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Biology is a branch of science that studies the nature of life from the smallest parts of living things to the largest plants and animals. Ask and answer questions about the living world and its wonderful inhabitants in this category!
The cycle for that one would be over with. Your new cycle begins with your next period which would have started on the 12th. If you are every 28 days then you will ovulate at or around 14 days of you cycle, I would begin intercourse at around the 22-28. If your menstrual flow was different to you th…
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Ordovician Period The Ordovician Period of the Paleozoic Era lasted from about 490 million to 443 million years ago.
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Answer They feel they have power (king) if they have control over one that is more timid, or smaller, more fragile than him/herself. It is more likely for this to happen if the abuser was him/herself abused prior to their current mindset. Answer The first obvious answer is "because otherwise …
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A proton is a part of an atom. The other parts of an atom are the neutron, and electrons. It's an electrically charged particle. It is positive. It is located within the nucleus of the atom, which is about one ten thousandth of the diameter of the atom itself but contains virtually all of the atom's…
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4 Haploid gametes. In Meiosis, germ cells first undergo a mitosis like division which produces 2 diploid germ cells. After that division, they undergo a second division in Meiosis 2, without first replicating their chromosomes. The end result is 4 haploid gametes.
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Answer For a history of the 9th Infantry in WWII, refer to U.S. Army booklet: http://www.lonesentry.com/gi_stories_booklets/9thinfantry/index.html From CHERBOURG in the Battleground Europe series by Andrew Rawson: page 19: "As soon as 82nd Airbourne and 9th Inf Div had secured bridgeheads ac…
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Answer You can look at the differences along these lines: 1. Financial: US is a rich country while Sri Lanka is a developing (third world) country not as rich. 2. Religion: Majority of the people in the US are christians while those in Sri Lanka are likely to be Buddhists. 3. Geography: US is …
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Plants are necessary for survival because they undergo the photosynthesis, the process of converting light energy from the sun, carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O) into carbohydrates and molecular oxygen (O2). Oxygen and carbohydrates in turn power other organisms, including all animals. The CO2 t…
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There's only one Christian community I have ever heard of in my life, and that would be a church. If there was an all Christian living community, I would surely be there. :-)   I've never heard of such. Besides, the Christian faith emphasizes reaching out to others who are lost. To shut…
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I just graduated from Boston College Law School and would say the answer depends on the person and what the person is looking for in school. If a student is looking to get into a well respected college, often times taking the best classes is advisable, even if you may obtain a slightly lower grade. …
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Darwin's classic theory of evolution assumed that evolution is a slow, contunuous process, by which new species evolve and emerge. This is referred to at times as "organic evolution" and the "synthetic theory of evolution", or just the Darwinian theory of evolution. A newer theory, proposed original…
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Answer U.S. public schools have always made an effort to stay current with modern science. Since Darwin published his "Origin of the Species" in England in 1859, it can be assumed that public schools in the U.S. began teaching the principles of evolution soon afterward--perhaps within a decade or…
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It takes longer because the oxygen needs to travel to the mitochondria.
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Gymnosperms (meaning "naked seeds") are seed-bearing plants that don't produce flowers, instead they have male and female reproductive organs mostly in the form of cones. Their microsporophylls release pollen into the air to make available to the ovule, in the megasporophylls causing fertilization. …
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Red Blood Cells (erythrocytes) don't have nuclie when they are mature, the same thing applies to platelets (thrombocytes).  ^correct red blood cells are full of hemoglobin wich caries oxygen   First answer is spot-on. Corralaries: 1. You can't clone a human being from a red blood cell. (…
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Answer no. some people want to believe that so it would be more intresting to them. but the truth is there not. there are some similarities though. like most friendships that take place in wwe are real. not much other than that. Answer And all the bullying and backstabbing's are fake, because…
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Painting trees The white "stuff" they paint on the bottom of the tree is an insecticide. It keeps ants and other destructive bugs from burroughing into the bark and causing damage to the tree.
