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Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling (30 December 1865 – 18 January 1936) was a British author and poet. He is best known for his works of fiction The Jungle Book. In 1907 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.


Interpretation often depends on you, the reader, but people  generally read it as a colonial commentary.
That we should not blame anyone
Rikki Tikki's Actions foreshadow his final conflict with nagaina when Rikki tikki kill Nag.Then Rikki tikki break all the eggs and show it to Nagania(WENT IN HALL AND KILL NAGANIA)
The White ManÃ?s Burden is a 19th century poem by Rudyard Kipling  that implied the act of colonialism was the noble responsibility of  European and Americans to help the natives of these countries to  rise up and better themselves. The poem, in general, referred to  the period of colonization...
Alliteration is a series of words that start with the same letter.  The Hyaenas has very little true alliterative content. The line,  "That they and their mates may thrive" has the highest number of  words starting with the same letter.
He eats man and is also afraid of them.
when you have much money dont forget your friends or poor people.
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her name is Shawnty and she is one of the main characters in the jungle book 2 mowgly's storie. she is probably 12 or 13 years old. she seems to be a very goody two shoes and has a good freindship with Mowgly.
The original Kipling characters    Akela (the lone wolf),   Raksha (wolf), "protection" in Hindi;   Father Wolf (wolf)   Baloo (bear)   Bagheera (black panther)   Ko (crow)   Kaa (python)   Hathi (elephant)   Hathi's 3 sons (elephants)   Tabaqui (jackal)   Mang ...
Elsie Kipling was 80 years old when she died, not 90 as stated on this site.
He wrote the Jungle Book.He wrote the poem "If".He wrote "Just So Stories" for children.He is the youngest ever recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature, and was the first to receive it for writings in the English language.
Yes he had three children, Josephine who died of pneumonia at 6, Elsie who died of natural cause, and John who was killed at war at 18. Rudyard Kipling was married, in 1892, to Caroline "Carrie" Balesteir until his death in 1936. She passed away in 1939.
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He received the Nobel Prize of Literature. He rejected nighthood
A group of friends gather for a new year's party when a drunk  friend ends up destroying a shrine owned by monkey worshippers.  This person (Fleet) is attacked by one of the cultists in  retaliation and he ends up having a craving for human flesh leading  on to a great tragedy.
what one word was his best word
He didn't attend college. He did however attend the (oddly named), United Services College, which was a prep school for boys aged 13-16 intending to enter the military
yes, but the most mentioned character is mowgli, who is a human. but most of the main characters are animals in the book. i dont know about the movie
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Racism, the difference of two cultures
Because he was bored that day and just remembered an insperational speech his father gave him, and so he wrote it from that.
The British poet Rudyard Kipling wrote a poem in 1899 about theUnited States and the Philippine Islands. He urged the USA to takeup the burden of empire that had been done in empires of theBritish and other European nations. The poem was widely criticizedfor a defense for imperialism. It also was...
sher caan the tiger tries to kill mowgli
Rudyard Kipling was an author and poet that wrote about British Imperialism and it's greatness. He also told stories of the British Soldiers in India.
I dont know but it is such a good book
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  Mother Wolf is feeding her cubs when she and Father Wolf hear the tiger Shere Khan attacking some humans. Father Wolf goes to investigate and hears something approaching through the undergrowth. He prepares to spring at the intruder, but as he does so he sees that it is a naked baby boy, or as...
Wwas a male jackal that lived in the jungle. He fed on scraps from either Shere Khan or the wolves of the Seeonee Pack
Yes here it is: If I were hanged on the highest hill, Mother o' mine, O mother o' mine I know whose love would follow me still, Mother o' mine, O mother o' mine! If I were drowned in the deepest sea, