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Names are designation given to identify people and animate or inanimate objects. Usually a name is associated or derived from to a deity, a holiday, or even a coy description.
According to the company, "Subaru refers to a star cluster in the Taurus constellation. The name is echoed in the famous Six-Star badge." The word "Subaru" in Japanese means "govern" or "gather together", and also refers to the group of stars known as "The Seven Sisters" or "The Pleiades". One of th…
Popularity: 86
Last Place Teams Here are some names: I'm a lifelong Cubs fan, and I've heard Cellar-Dwellers all too often. Wooden spooners or wooden spoonists In England: "relegated"
Popularity: 126
Legend has it that everybody bought canarys so that the birds singing would drown out the crying of the animals being slaughtered.
Popularity: 48
Harris is a well established name in Ireland. The name is found most often coming from County Mayo. Harris in Ireland was anglicized from Gaelic Ó hEarchadha. : Certainly Harris is an English and not an Irish name but there are numerous possible explanations for this. Your father might have been I…
Popularity: 211
The name Erin is an extremely old one that has long been associated with Ireland ('Erin go bragh' means 'Ireland forever'). Legend has it that Erin (or Eire) was one of three goddesses who represented peace, love and joy. Her sisters, Fodla and Banba, represented hope and love respectively, leaving …
Popularity: 229
According to the NYCVisit web site's page on the The Dutch Contribution to New York's Vocabulary, "bowery" means "farm." The street followed the path of a road leading to a Peter Stuyvessant's farm. (See related link for more information.) An aside: Nicolas de la Plaine, a French Huguenot…
Popularity: 157
Ireland forever. More usually spelled "Erin go bragh" or "Erin go braugh" it is a phonetic English approximation of the Irish Gaelic "Éirinn go brách". Éire is a more standard spelling of Éirinn. See the wikipedia: Erin go bragh
Popularity: 287
Is bird874stab620:an e-mail address?an IRC name?a Website?leet-speak (1337-5p34k)?Google finds nothing. Without any kind of context, this is impossible to answer.
Popularity: 44
Jayhawks It is a combination of two birds, the jay torments intruders, and the hawk kills them. Prior to the Civil War and the admission of Kansas to the Union, the pro-slavery forces in Missouri attempted to make Kansas enter as a slave state. At every local election hundreds of armed Missourian…
Popularity: 195
The names of operations were chosen purely randomly precisely so that if enemy intelligence learned one, they could not tell anything about it from the name. It was just a randomly chosen word.Michael Montagne allied invasion of German occupied Europe..............................'overlord' ws the…
Popularity: 61
Answer It's named after a mythical paradise mentioned in a 1510 Spanish novel.
Popularity: 39
Answer COLE: Gender: Male Meaning: From the name NICHOLAS Origin: Celtic/Gaelic Answer Nicholas is greek and means Victory of the People
Popularity: 93
Answer Monica is an ancient name, possibly of North African or Phoenician origin, and its etymology is unknown. Monica has a Name day of 27th August, and Monica is the patron saint of married women. Saint Monica was the mother of Saint Augustine. This girl's name is used in English, Italian and Span…
Popularity: 12
Meaning : A female sheep or ewe; lamb Origin: Hebrew Rachel was the second and favoured wife of Jacob in the Old Testament It also means "innocence and gentility of a rose" or "lovely" Mother of Joseph and Benjamin, as per the Hebrew Bible.
Popularity: 76
Why do we use "A B C D", etc? We've developed our alphabet from a melting pot of cultures and languages. In their stage of alphabetic development (being one of the first major civilizations in the region), the most recognizable symbols were probably their religious icons and from their natural surro…
Popularity: 75
I think it came from the American Revolution. The "Patriots" were people from England who were in what is now the U.S.(some were in New England), and beleived that they no longer were citizens of England. They fought against the British in the Revolutionay War and won.
Popularity: 38
Kamisha name origin From the Sanskrit meaning "lord or master of desire". A name of Lord Shiva. Alternate spelling is Kamesha.
Popularity: 8
Answer No, it's of English origin, a variant of Timm, although some may have settled in Ireland.
