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Whale Sharks

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The largest living species of shark, these gentle giants feed on plankton and can be found all over the world.
  What zone does a whale shark live in ? If there is no answer, then please list different websites I could go to.
Some sharks can be scared of orcas, but orcas arent really whales,some sharks CAN be scared, not many though, so your answer is yes,some are
Probably, a close relative, the basking shark, can.   They can't because they are too big. They are the worlds biggest  fish.
No. it isn't a reptile.
Whale Sharks are sharks
Whale Sharks are Sharks. They' got the "whale" bit in their namebecause they're " big as whales".
they survive by protectimg themself.
whale sharks are more like whales, they feed on small crustaceans NOT large fish like great whites. They dont have the same predatory teeth as the great whites either.
All creatures have adaptations.
No whale sharks are the biggest fish when they are adults
because they are
The major difference is whale sharks are huge. They're around 30 feet long on average and the largest specimen found was around 40 feet long. Also whale sharks are filter feeders, as in they only eat plankton and krill.They're harmless and divers can easily swim beside them or even hold on to them.
No. A whale shark is a shark, not a whale. Sharks are a kind of fish. They breathe through gills.
The whale shark is a filter feeder. Only feeds on planktons and small crabs
No, Whales are mammals, so they are warmblooded^^^^^That is wrong^^^^^whale sharks are sharks, so they are cold-blooded:)
  The whale shark is sort of a giant vacuum cleaner. What ever gets sucked in and can go down its throat does. Since there's plenty of small plants and animals (and those things in between definitions) in the ocean I suppose it would be safe to say the whale shark is a omnivore.
Yes, but lots of humans swim with sharks that are more aggressive.AnswerWell I wouldn't recommended that. It's a wild animal they're unpredictable especially if its a female and protecting a calf.
The whale shark is currently the biggest fish alive in the ocean, and he only eats plankton. Since he's so big, he needs to eat alot plankton, so he has a big mouth to swallow all of it at once.
The Whale Shark is found in tropical and warm oceans, lives in the open sea with a lifespan of about 70 yearsin the seaWhale sharks live in warm water (near the equator) both along the coast and in the open seas. They spend most of their time near the surface of the water.
whale sharks lay eggs in tropical water
== Answer ==   No they eat krill small shrimp like creatures. Blue whales dont have any teeth......
killer whales are a natural killer but it kills sea lions only and as far as i know there havent been any killer whales attack to any human.. whale shark are a gentle creauture and very diffrent then killer whales . there havent been any whale shark attack to human . In my point of view killer whale...
Because it is as big as a whale.
At the sides of its head.
No, whale sharks feed mostly on shrimp and krill two of the smallest animals in the ocean they are no threat to humans just to krill and shrimp
Whale sharks are omnivores because they eat almost anything!
Whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) are too big to be attacked by a predatory shark, like for instance a great white. Because of this they don't have to avoid them. The only shark that might take a bite from it would be a cookiecutter shark (Isistius brasiliensis), however to a whale shark that would...
13 I thought it was 5 on each side :S xx
By drawing vast amounts of water and pushing it out through its  gills, what is left behind is food.
Bilateral symmetry means that left and right side looks the same.
of coarse one did and a great white shark did too. this might be true, but whale sharks are supposed to be very friendly and not eat/ kill people
the megalodon. It can tear it up just like he tears up a whale.
Non of these animals are aggressive. But if they were to fight, the blue would win just because of its size; blue whales are the largest animals of all time.
no not unless you are asking about extinct sharks 2 then the megaladon shark is the biggest
the whale shark is not a mammal like the blue whale
Yes it is. The whale shark, Rhincodon typus, is a slow-moving filter feeding shark and the largest extant fish species.
not really if u get to close to it it may feel threaten and attack but if u keep ur distance u should be ok
No, there is absolutely no evidence to show or prove a human has ever been swallowed by a Whale Shark.
Quite a long time since it's a fish.
yes sharks are threatened because a lot of people are killing sharks
Average age of a male that marries? 26. Is the whale shark a whale or a shark? It is a shark that looks very much like a whale and eats plankton rather than fish.
blue with white spots
A whale shark, first of all, is not a marine mammal, but a fish. It's really a shark, has no lungs while mammals do, and does not have virtually any enemy. It is the biggest fish of the planet and there does not exist another fish that dares to attack him, because the size is imposed. The shark...
