Officially the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, this country consists of 29 islands, 2,387 islets and 661 cays. The Bahamas is a sovereign independent country with a population of about 330,000. Its capital is Nassau.
Fruits which are grown in The Bahamas are avocado, banana, coconut, grapefruit, Persian lime, mango, orange, pineapple, scarlet plum and sour orange (2006 data).
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I found this on google. "From the Nassau airport taxi rates are approximately $27 to downtown Nassau,$18 to Cable Beach and $33 to Paradise Island-plus the bridge toll. Fares are based on two passengers; there is an additional charge for extra passengers and extra luggage." Although that is...
in the summer it is in the high 80s and the winter about 73
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700 islands are there in the archipelago of the Bahamas,cannot believe you out there did not know that.
Go onto google images and type that in, it should show up.
13 hr. 5 min from Manchester to Nassau, The Bahamas
Usually not, but sometimes yes.
Bahamain dollar . the Bahamian dollar which is equivalent to the American dollar
The Rt. Hon. Hubert A Ingraham is the present Prime Minister of The Bahamas of 2011
The Bahamas is governed by an old Parliament Democracy with a Prime Minster as the head of the Executive Branch. Over 270 years of uninterrupted change in form of government, makes The Bahamas one of the most stable countries in the world. Prior to it's independence in 1973, The Commonwealth of The...
Bahamas is located in the Atlantic Ocean shores. Its latitude is24° 15' N and a longitude of 76° 0' W.
Plants that grow in the Bahamas are the Allamanda and the Centuryplant. Bougainvilleas and coconut palm trees also grow in theBahamas.
The Bahamas has several attractions for tourists to visit. A fewattractions are the Blue Lagoon Island, Elbow Cay, and FortFincastle.
Well you know the climate is warm and so they probably dress in shorts during the summer months and that there houses are thinner and dont trap heat as well
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The story behind the flag is that it has a blue anfd aqua mareen color
Yes. You need a passport to enter every country, but in some countries they do not accept certain passports.
the best oone is the dolphin encounter. the best oone is the dolphin encounter
Christopher Columbus
It's not possible to say accurately what will happen to the Bahamas in the future. Global warming is happening all over the world. Some places will be drier than before. Other places will be wetter than before. Warming causes weather, so more warming is certainly going to affect the weather. ...
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The Bahamas are a coral archipelago of 700 islands and 2400 uninhabited cays Just like with the USA, Columbus discovered the islands in 1492. But they were not settled until the 17th century by British and Bermudan religious refugees and so the islands became a British Crown Colony in 1717. But the...
The Bahamas are coral islands, therefore, they are surrounded by rich coral reefs. These coral reefs are popular tourist attractions. This fact makes the Bahamas a premier tourist destination and this booming tourist industry brings about economic development. Infrastructure on the most visited...
Abaco Islands are part of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas
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When I lived in the Bahamas, it turned out that most of the tourist came from Europe (England, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, to list a few). Of course, there were visitors from the United States as well, mostly from the Midwest and northern U.S. regions. Florida folk also visit the...
machinery and transport equipment, manufactures, chemicals
No the Bahamas is not Hispanic. 80% of the people are of African ancestry and the other are of European decent.
That is the Bahamian Dollar $B
The Bahamas have many celebrities and rich people with homes there. But the majority of the islands are filled with less fortunate people.
Christopher Colombus discovered the Bahamas.
No.. The Bahamas is a memeber of the Commonwealth of Nations headed by the British Empire. The Bahamas is an independent country having gained full independence from Britain in 1973
Yes, you need a passport to go to the Bahamas.
While on vacation in the Bahamas there are several factors you will want to consider. Comfort,style, and ease of packing are a few of these considerations. Weather in the Bahamas is mild and sometimes pretty hot, so all cotton light colored clothing is recommended. I like to wear white cotton pants...
The Bahamas are a chain of islands surrounded by water. Really close.
because we wont have tourism there wont be no money and if there isnt no more people who work in the tourism industries wont have any money
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I looked at a world map of Biomes and it says that The Bahamas is in the tropical Decidous Forest Biome.
The islands are low lying, and have no mountains. . The islands of The Bahamas were formed from coral. This is why they are topographically very low. The highest point in The Bahamas is only 63 meters high.
Distance is 1994 kilometers or 1239 miles or 1077 nautical miles. Source: Time and
bahamian and also a descendant of a Lucayan Indian. Which were the original inhabitants when Christopher Columbus landed here in San Salvador in 1492.
It means shallow seas....look it up people....its not that hard
By the Spanish word Bajamar meaning shallow waters.
The distance from Miami, Florida, to Nassau, Bahamas, is 187 air miles. That equals 301 kilometers or 163 nautical miles.
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The Bahamian archipelago lies south west of Florida. The closest Bahamian island is 50 miles away from Florida.
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The Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island and the One & Only Ocean Club.
The capital of Grand Bahama is Freeport. freeport
No the Bahamas is an independent nation.
According to the top division is the BFA Senior League, so I am guessing the BFA stands for Bahamas Football Association and this is the answer.
Answer . Tokyo (TYO) to Nassau (NAS) Shortest Flight Duration * 16 hours 35 mins * Via Dallas/Fort Worth Intl Apt, Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)
peas and rice, guava duff, cracked conch, pineapple tarts, coconut tarts, boil fish and Johnnie Cake
The Bahamas Has No Rivers as such , but we do have creeks and freshwater lenses which include Fresh Creek and 'Staniard' Creek both on the Largest island ( Andros )