Wasps and Hornets

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These flying insects are considered pests to most because of their nasty stings.
the answer is simple you can not just overcome a reaction, it likeif you wanted to get rid of you nose (This is just an example) youcan't get rid of your nose because it is part of your body. thatreaction is part of your body you cant just overcome reactions likeyou overcome fear. you can overcome...
Everyone who is stung by a honeybee will have some sort of allergic reaction which could vary from slight irritation of the skin to death in a worst way scenario - but that is very unusual. If your reaction is more than just pain and mild swelling in the area of the sting, you should seek...
Spiders are examples of animals that eat bees and wasps.
If someone has difficulty breathing after a bee sting, they should seek professional medical help and not try and self medicate. They could go into anaphylactic shock which is potentially fatal.
there very dangerous and only sting you if you trouble them
The drone is the male bee.
When bees are living in the wild, they always build the cells in their nest in a hexagonal shape. When beekeepers keep bees in a hive, they provide the bees with sheets of wax foundation with the hexagonal shapes imprinted on the wax. This encourages the bees to build their hexagonal cells in the...
A plumber bee is a bee that likes to nest where there is a hidingplace made of wood. Plumber bee is another name for the carpenterbee. Plumber bees look like a bumble bee but they have more blackon their bodies.
A cylinder has a height of 16 cm and a radius of 5 cm. A cone has aheight of 12 cm and a radius of 4 cm. If the cone is placed insidethe cylinder as shown, what is the volume of the air spacesurrounding the cone inside the cylinder? (Use 3.14 as anapproximation of π.)
Honey bees eat nectar and pollen which they collect from flowers. As flowers are living things, then the answer to your question is yes.
Ape. Bee in Italian is ape.
A queen may live as long as five years and produce up to a million eggs during her lifetime .
A bee hive is an artificial home for bees provided for them by a beekeeper, so unless you are a beekeeper it is unlikely that what you have in your porch is a bee hive. What you may have is a wasp's nest. This will look like a grey football and feel like papier mache. If so, it will be empty in...
great beter than a human
Wasps like these travel in groups so if one of its family membersgets hurt the brain signal like ours will automatically protect thefamily member. For example if someone you knew got hurt you wouldstand up for them. Right? That is what wasps do.
Scientific name: Xylocopa aestuans Russian name: Пчелa-плотник светло-жёлтая English name: Canary carpenter bee
If a bee stings a rabbit, the rabbit will experience pain and swelling in the area of the sting but will usually survive.
This is called: "mimicry." It is an evolved form of protectivemimicry to prevent predation of the mimic species.
When you purchase a queen or a package of bees, the queen is oftenmarked with a dot. However, if your hive is older and/or has raisedits own queen, you'll just have to search for her. The queen's bodyusually has a different shape than the workers or drones, beinglarger with a longer abdomen. To...
A bumble bee can sting but only does so under extreme provocation.
Pollen can be dispersed by wind, gravity, animals and water . However the largest group responsible for pollination are insects . Plants can also undergo self-pollination if the flower fails to be pollinated by an external factor.
So-called killer bees, more properly called Africanized honey bees, eat the same as any other honey bee: pollen and nectar.
Because he has never been stung by a bee and he does not consider himself an idiot.
Bumble bee queens usually hibernate in small holes in the ground which they sometimes take over from small rodents.
because they have yellow stripes and that indecats danger
There are several large brown flying insects all over the world,including Colorado. It could of been a wasp.
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The beeswax would be too hard, you couldn't apply it, even if you melt the wax, it would harden during application, and you would need turpentine to clean it up !!
It is one way to change from a larva (like a caterpillar) into an adult imago (like a butterfly).
Certificate issued by Bureau of Energy Efficiency for qualified personnel.
If you look carefully you will see that the bees body has three parts, the head, thorax and abdomen. You can cut three sections from an egg box to represent these. If you feel that the abdomen is too short wrap and glue a piece of paper round to make it a little longer.
No, all bees do not make honey. The following species (amongothers) do not make honey: eastern carpenter bee alfalfa leafcutter bee orchard mason bee hornfaced bee These are are solitary bees, that don't live in hives. They alsodon't make beeswax.
If bees totally disappeared, pollination would rapidly decrease. Eventually certain food chains would break down, and many people and other animals would starve. It is likely, however, that some people, other animals and plants would survive. So the loss of bees would not completely eliminate the...
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The color of the bee allows it to blend into the flowers that itfeeds on. Bees have a waggle dance that can communicate thedistance and direction of a food source.
the fact on insects is that usually the insect wont hurt you if you don't attempt to hurt him or her and if you see a queen bee,or ant do not touch it or you will pay a big price of death because they will bite you to death
The male honey bee (drone) is slightly larger than a worker (infertile female). It has a wider abdomen and much larger eyes.
3 pairs, so 6 legs in total
Africanized honey bees escaped from a research facility in Brazil about 50 years ago and since then have spread steadily northwards through South America and Central America. They have now occupied the Southern states of the USA and whether they will be able to colonise the Northern states will...
