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Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

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The Global Positioning System is a satellite-based navigational system that provides dependable time and location information of a receiver. Maintained by the U.S. government, it is originally intended for military applications and later made freely accessible for civilian use.
GPS stands for Global Positioning System and is a satellite-based radio navigation system. While common use of the term GPS began relatively recently, the system dates back to the 1960s when it was first developed and operated by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD).In 1966, a Presidential Decision …
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GPS SatellitesThere are 30 GPS satellites -- called NAVSTARs -- in place and the oldest one was launched in 1989. These are just the ones in operation now -- another 22 have been launched since the program started in 1978, but are no longer working.The design of the satellites has remained essential…
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YES, technology has come a long way. They can find AND disable it.
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%FOLLOWUPS% There are several devices, BUT, if you can get close enough to attach the device, you can REPO it. You are a tad late on this idea. Theuy are usually installed by the dealer BEFORE the car is sold. Of course, then, they dont need YOU. The device shuts the car off and they drive to it …
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Satellite Navigation The U.S. govt launched satellites that triangulate any spot on the globe and give your location if you have the device that receives their signal. For further clarification, GPS receiver units time a signal sent from a satellite and through the use of extremely accurate clocks,…
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Proper Answer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GPS#Navigation_signals That might help
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Read the owner's manual, the procedures vary.
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Answer Yes, it can be tracked. Just call the manufacturer with the gps system's serial number or the car manufacturer to get info on the gps system.
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Answer DGPS is one of two widely used methods to augment the accuracy of the GPS. Most GPS chips will follow the NMEA standard so that is usually the preferred way of parsing both GPS and DGPS data. Check out the related links for a link to the NMEA GPS standard.
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Yes, because my dad used a GPS while traveling from Florida to New Jersey in a car to make it easier to get from destination to destination. NO! GPS And satellite radio are two different things. They cannot share an antenna. GPS and Radio are on 2 different frequencies GPS, GPS travels on a L1 F…
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Low Cost Home Built GPS Device? I would not even attempt to do this and I am an electronics design engineer. It would involve a satellite receiver and transmitter and lots of custom chips, and there probably is no way to build a low-cost unit compared to commercial units. In other words you would b…
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Tom Tom is one of the most popular brands of the GPS. You will find that Alexandria Morgan, is in the Tom Tom commercial. She is helping with advertisement of the Runner Cardio with a built in heart monitor.
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Using a Navigation System While Walking Certainly, It will work no matter how the unit is used, as long as it has line of sight to at least three satellites. The speed in which it makes corrections is constant and usually several times a second, therefore, whether you are walking or driving it wo…
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Satellite navigation is what it stands for. But it is called a 'GPS'
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Advantages of GPSDepending on what you are using it for, and the rating of your system it could be invaluable.I have a hand held and lap-top connected GPS. The advantages of having either is determining your exact position. While traveling through Albany, GA, I became lost. Looking for a place to pu…
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Answer just so you know, all trucks used to have a full 24 volt system and cars had a 6 volt system so the design is not a nightmare. still a lot of tractors about with a 6 volt system. now a good electrician can connect a 12 volt unit to a 24 volt system if he knows what he is doing it is just …
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I'm guessing that your seeing those letters in the instrument cluster? VDO is a gauge company, thatsupplies Mercedes Benz with some of there gauges, ie. tach, speedometer.
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First, click on this link (from TomTom's support site) and follow the step-by-step instructions for installing TomTom Home software on your computer. Your TomTom should have came with a USB cable that can attach to your computer. Use this cable to connect your TomTom to your computer, and then foll…
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Answer There are many. Try going to Amazon or any other electronics web site. They often have an excellent selection of GPS systems that will fit your price range.