Popularity: 36
The name Stephanie comes from the name Stephen which means The Crowned One. But in Chinese Stephanie means "Amazing One" or "Awesome person"Stephanie means nice cuz mi otha step sistaz name is Stephanie and Stephanie means nice cuz she is nicer than mi otha step sista lamanda dat wat Stephanie mean …
Popularity: 96
Stephanie came from the chiness word:stefiniiie meaning princess :) she is sweet!!!:)Stephanie is Greek, from the name Stephen, meaning Crowned one
Popularity: 9
There are several problems with writing a history of Don Diego De La Vega, better known as El Zorro. In this case the problem comes, not from too little information, but from too much. Since Johnston McCully wrote The Curse of Capistrano in 1918, there has been a small flood of sequels and retelling…
Popularity: 32
Astrologically speaking, the major factor of luck is planet Jupiter and the sign of Sagittarius, the meaning of both -Jupiter and Sagittarius- being "goin' through", "passing through", "aiming", "escaping", "evolving", "travelling", "seeing", "describing" (dis-criminate), "transmitting", "perpetuati…
Popularity: 71
Answer Alknomook (proper spelling) was not a real person. He is referred to in a song called "Death Song of the Cherokee Indian" or "Death Song of Alknomook" which was written for a play called "The Contrast" by Royall Tyler and first performed in 1787. It was one of the first plays written an…
Popularity: 24
Answer:Barrett can be Irish in some cases, although still a common English surname. They came to Ireland before 1200 and settled in Co. Cork and in Cos. Mayo and Galway. The Cork family is called Barratt (Ir. Baróid) and the Mayo family is Barrett (Bairéad). See "Irish Families" (MacLysaght) &nbs…
Popularity: 123
The name Stephen means "Crowned One" The origin of the name is Greek. The name "Stephen" means "victor's crown" in the sense of victor of a contest or battle ... perhaps a laurel leaf crown. (A ruler's crown at that time would have been called a "diadem.") Later the name Stephen is found in the Bi…
Popularity: 88
Edith Frank (nee Hollaender) was left at Auschwitz when her daughters were moved to Bergen-Belsen on 30 October 1944, and she died at Auschwitz on 6 January 1945.
Popularity: 30
Masks worn by samurai warriors were simply to look scary as far as i know. A combination of the mask and the headdress with horns and stuff would have been a most intimidating sight if it was running straight at you! But other masks may have been used in plays (mainly noh theatre) and other drama. I…
Popularity: 114
It means "bright" or "dawn".
Popularity: 32
no, think its scotish but there are Irish wards due to branches of the family moveing to Ireland years back.  Another Answer: It can be, Mac an Bhaird or MacWard (son of the bard) They were from Donegal and Galway. The Wards of Co. Down are English, however. EDIT: It is also known as Mac an…
Popularity: 46
In earlier times your last name was usually just your trade, for example "Harry the blacksmith" would just become "Harry Smith", last names were originally just a way of distinguishing certain people.Other last names like "Williamson" come from son of William, Jake o' rilley means Jake son of rilley
Popularity: 21
Answer Anne, a 1-syllable girl's name of Hebrew origin, means: From the Hebrew Hanna, favoured by God. Another Answer: From Heb. Hannah "graciousness".
Popularity: 66
she is the wife of Shawn michaels
Popularity: 23
Answer Hamilton: the name of several parishes in England, or of Hamilton in Scotland. The Hamiltons went over to Ireland in large numbers from Scotland at the time of the plantation of Ulster. In Irish Gaelic the name was de Hamaltún/Hamaltún but in west Clare they were gaelicized as "Ó Hamai…
Popularity: 7
The proud and noble English surname Walden actually derives from the ancient Anglo-Saxon people, describing a "stranger from a valley". Earliest records indicate that the family had held a family seat in Essex, and were granted the lands of Walden Abbey.
Popularity: 31
The name Scot to refer to the people who live in the north of the British Isles comes from the Latinised form of the name of an Irish tribe, the Scotti, who moved to the south-west of Scotland in the 6th century to form the Kingdom of Dalriada. When this was unified with Pictland by King Kenneth I M…
Popularity: 39
In most cases it serves to indicate the number of popes who have taken that name. Benedict XVI means that there were 15 popes prior to the present one who have taken the name Benedict. Given the long history of the church and the vagaries of human history (to say nothing of the controversial anti-po…
Popularity: 4
Answer Siddhartha Gautama is Buddha. He is also known as "The Enlightened One".
Popularity: 16
Family name RustThe name is either English or German. It occurs as a family name in English; in Germany and Austria, the name is found as a place-name.Joncey
Popularity: 40
Demi can be short for the name Demetria, Demitra or Demitria. The name Demetria comes from the Greek goddess Demeter, goddess of fertility, also known as Earth Mother. If you're referring to Demi Moore, her real namd is Demetria Gene Guynes.
Popularity: 34
The last name Cheesman would have originated before written records were kept but like so many other names (such as Wheelwright or Baker) would have indicated a trade. Cheesman would have indicated a maker or seller of cheese.
Popularity: 30
Answer Hamilton is a name of English origin. Answer Though linguistically English, in Britain the name Hamilton is considered first and foremost Scottish. Some parts of Ireland (especially Northern Ireland) were settled by Scots from about 1600 onwards, so one finds many Scottish names in Ire…
Popularity: 64
I got this from ancestry.com when looking up the origin of the surname King. English and Scottish: nickname from Middle English king, Old English cyning 'king' (originally merely a tribal leader, from Old English cyn(n) 'tribe', 'race' + the Germanic suffix -ing). The word was already used as a byna…
Popularity: 1
go to google.com and write meanings for baby names. there will be many results there that you can try.
Popularity: 19
Ultimately coming from the Sanskrit and Proto-Indo-Iranian word "mitra-" the name Mehreen means "kind friend or companion" or "Sun".
Popularity: 42
it means 'god is gracious'
Popularity: 2
Answer: Tristan is a Celtic name. There was a tale about a man named Tristan and he was a knight of the Round Table. He was in a tale called "Tristan and Isolde"about Tristan going to an island and falling in love with a woman named Isolde. Unfortunately, Isolde had to marry King Mark instead. In W…
Popularity: 3
It is of Irish / Gaelic heritage
Popularity: 7
Stock Ticker CBH The ticker symbol for Commerce Bancorp is CBH and it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.
Popularity: 15
Answer The most common sport played in the world is football, which is played on every continent apart from Antartica. It is also supported by thousands of people with the number increasing each year. Rugby is also a very popular sport with the majority of the British following rugby.
Popularity: 23
In Japanese, "Kai" is pronounced as rhyming with "high," and means ocean. It can also mean modified, altered, or changed, as in "Dragonball Z Kai," as currently airing on Nickelodeon. In Greek, "Kai" (pronounced keh like in the word ke-ntucky) means 'and'. Japanese Kaibatsu is sea level, but Hawai…
Popularity: 26
The meaning of the name Ivan is "'Yahweh is gracious'" The origin of the name Ivan is Jewish. Ivan derived from Hebrew יוֹחָנָן (Yôḥānān, meaning "'Yahweh is gracious'" form of John
Popularity: 34
What Maureen Means Maurine or Maureen is a pet form of Maire which is an Irish form of Mary. The meaning of this popular name is not known for certain, but there are several theories: "bitterness", "rebelliousness", "wished for child" or "drop of the sea" (Hebrew), or possibly an Egyptian name. M…
Popularity: 11
Answer Sometimes giving the opposite to contrast a term helps to define its value or meaning: This is what a gentle spirit is not: contentious (inclined to argue), bitter, unstable, troubled, fearful, loud, obnoxious, worry prone, prone to cursing, quick to get angry, easily dismayed, easily ups…
Popularity: 53
it means "long ago"
Popularity: 35
The name 'Dale' Dale - A low place between hills; a vale or valley Linguistically, the name is English and means 'valley'. It's also a found in placenames such as Borrowdale (in Cumbria).
Popularity: 1
It means "rice paddy covered in snow."
Popularity: 8
Family name 'Chalman' The link below may help you.
Popularity: 7
Farming and agriculture
Popularity: 5
Answer 1It is French for "beloved".Answer 2That's my name.....it means beloved in Itallian and French. It is acosiated with the meaning cared for :) xxoxxoxo
Popularity: 26
Bulgaren and Bulgari are the respective German and Italian equivalents of the firm name Bvlgari. Specifically, the name in question functions as the Italianized surname of the Greek-originating, Italian-immigrating family Voulgaris (?????????). The name originates in the Greek root word for "Bulga…
Popularity: 20
It's a British surname- it just means someone who sells salt.
Popularity: 28
Alex is of Greek-origin and means: defending men, or possibly defending against males, since alexo, the main element in the name, means to "ward off," and andr- means "male."
Popularity: 12
See Related Links See the Related Links for "Variations of name Aarsh" to the bottom for the answer.   There are several variations of the name on the web, including Arsh, Asho (Persian for pure of heart), Arash (Persian for hero), Arch (German for bold, bowman), among others. Aarsh is a wor…
Popularity: 43
Found these:http://www.thechinesesymbol.com/chinese-symbols/for-hope.htmlThe golden daffodil is a symbol of hope!At least in judeo-christian communities a Dove is a sign of hope because after a great flood Noah sent a dove and it returned with a branch meaning the flood was done and it was safe to s…
Popularity: 26
"Dude" is a slang term for a man, first used by cowboys. "Dudette" is sometimes used as a slang term for a woman in surfer slang. Dudes were originally the same as fops - men who dressed in the latest fashion without regard for practical clothing. Cowboys meant this term as an insult - surfers cha…
Popularity: 46
Jackie is used as a nickname for both Jack and Jacqueline. jackie luvz a guy named luis. Lo Amo mUchoooo + k a nadie en la world!!!!!!!@#$%
Popularity: 4
Marley means many things but people say that whoever is named Marley is verry hyper does not listen to directions and is a verry loud singer. for example the movie MARLEY & ME.