Because whale sharks are not mammals and all whales are mammals. They mainly call them whale sharks because of their large size and the fact that the filter-feed.
the coloration of a whale shark is purple because of it's eyes
No whale sharks are filter feeders. They live on tiny, tiny things  (krill) they filter out of the water.
I'm not sure it was a whale shark but the river in Perth where sharks have been sighted is the Swan River.
Sharks are generally solitary. They don't hang out except to breedor eat.
As the Megalodon is an extinct species of shark that existed during  the Cenozoic Era, I would say that the Megalodon is very much rarer  than our present day Whale Shark.
small pointy bottom and round at the top
A whale Shark is a Shark "big as a whale". Means it's a fish,Breathes with gills etc. . Whales are mammals, air breathing, live birth etc.
NO THEY DO not because whale shark is a lot bigger than a killer whale.
no whale sharks do not eat people they eat plankton No
Whale sharks eat zero pounds of fish because they feed on plankton.
They can grow up to 60 feet long, the largest shark alive today. Their tails alone are 6 feet tall.
The blue whale. Technically the whale shark isn't acually a whale, but in fact the worlds largest fish (shark). The blue whale, also happens to be the largest animal (mammal) on the planet.The blue whale is nearly twice the size of the whale shark, to 90 feet or more.
Whale Sharks do not live in Asia. They live in the waters surrounding Asia, and that is probably because that is where their body is best adapted to, as well as where they can find the most of their food and reproduce.
Whale sharks are the largest fish in the oceans. They are known asgentle giants because they are filter feeders. The average size fora full grown whale shark is 32.8 ft. 20.6 tons. The largest specimen regarded as accurately recorded was caught onNovember 11, 1947, near the island of Baba, not far...
in warm tropical waters
This can vary. typically they measure at 40ft and weigh around 35,000 lb. However, largest recorded measured at 41.5 ft and weighed 47,000 lb
The great white. The whale shark is a filter feeder, lives on plankton, krill and small stuff it can collect from the ocean. Duh the Great white. Whale sharks are harmless dummy
No becaus blue whale eats krill ans whale shark eats planktons both  of them are very big to swallow an it is almost impossible that  theycan meet with each other
Whale sharks - like the majority of sharks - are cold blooded.
Maybe you mean whale sharks, with no e in sharks. If so, whale sharks are the biggest type of fish, let alone shark. They have huge mouths, like whales. They actually look a little like whales, which is where they got their name. They are not, however, whales. Whales are mammals, not fish.
The blue whale is bigger than the whale shark. The whale shark is not a whale.
OF COURSE whales are the biggest living animal in the ocean
A whale shark was discovered in 1996 to be pregnant with 300 embryos. The eggs develop inside the whale shark and then the female gives birth to live young. This is called Ovoviviparity.
For food or if they think they are losing to much krill.
  Because people are over-fishing and mistaking them for big dangerous.
The whale shark is 40 ft. long but only eats plankton while the great white is the 2nd most dangerous sharks. I don`t see how they are monsters though. A shark attacking a human is no worse than a dolphin eating fish.
  An interesting fact about a whale shark is that they are close relatives to the whale because they eat krill's and they don't attack humans.      
it will always depend on how big it can get but no most likely GWs will not eat whale sharks they dont live in the same water tempters as the other
ummm... one's a whale, the others a large shark...
There are a few whale sharks which are in captivity. These can be tamed by people working with them. However wild whale sharks are never really tamed. They may be habituated to humans but this does not mean that they are tame in any way. Indeed they still tend to be unpredictable
The White Shark is the more dangerous of the two, the Whale Shark is a filter feeder that feeds on plankton
it's the megalodon because they are 100 feet
The whale shark by far. The whale shark has been recorded up to about 59 feet whereas the great white can be up to around 21ft.
  Whale sharks breathe through their gills.
No. The biggest animal in the ocean is the Blue Whale
it can eat you nigguh'!
Whale Sharks feed on Krill, Shrimps, Small Fish and other small crustaceans. They have up to 300 tiny teeth to eat them with.
give it meat or if it's stuck gust pull it out.