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Some organisms have algae living symbiotically inside them such as Parmecium bursaria and coral. Many food products contain materials derived from algae such as carrageenan, beta carotene, agar, and alginate. These chemicals are commonly used in ice cream, beer, toothpaste, gel candies, shampoo, s…
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For the flagellum....i guess u could do a motor, or an engine from a car. For Golgi apparatus...you could do like a mail room... For the Golgi Apparatus, I would put Fedex because they basically revieve mail and redistribute it. Or li
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The average salary for a marine biologist with a PhD is around $50,000 a year. About $25,000 - $45,000.With a PhD you do actually make 50,000 and more depending on what part of marine Biology you go in.$200,000 a year
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A nucleus of an atom can be compared to the sun of a solar system because the nucleus, like the sun, is the largest part of an atom and its electrons orbit around it, much like planets in a solar system. Atoms can also gain or lose electrons similarly to how stars can gain or lose planets.
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According to what scientists currently say, humans have no instincts. For example, baby sea turtles know to move toward the water from the shore where their eggs have been laid by nature. This is an INSTINCT. Humans, however, have no such natural behavior. All supposed instincts which some people ma…
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An organism is an individual form of life, such as plants, animals, protist, bacterium, or fungi. It is a body made up of organs, organelles, or other parts that work together to carry on the various processes of life.
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Protein consists of small molecules called amino acids, joined together into long molecules called polypeptides. Each polypeptide has a very specific sequence of amino acids. Depending on the sequence, the molecule folds into a specific shape, sometimes involving other molecules, with a certain dist…
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If you are talking about pulling the Bolt out You Pull the Bolt back as you do so you pull the trigger back it should come right out . Hope I was a help to you. Gene Coltrane
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basically an organism is a living thing that can reproduce
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It depends if your kind of stain is polar or non-polar, if it is polar stain it can be remove by a polar stain remover but if it is non-polar, use the non-polar stain remover to eradicate the stains in the cloths or fabrics!
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Recessive is a relative term used to describe the relationship to another allele termed the dominant allele. That traits of the recessive allele will only be shown if the person has two copies of the recessive allele. If a dominant allele is present, then the recessive trait will not be shown.
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Squid Reproduction Squid spawn in huge schools - the males attract females by displaying changing chromatophores (their colour spots) and then fertilize her with a special arm. She receives the sperm from the male with a special ink gland that is under her sharp beak. Egg cases are laid on seaweed,…
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well, I know only 2 microorganisms: Phytoplankton B. animalis ( Bifidobacterium Animalis)I'll give two more:Yeast and Rhizobium bacteria.
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The human genome is made up of DNA, which has four different chemical building blocks. These are called bases and abbreviated A, T, C, and G. In the human genome, about 3 billion bases are arranged along the chromosomes in a particular order for each unique individual. It's also important to menti…
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Exercising is very good for helping the respiratory system. First, when you exercise, you are taking in air at a faster rate, which opens the airways. It's almost like stretching your lung and heart muscles. Just like any other muscle, the diagram and heart require stretching to not "pull" or "stra…
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Answer No, RNA is the cells' chemical messenger that carries instructions from DNA in the nucleus to the rest of the cell about when to make proteins and which ones. Answer DNA makes RNA however the process does involve some enzymes that are proteins
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Answer a synchronization manager is a program that can help you synchronizing for ex your computer and a palm The process by which files and programs are transferred between PDAs and PCs.
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He had problems reconciling them, but in the end, he knew he had it right. And that was before he even had DNA analysis to back it up.  Darwin Darwin just documented his observations. He never said he was wrong, and did not believe he was wrong. He did have a hard time reconciling what he ob…
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The first stage is Glycolsis, which works anaerobicly and occurs in the Sarcoplasm (the cytoplasm of a muscle). This process happens happens in 10 stages where various, slight but important changes are made. In this process 4 ATP molecules are produced but 2 are used in the breakdown of glucose leav…
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Respiration without oxygen. Anaerobic Exercise There are three energy-producing systems in the human body, one of which is aerobic (using oxygen), and two of which are anaerobic (not using oxygen): ATP-CP and Glycolysis. ATP-CP For the first few seconds you exercise you're using the ATP-CP system.…
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They do have nucleus because they need to control themselves to the heart and the other body parts.