Popularity: 29
California's Name Origin Named by Spaniards after Califia, a mythical paradise in a Spanish romance novel that was written by Montalvo in 1510.
Popularity: 68
Meaning is what is expressed by a word, text, concept, or action.
Popularity: 0
Popularity: 2
Charlotte is a very nice name. However, it is an older name and something people don't really name their children these days.
Popularity: 0
Answer Dillon is a surname with several origins. From the Welsh Dillyn, handsome, gallant, brave, fine.
Popularity: 45
Popularity: 14
It comes from the Gaelic names Éirinn and Éire. These are poetic names for an island used in songs and poems. It is often said that it means from Ireland.Erin is a Irish name meaning peace and is a poetic name for Ireland.
Popularity: 20
My Name is siobhan it Means God is Gracious
Popularity: 2
Mark Twin was referring to Swedish Sunset as a metaphor. Swedish sunset (due to Sweden's geographical location) is thought to be one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Hence the comparison. The name Mark Twain means the river was two fathoms deep.
Popularity: 4
because to keep track of the weather and comuitcating with other people
Popularity: 1
Liz is short for Elizabeth, which in Hebrew means "Consecrated to God".
Popularity: 13
yes Rebecca is a very popular name as it is not only in the countries wich speak English but also in other countries such as Italy. It is not the most popular name in the world but yes it is really popular.
Popularity: 3
the meaning of the name Megan means free spirited and very joyfull!
Popularity: 21
Osterhout means "eastern forest" in Dutch
Popularity: 42
The name of the car maker "Subaru" means "seven diamonds" in Japanese, and is the Japanese name for the "Seven Sisters" star constellation (the Pleiades) represented by the logo. The numeral form "7 diamonds" is a name brand of men's clothing.
Popularity: 1
Answer It means fine friend, fair, and handsome.
Popularity: 54
Khalilah is a feminine form of the male name Khalil, an Arabic name meaning "friend".
Popularity: 4
Various Scholars have come to various conclusions, some which are: Star of the Sea cherished, beloved myrrh of the sea mistress of the sea drop of the sea hope to see, to expect well nourished one strong one, ruling one gracious or charming one myrrh exalted one "one loving Yahweh" o…
Popularity: 7
Answer the most common girl name is Ashley the most common boy name is Logan
Popularity: 8
hawt as hell, picks up girls named Safa ;)
Popularity: 23
One Answer: This name was first used in this form by Shakespeare in his play 'The Merchant of Venice' (1596). It only became popular in the 20th century.the name Jessica really mean "he sees" Another Answer: From Latin Jesca > Greek Ieskha >Hebrew YiskahProbably means "confined".but also,…
Popularity: 42
it means an inteligenet, pretty,funny person. It can also mean a gift from god.
Popularity: 0
Quran says: يَا أَيُّهَا النَّاسُ قَدْ جَاءَتْكُم مَّوْعِظَةٌ مِّن رَّبِّكُمْ وَشِفَاءٌ لِّمَا فِي الصُّدُورِ وَهُدًى وَرَحْمَةٌ لِّلْمُؤْمِنِينَ ﴿٥٧﴾ Meaning English translat…
Popularity: 25
hay bearer and goddess
Popularity: 1
"Erika" is the German name equivalent to "Heather" It means "the law maker" It also means "great warrior" in spanish In English it mean "ruler forever"
Popularity: 28
Danielle means 'God is my judge'Danielle is a Hebrew name, and is the male form of 'Daniel', meaning God is my Judge, after the bibles story where Daniel is thrown to the lions. It is the 207th most popular name in the United States.
Popularity: 49
According to the Related Link: Possibly (Greek) "solitary" or (Latin) "to advise; nun". Monika is an alternate spelling for Monica; they have the same meaning. it means adviser or counselor
Popularity: 9
Cheyenne is taken from a Dakotian word meaning "unintelligible speakers". It is also a name of a Native American tribe.
Popularity: 43
Uranus is the ancient god of the sky (in greek mythology). uranus is also a planet... the planet "uranus"
Popularity: 12
it means beautiful, sporty, friendly, charming, amazing, creative, adveturous, and is the best name in the world i recommed you call your daughter or son it (: Answer I Hebrew it means "god is judging (me)" You forgot lier thankyou x it also means a beautiful hot girl that is beautiful and funny …
Popularity: 15
From 1990-1996, Samuel moved between the 30 and 40 most popular names. However, from 1997-2010, it became a top 30 name, and stayed in the 20-29 most popular range.
Popularity: 35