professional basketball league in America. The NBA started in 1946 and now has 30 franchised teams.
Walt Fraizer and Al Turtwig are the commentators.
He didn't have a a contract for having/coaching an all star team.
I have had some troubles with my xbox 360 power supply! I have what  is commonly known as the "red light". I will start it up play a  game then after minutes it will shut off! I have tried moving it,  changing outlets, letting it cool, moving the pins, using a vacuum  to suck dust out, and blown...
Cole Aldrich is 29 years old (birthdate October 31, 1988).
Dwayne Wades full name is Dwayne Tyrone Wade Jr.
NBA stands for National Basketball Association, it is a premiumbasketball league played in North America. 30 clubs play in theleague, 29 from US & 1 from Canada. Source: coachtube.com/courses/basketball
  Paul Rabi played for Johns Hopkins University  
Michel Jordan's father is a mechanic.
The los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics
  Wilt Chamberlain died in 1999
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#10 Jamaal Wilkes with 10,601 points #9 Byron Scott with 12,780 points #8 Gail Goodrich with 13,044 points #7 Shaquille O'Neal with 13,895 points #6 James Worthy with 16,320 points #5 Magic Johnson with 17,707 points #4 Elgin Baylor with 23,149 points #3 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with 24,176...
ray allen , paul pierce, kevin garnett
The Big 3 namely Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen.
No. When the Thunder moved to OKC, the city of Seattle retained the rights to the Supersonic name, logo, and all other affiliated things including records
You mean Kobe Bryant, right? Bryant has won 5 NBA championships,  and I believe he can get another one before he retires.
58 by the Buffalo Braves at the Boston Celtics on October 20, 1972 (4th quarter)
The Celtics settled there.
Kevin Garnett became a Boston Celtic player when he was traded to Boston from the Minnesota Timberwolves on July 31, 2007
Kenny himself says he recalls getting about 8 tecnical fouls!
PCL Construction, my dad helped :D
Earl was drafted in 1950 and player for the 76ers in 1963 was when  he moved to Philadelphia to play for the 76ers.
yes we are paying Dwayne wade we aare also paying lebron James too!!!!!!!!! EMPIRE STATE OF MIND!!!!!!
The Boston Celtics officially became a team in 1946 and was formed  by Walter A. Brown.
In 1960, the Boston Celtics beat the St. Louis Hawks (Now the  Atlanta Hawks) by 4-3, respectively.
USS constitution museum,bunker hill monument,the rose fitzgeraldkennedy greenway,old north church,Boston public garden,new englandaquarium,paul revere house,etc
Chris Webber is 41 years old (birthdate: March 1, 1973).
As of the end of the 2009-2010 NBA season, the Bolton Celtics have won 17 championships.
Most missed shots in a NBA career
The New Orleans Hornets are now the New Orleans Pelicans. The New  Orleans Pelicans CFO is Ed Lang.
0-1 but its only preseason right now.
There isn't a number 20
76ers coaches through February 8, 2008:   Randy Ayers Larry Brown Fred Carter Al Cervi Maurice Cheeks Billy Cunningham Johnny Davis Chris Ford Matt Guokas Alex Hannum Kevin Loughery John Lucas Jim Lynam Doug Moe Jim O'Brien Jack Ramsay Roy Rubin Dolph Schayes Paul Seymour Gene...
2-25-16 The Houston Rockets are 28-29 so far this season.
Depends on how you view celebrities, and what your take is, i.e.  what your requirements are to be a celebrity.  Carmelo is a well known person, so I would consider him a  celebrity. 
Bosh's first NBA game was in the 2003-04 season with the Toronto Raptors.
His number is 2. Kobe Bryant is Number 24 . He got the number from the start of his nba career
Bill Russell has won 11 NBA championships as a player
No,because they cannot make the shot whenever they want..NBA is not compared with WWE if NBA was fixed then there is nothing fun to watch about NBA so tell ur friends that nba will never be fixed and continue cheering for ur teams
His other # was #45 briefly while on the Chicago Bulls.He was #23 then when he retired #23 was also retired so he had to wear #45 until he was traded to the wizards
  Around Mid- April.
LeBron James contributes entertainment to society. LeBron is a  professional basketball player. He is good at what he does and  there are many people that love watching him play this game.
1988 was when the Miami Heat was formed.
MLB   Baltimore Orioles St. Louis Cardinals Toronto Blue Jays   NBA   Atlanta Hawks Toronto Raptors
Victoria 9 years,Nicole F 6 years, Bethany 5 years, Lily and Lauren4 years
The Lakers have won 22 pacific division championships.
  Brevin Knight, Mark Madsen
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  lets do the math he is 6'4 his his arms are 3'2 ft long 6'4+3'2-1 ft his head=8'6 to touch rim he would have to have a 1'6 vertical to dunk he would have to have a 2'0 vertical so his vertical would have to be atleast 24 inches but i think his vertical is about 40 inches
  Our local college, Roane State Community College, just had the oldest man to ever play college basketball on November 3, 2008. At 73, Ken Mink played six minutes of the game, and scored two free throws with ease.
Yes~ Geoffery Simmons is Ahmad Rashad's (Robert/Bobby Moore) and Melody Neal' first biological son. Geoffery was conceived and later born out of wedlock when Melody was 15 years old and Ahmad was 17 years old. Geoffery was born at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, Washington on December 31st, 1967. His...
The Utah Jazz have never won the championship.
he wore 34 in Philadelphia he wore 32 in his last year in Philadelphia to honor Magic Johnsonhe wore 34 in Phoenixhe wore 4 in Houston and wore 14,4 for the Olympics
Achilles stretches and jumping up and down about 100 times
Carmelo Anthony is important to the NBA. Because they are going to need someone to make defender's heart rage with fear just like Kobe. Also too make the campaign for MVP harder.
It changes. Visit a sports collectibles for an estimate.
He is a basketball player
  The Mavericks are from Dallas.
  Tim Duncan   c/o San Antonio Spurs   One AT&T Center   San Antonio, TX 78219
  Currently, the Milwaukee Bucks hold the third longest winning streak at 20 games, which they set in the 1970-1971 season.