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a biochemist studies what a cat normally eats on mondaysA biochemist is a scientist who studies biochemistry. Biochemistry is the study of chemicals, chemical process, bla bla bla bla, and all that stuff. (like chemicals only inside living organisms)
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The biosphere, speaking generically, is all the living things -- plants and animals -- in the world. The biosphere is the global ecosystem, the sum of all the planet's ecosystems. This includes the atmosphere (several kilometers), and the land (at least 3000 meters below ground to the depth of seve…
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The pro's of cloning is you get another person to keep you company like a person that may of died recently. The cons are it could go wrong and you could end up with a deformed person which would be even worse than loosing the relative in the first place. Need anymore advice just leave another questi…
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facts: 1)different individuals have different characteristics 2)these differences result in varying abilities to reproduce under local circumstances 3)some of these differences are inherited 4)those inherited differences that result in highly successful reproduction rates are the ones that will be …
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The formation and fabrication of messenger Rna occurs in the Nucleus of all Cells.
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The Microbes are known as organisms the 3 focal ones are Bacteria - eg. salmonella, Diarrhoeal, shigellae and more they are common diseases u can find in bacterial waterFungus - this causes athletes foot which is rather disgusting, it infects your feet, it can happen by sharing same towel with an in…
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Materials: a leaf, a 100 mL beaker, 10 mL ethanol, a hot plate, a power outlet to plug the hot plate into, a Petri dish, goggles, supervision (if you're a kid) Suppose you're working with a spinach leaf. Put it into a 100 mL beaker. Add 10 mL of ethanol to it. Place the beaker with ethanol on a hot…
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Germination Does Affect plant growth Without germination in the plant, the plant is not able to grow. The germination is the begining of life for the seed plant however the rate of germination is not directly related to rates of plant growth one can find speedy germinating seeds which grow slowl…
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Pros and Cons of Stem Cell Research What are Stem Cells? There has been much controversy in the press recently about the pros and cons of stem cell research. What is the controversy all about? "Stem" cells can be contrasted with "differentiated" cells. They offer much hope for medical advancement …
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its depend where you live and what kind of food do you eat theredo you get oxygen more or less
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Yes because you need to be prepared and you do not want someone inexperienced doingthe job Answer You would need at least a bachelor of science degree in marine biology if you would want to do professional level work.
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Substance Applied to Boxers Faces It is vaseline or a similar substance, and its purpose is to make the face slippery to reduce friction with the leather of the opponents gloves. The intent is to reduce the possibility that the glove pulls the skin so as to cause a cut. METAL PACKED IN DRY ICE T…
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Squids live in water, and will outlive humans.
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actually, they are not controlled by genes, but actually chromosomes. and they are NOT controlled by the same chromosome, unless you are an albino, in which case, a chromosome would take care of multipe genes.
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A biologist is a person who studies biology, i.e. the actions and processes that are involved in living organisms.Someone who studies the workings of living things.
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A biologist is a scientist who studies living organisms.Biologists involved in basic research attempt to discover underlying mechanisms that govern how organisms function. Biologists involved in applied research attempt to develop or improve medical, industrial or agricultural processes. Some biolog…
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When the detergent/salt/DNA mixture is agitated, the detergent, along with some inadvertently trapped gas, forms bubbles, and these bubbles may stick to the DNA and the histone proteins. They are not formed by any chemical reaction.
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You can't they are right.They are made up from the same material the only difference is they contain no marrow.