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GPS tracer A GPS system placed on a vehicle have to use a RF transmitter to send its location to a remote receiver so it is very easy to trace with a wideband receiver fitted with a signal strength meter even the local oscillator of the GPS receiver can be picked up by a tracer receiver circuit d…
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The CD player in the back is for audio cds. The navigation CD is located behind the faceplate for the MCS (modular control system). Press the open button on your MCS faceplate and insert the navi CD in the slot close the faceplate by pressing the open button or lift up slightly, then press Navi on t…
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Ha! Good question. There is no reason for an altitude readout on a marine GPS, except for the possibility that the GPS might have been designed as a dual-purpose or cross-purpose unit. A hand held GPS can easily be used on a boat, for hiking or geocaching, or in an airplane. A fixed unit could be us…
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Cheap GPS trackers can be purchased from stores such as Walmart or Target. They can also be purchased from electronics stores such as Best Buy.
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it was invented in 1993
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Answer In aviation, a flight engineer is a member of the aircrew of an aircraft who is responsible for checking the aircraft before and after each flight, and for monitoring and operating aircraft systems during flight. The flight engineer usually has a background in aircraft maintenance and may …
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if you've got tom tom go 720 or 730 the memory card is sandisk SD ultra II,try to get one on e-bay (it does not matter if it's a second hand one it can be erased anyway)
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Depends on the contract/agreement between the car owner and the company. If you made and agreement with the company and the company puts the GPS unit in your car you have to discuss the privacy matters which will be raised when they will track the car when you are off-duty... Every General Motors…
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Check the owner's manual. Typically you get about 3 tries to enter the number, then you have to drive 5 to 10 miles without turning off ignition to get another 3 tries.
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Answer From the back of the rj11 plug, it is R, B, O, E
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Both. Increasing the gain is like driving a dumptruck down the street, but its going to cause alot of damage. Increasing the gain on your antenna can hear everything like putting a horn to your ear, but you risk damaging your ear drum.Similarly, boosting the gain on your transmitter can result in ja…
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Buy one.
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yes. There are cell phones for children which have this feature. Check with your local carrier.
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Answer The first patented clothes peg issued in March 1832, described a bent strip of hickory held together with a wooden screw which proved to be totally impractical. Rain or even dampness would cause the screw to swell, rendering the pin inoperable. It took 21 more years for an improvement to e…
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it is very hard to fix a nav. first check the CD/DVD in the navi unit. is it correct one and in good condition. note. no burned ones, and make sure region and area is all good. if that is good it is most likely a bad navi unit. make sure no one disconnected the power to the navi unit either upluggin…
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An iPod can only be synced to one iTunes Library at a time (each computer has a different library). This means that, if you want to change the computer you manage your iPod with, it will need to be re-synced to the computer in question. To do this, connect your iPod to the computer you'd rather ma…
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Just get a new gps at radioshack or similar store...the screens are bigger, smarter and cheaper..... Older versions will not work in newer, and not all dvds are the same from one model to the next. Once a newer version has been installed in a drive, it will not be able to run the previous edition.
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MP3 = MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3 MPEG = Moving Picture Experts Group, which develops standards for digital video and digital audio compression
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GMSK for GSMGMSK is used in GSM because it provides good spectral efficiency.i think 8-psk modulation is also used..... for edge hardware.Well the reason GMSK is used for GSM.1. High spectral Efficiency2. Since Basic MSK uses Phase variations for modulation so better immune to noise.3.Use of non-lin…
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GPS units operate on a number of different "channels" or frequencies, some of which are under development and some of which are not used by "regular" GPS units. The principle operating frequency of the GPS system is 1575.42 MHz. That's 1.57542 GHz or 1,575,420,000 cycles per second.
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USAsuport@nav-cam.com Tel: 866-268-8515 (Toll Free) 9am-5pm US Central Time Monday-Friday this phone number no longer even rings anymore!!