Bears sometimes eat them by mistake... Varroa mites (REALLY tiny arachnids) swarm all over the bees and make their immune systems weaken... Birds such as the Ruby-throated Hummingbird and the Common Grackle eat bees, so do Largemouth Bass as well as various toads and frogs.
No. It can't do either.
Answer . Yes, because more than one virus can cause it.
Most stings on a dog are located on their face. If it's a singlesting, it's best to leave the dog alone. If your notice weakness,difficulty breathing, or a lot swelling particularly in the mouthor tongue take the dog to the vet immediately.
They can bee freaky!
A wasp can inflict multiple stings, whereas a honey bee can only sting once, after which it dies.
I believe you mean "Acronym" - WASP stands for White Anglo Saxon Protestant. " White Anglo-Saxon Protestant , commonly abbreviated to the acronym WASP , is a sociological and cultural ethnonym that originated in the United States and Canada. The term originated in reference to white North...
A drone is a pilotless aircraft sent to take photographs of enemy positions.
It is surprisingly warm in a bee hive. The bees keep the brood (eggs and larvae) at around 96 o F (36 o C), generating heat as necessary by vibrating their flight muscles. The immediate honey stores are around the brood, so will be at pretty much that temperature. The longer term stores of honey...
Flowers are pollinated (fertilized) by insects unwittingly transferring pollen from one flower to another as they move from flower to flower drinking or collecting nectar.
A adaptation for a wasp is flight. Flight is a vital adaptation forsurvival because this enables the wasp to relocate into newecosystems.
They are famous for their sweet honey, honey. :)
Wasps always build their nests in a protected place sheltered from the weather so it is unlikely that the nest would ever be exposed to rain.
a bee weighs tenth of a gram
I wouldn't say dangerous, but the clean up would take all day. most are designed for great distance so they put out massive volume. Best to shoo the critter outside & get the nest when it's dark & more adults are apt to be on it.
Yes. Without the honey bee, there wouldn't be any honey. Thus they provide a service to us and are useful. . It is the only insect that produces food eaten by man. Honey is the only food that includes all the substances necessary to sustain life, including enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and water.....
no they can only sting once then die i don't know how;>
This question appears to be in the wrong category but as far as I know it is a US term for White Anglo Saxon Protestant.
The cells of a honeycomb is the shape of a hexagon. The hexagonshape is one of the strongest and most efficient in nature.
Beekeeper or apiarist.
If you have been stung by a bee, remove the barb as quickly as possible because venom is still going into your body from the barb. Wasps don't leave the barb behind. You could then try an anti histamine, but for most people, the pain and swelling will subside after a few hours.
Everything lives only once.
because if they were bigger a bee sting would be like a scorpion, and then when killer bees come we would all pretty much die -_-
Yes: Any tart additive will affect the taste of honey.
Honey is made by bees from nectar, which they collect from flowers.
Hornets usually build their nests out of wood, paper or cardboardthat has been shredded or chewed up. The use their nest for oneseason until winter comes.
Hornets make their nests out of chewed paper products or wood chipscombined with hornet saliva. A hornet's nest has the appearance ofan upside down tear-shaped ball. Nests are utilized only for oneseason.
A bee hive isn't hexagonal. The cells that bees make from wax inside a bee hive are hexagonal and the bees use these cells to raise young bees and to store honey and pollen.
A bumblebee is a physics anomaly that is able to fly when by itsvery design it should not. The Bumblebee is a large passive hairybee that lives in small colonies underground.
He was brought to trial because he tried to overthrow the Hungarian people's democratic state and was hung in June, 1958.
The waxy structure constructed by honey bees is called honeycomb. It's a structure of hexagonal cells which the bees build to store pollen and honey, and to house their larvae.
Honey bee workers are the only ones that have barbed stings. If they are unable to withdraw the sting after stinging they will leave it behind. This causes severe internal injuries and the bee will die from those injuries. All other bees have smooth stings and have no difficulty withdrawing them. ....
They will find another way in. Call a beekeeper. Save the bees.
Very much. Just watch th bee movie and it will show you all of the affects. In addition to the documentary mentioned above they are also responsible for the pollenation of a very large number of plants and flowers, have a minor effect on the population of some even smaller insects, and they make...
The humble bee would not point out the bumble bee's bumbling...
They don't have their nectar sucked out of them. They collect nectar from flowers and deposit it in a special 'nectar stomach'. They then take it back to the hive and add certain enzymes to the nectar before regurgitating it and storing it in cells within the hive,
They have to keep it somewhere before they put it in jars and take it to the supermarket!
because they feel threatened and have a need to protect themselves. hope this helps :)
Sand wasps are not typically aggressive towards people. However, ifyou get stung, scrap the stinger out and apply a cold compress. Ifyou have an allergy, seek medical attention right away.
Worldwide except for the Arctic and Antarctic.
Flowers make nectar and as far as I know it can't be made artificially.