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Assuming you mean changes of state i.e. solid to liquid, then if energy is supplied to matter then the particles or atoms move faster as they gain kinetic energy. This causes the bonds between the atoms to break, allowing the particles to flow over each other, as in a liquid. Like matter, energy i…
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Bacteria, Amoeba, Protozoa, Viruses, Sponge Stentor, Paramecium, Diatoms, Volvox, Chlamydomonas and Euglena (these are Eukaryote/with Nucleus)
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The ecosystem in arctic climes have a particular problem in that the low temperature reduces physical breakdown, removes free water from the air, and limits biological activity. Herbivores may become the main agents of decomposition, their grazing preventing an accumulation of undecomposed vegetatio…
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Facts about Evolution Evolution was not entirely devised by Charles Darwin; there were many evolutionists before Darwin, though he was the one who pulled the connections together. The acceptance of Evolution in school was tested in 1925 with the Scopes trial. A young teacher, John Scopes, taught hi…
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Biology Base-Pairing Rules In DNA, Adenine bonds with Thymine, Cytosine bonds with Guanine. In RNA, Thymine is replaced with Uracil (bases capitalized for easy emphasis/reference, not grammar.) Purines and Pyrimidines are two families of Nitrogenous bases. In DNA: Adenine and Guanine : Purines…
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lemon, and vinegar Hydrochloric acid Citric Acid Nitric Acid Sulfuric acid Polyprotic acids
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The streptococci occur in pairs or chains, and some species are pathogenic in humans. Streptococcal infections include strep throat, scarlet fever, tonsillitis, erysipelas, puerperal fever and some pneumonias. It is used in dairy products to create cheese, and it is related to the bacterium previou…
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Mitosis and Meiosis are two ways cells reproduce. Mitosis is asexual cell division. DNA duplicates it self. Centrioles separate and a spindle forms. Chromosomes separate on the spindle. Then the cell closes up making two diploid cells. In other words, it splits itself in two which is also called bi…
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Nucleolus is a membrane-bound organelle inside the cell's nucleus which transcribes the two parts of ribosomes (rRNA) . A cell nucleus may contain more than one nucleolus.
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Answer 1 This is a temporary answer UNTIL an expert contributes a more professional answer. The beehive functions much as your house. It provides protection from the elements [like wind, rain, snow, ice and hail, cold, heat, and others I can't think of right now]. It provides an enclosed, and fairly…
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Typically, we can tolerate microorganisms, depending on the type. We have quite a few different bugs in our intestine, on our skin and in our mouths, and for the most part they do no significant harm. However, many bacteria and fungi grow a colony on a food source and produce a toxin to prevent othe…
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Cellulose is a long-chain polymeric polysaccharide carbohydrate, of beta-glucose . It forms the primary structural component of green plants. The primary cell wall of green plants is made primarily of cellulose; the secondary wall contains cellulose with variable amounts of lignin. Lignin and cellul…
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Everyone, from birth and even before, produces enzymes that allow us to digest and metabolyze and to perform the basic, chemical level activities that are needed for life.The question you MIGHT have been wanting to ask is, "what age group has active HORMONES?" Typically, sex hormones start to become…
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Answer: There are many folk-cures and hear-say remedies for growing plants, many if not most will end in weakening if not killing the plant, the best recourse is to know the plant, know what type of soil it likes, and what kind of nutrients it requires, (well balanced nutrient filled diet) the sim…
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The Golgi Apparatus is like the post office of the cell. It packages proteins and other molecules and sends them to their destination. In a restaurant, a waiter because they transport the plates from kitchen to table
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If a laboratory mouse is sick, they may be lethargic or refuse to eat. They may also have diarrhea or discharge from their eyes and nose.
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Answer... Deoxyribonucleic acid DNA is a type of genetic material in the shape of a double-helix. Two long strands are joined together by several rungs of protein. These protein rungs come in differing variations of genetic chemicals to pass information on to the next generation of persons in a f…
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Cell Biology Cell biology is the science of studying how cells function such as their reproduction metabolism, and their internal and external anatomy. Biology means science of life. Cells are known as the basic building blocks of all livings things. More Information Cell biology (also called cell…
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The "Petri dish" was named after a German bacteriological scientist named Julius Richard Petri.
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Marine Biologists work in water alot, don't forget that. SO swimsuits, and guess what else?
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Biomass is a biological material produced from living or recently living organisms. Like trees, animals, and garbage: The total mass of living matter within a given unit of environmental area.Plant material, vegetation, or agricultural waste used as a fuel or energy source. Biomass is typically used…
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Biology - n. The study of living organisms and their vital processes. It is the science devoted living organisms both plants and animals. The term biology has been derived from two Greek words ;bios=life, logos=thinking ,discourse or knowledge. It is divided into two main branches, botany and zool…
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Evidence To Support Theory That A Manager Leads Best When His People Get Behind Him: Many good companies are always looking for ways to create good management that improve leadership and good communication skills with their employees. It is not an easy task being a Manager because he/she has …
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Irish Traits Only approximately 10 percent of the Irish are redheaded and red hair is a recessive trait.
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Two-Part Naming System The scientific naming system that is used world-wide today was first devised by Swedish naturalist Carolus Linnaeus in 1737. He proposed a two-part naming system which classifies every living organism with a string of Latin and Greek identifiers. Full names are devised starti…
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Marine biology is the study of plants and animals that live in the sea.
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There are four nucleotides that make up DNA: Adenine, Thymine, Guanine and Cytosine. There are billions of them that make up one strand of DNA. Adenine always pairs with Thymine and Guanine always pairs with Cytosine. Also, in the Rna during DNA transcription, Uracil replaces Thymine and pairs with…
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Answer Build Boats, Then Go Fishing. Fishing Is A Very Hard Way To Make a Living. Putting Out To Sea, Then You Have To Search For A Place To Get A Good Catch. As Time Has Gone On It Is Becoming More Difficult To Find Good Catches Of Fish. Overfishing, Climate Changes, Lack Of Following Rules Plac…
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Ecosystems are composed of a variety of abiotic and biotic components that function in an interrelated fashion. Some of the more important components are: soil, atmosphere, radiation from the Sun, water, and living organisms. Soils are much more complex than simple sediments. They contain a mixt…
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The cell theory is a scientific theory that is one of the foundations of biology. The generally accepted parts of cell theory include: * The cell is the fundamental unit of structure and function in living things. * All organisms are made up of one or more cells. * All cells come from pre-exist…
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What To Do To Stop Shivering Learn to Hypnotize yourself. You can also learn to use Cognitive therapy. You try to reverse your brain, but it takes practice. Also Yoga is a helper on this one. Most humans don't have the time to take out of their busy schedule to really practice controlling their m…
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The nucleus is like the brain and the body is the things it controls.
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The nucluoes made rapid
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factory:factory worker as a nucleolus:nucleus
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Heterotrophic (how it obtains energy)Eukaryotic (what type of cell)Multicellular (number of cells)Cell walls (lacks this structure)
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Difference between dB SPL and dB SL There are several types of dB. dB SPL are decibels measuring sound pressure levels. There is an accepted reference point of 0 dB SPL which equals 20 micropascals = 2 × 10-5 pascals. dB SL are decibels measuring a signal relative to an individuals auditory th…
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Answer By definition, a selective medium is a medium that contains a substance that inhibits the growth of some types of bacteria but doesn't affect the growth of other types of bacteria (this is may be required when you want to isolate a specific type of bacteria from a specimen that contains ot…
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Answer A geneticist is a scientist who studies heredity (genes, DNA) and variation in organisms. Typically a geneticist analyzes data from experiments or population observations to interpret the inheritance of traits in relation to disease. A geneticist can be a physician who has specialized trai…
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Respiration is not to be confused with the brreating process. it is a common misconception.Respiration is the exact opposite of photosynthesis. The process of respiration involves the chemical break down of glucose to release ATP (energy) for the body. C02 is a biproduct which is expelled through th…
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CaffeineMinerals like potassium are often found alongside caffeine when it occurs in plant sources like coffee beans, and that could help the plant grow faster. But the caffeine itself would be unlikely to have any affect on the plant's rate of growth. I tested it and the plant grew at normal rate b…
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Answer There are numerous was to categorize different acids. Here are a few different ways you can divide up different types. There are two general types of acids: strong acids and weak acids. There are only a few strong acids, and so ALL the others are considered weak. See the Related Questions…
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Answer Yes humans are born with instincts, that is why they grab the hand of the doctor when they are are first born, and if you put a newborn in a swimming pool he/she will swim automatically. Answer Another instinct is suckling, as in breastfeeding. I agree. When you think instinct think…
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