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I have TomTom 910 in USA, (and I have one in the UK). Access to the battery is behind the front screen but the plug is under the circuit boards. 1) Remove 4 screws under ends of rubber strips on back. (All screws are Torx number 6) 2) Remove back cover. Front frame around screen comes off easier …
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A GPS (short for "Global Positioning System") is an electronic device that measures its distance to three or more satellites to determine its precise location. There are 24 such satellites in fixed orbits around the world. All of the satellites are perfectly synchronized, and send out digital radio …
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A good gps system has allot of great features such as a traffic watch were they lead you around traffic to get to your desolation faster
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Any GPS device will work anywhere on Earth. That is, if you have a good battery in it, it'll accurately show your longitude, latitude, and elevation. But there may still be a few countries that won't let you bring a GPS into the country with you.
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Answer Your can go to http://www.lweshop.com/ , the website have more artice about av in gps.
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check the fuse panel and the fuses
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NAV stand for Net Assets Value. It represents a fund per share market value. NAV is the market value of the assets of the scheme minus its liabilities. Buying and selling of fund is entirely based on NAV price For example, if a fund has assets of $50 million and liabilities of $10 million, it would …
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A programmable logic controller (PLC) is basically a microprocessor (digital computer) that is used to control machines or electromechanical devices, or to automate industrial or manufacturing processes.
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Answer 2001 montero limitedYes you can 2001 to 2006. I have a 2002. All you have to do is move the thermostat controls to the lower din. (if you are planning to install a double din navigation sized unit.) If you are installing a one-din unit where the screen pops out you can leave your controls in …
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it is based on the Medieval era that very few people left their own village and only with permission of the local Lord, know we live in one big village the world, only a few leave aka space and only leave the nation with permission aka passports.
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Science has made our world so dirty ,the industrialists are throwing their waste off in rivers, lakes and other water bodies.Science has made our lives so easier that we are not taking care of anything, anyone etc. We are putting all around atom and hydrogen bombs, are we all realizing the real impa…
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Answer Yes, the 3D position is provided if there are four GPS satellites in view. The first grant for TIMATION, the main source for GPS, came from NAVAIR.
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Instruction Manual for SkyScan 8731 See the related links for the manual that works for the 87315 model. Follow the directions! Set your time zone, then set the clock manually. It took a full day for my clock to actually update itself, so don't get discouraged if it doesn't right away.
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Answer There is no way to solve the problem. Because of the high power of the CB transmitter and the low power of the satellite signals, the CB signal clips the GPS receiver, and it can even damage your GPS. More The CB and the GPS unit work on entirely different frequencies, to be sure, but …
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maybe soon ,here is the page i bought my car gps. They have specilized in manufacturing auto parts for several years.the price is much reasonable than others,and also satisfing quality Hope it may help U How to choose a good GPS navigation system,where can I buy a good quality car gps at lower pr…
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Answer The Magellan 3100 already comes preloaded, the USB cable is only for updating the firmware. ******************** 23.12.2007 ******************** More information on how to tweek your Magellan 3100 here: http://www.gpspassion.com/forumsen/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=102368 http://forums.anandte…
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send it to these guys http://www.fonefunshop.co.uk/repairs/tomtom.htmYou can change the back light.If you need parts you can buy them from satnavrepairservice.com
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Answer No. You will need a external transmitter with a suitable antenna.
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In GPSs, reliability is the quality of the connection you have to GPS satellites.
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There is no charge. There isn't for the GPS in my car, anyway
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Old trench periscopes worked by using two mirrors to bounce light from one place to another. A typical periscope uses two mirrors at 45 degree angles to the direction one desires to see. The light bounces from one to the other and then out to the persons eye. If there is an object in front of you,…
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GPS or the Global Positioning System was invented by the U.S. Department of Defense (D.O.D) and Ivan Getting, at the cost of twelve billion taxpayer dollars. The Global Positioning System is a satellite navigational system, predominantly designed for navigation. GPS is now gaining prominence as a ti…
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Light enters the top of the scope through a glass panel. It hits a mirror situated on the inside of the scope (which is in effect a long tube) The image hitting the mirror, which is angled down reflects the image to another mirror situated on the bottom of the tube. This image is reflected to the ey…
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Many.... You can track and locate any or all of your equipment mobile or stationary, verify time on job or equipment usage. Verify employee time, instant notification of theft or engine start-up, track equipment hours for maintenance and many other business needs.
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Not sure which company actually built the first GPS hardware, but the GPS system was first developed for, and used by, the US Military (US Department of Defense) in 1973.
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yes it is possible > Nope, not possible ! Electronic detonators are activated by an electromagnetic wave coming from an emitter. GPS devices are only receivers captating signals from satellites ; they do not emit anything.
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Us dod
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Science is a curse because teachers will make you learn this stuff even though you will probably never use science while flippin' burgers at McDonalds
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25% is reflected off of clouds.6% is reflected off of the atmosphere.4% is reflected off of the earths surface.
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Sure....Just go to the GM website and follow the instructions. You will need you VIN number from your vehicle....here is the link.... https://www.gmnavdisc.com/overview.do;jsessionid=8794909DEF4791F6AC03E345793C4922
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GPS Satellites There are currently Twenty Four Satellites orbiting the Earth, three are needed to provide latitude and longitude. To obtain altitude, four are needed.
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Oceanographers work on the ocean and some work in land and some work in laboratories.
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Advantages:-fast speed-leads u in right direction-helps improve mapping skills-makes navigation easier-has panic buttons built in-you can be found easier if in danger or in accident-plugs into your car cigarette lighterDisadvantages:-cellular devices can track other cellular device users- not very c…
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Answer What model device are you using? TomTom One 3rd Edition
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As the sun's rays heat up the earth, the radiation hits the atmosphere. Then the radiation heads back to the sun.
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true science is not a curse it just depends what you do with your findings
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Latitude ... and longitude too ... are angles. In principle, any angle unit may be used. But these particular angles are virtually always stated in terms of degrees, along with either the classical subdivisions of degrees ... minutes and seconds ... or else common decimal fractions of degrees.
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Someone could track your phone :/
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The Navy project TIMATION began in 1964. It provided the technological basis for GPS (accurate clocks on the satellites updated from secure ground stations, satellites in circular orbits in mid-altitudes - 8 or 12 hours preferred).
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A topographical map of Costa Rica may be found at the local library. Libraries have many atlases to choose from that also have topographical maps.
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To stop unauthorised use or taking of equipment (or persons).
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Answer Yes, a GPS is working independently, but you will not be able to send your coordinates without the cell phone.
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To detect the location of enemy or other thing.
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Tracking Devices are Used By EVERYONE ! - Cell phones Have Tracking Devices - Visa Cards They Monitor Whom has Been WHERE & WHEN - Banking Activitys -Health Cards - Sin #'s -Internet EVERYTHING , some way & some how CONNECTS To tracking Down Someone / SOME THING / or Some place
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Answer The military uses that system to guide bombs, missiles, and projectiles to a target. It can be used in map making, navigation, exploration, and even on golf carts to tell you how far it is to the green on some golf courses. GPS's are used to help people find the way they're supposed to …
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global positioning system
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1993 was when the air force or something created it.
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What is a Tombolo?
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Unconfirmed sources say that Mr. Welch invented GPS. Until further research, however, we should consider... Roger Easton was a contributing individual among a group of individuals including Ivan Getting, Colonel Brad Parkinson, James Buisson, Thomas McCaskill, Don Lynch, Charles A. Bartholomew and …
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Tom DysonThere is a Tom Dyson who is a member of the Daily Wealth and True Wealth research team. There's not another financial writer with a more proven contrarian view. Tom made his first trade age 12. The stock returned 300% in less than 9 months. Since then, Tom has worked on a bond trading …
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Hindi nyo po alam bhla na kyoHindi nyo po alam bhla na kyo
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in war it can be usedto look around corners
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Ponyta will evolve into Rapidash at level 40.
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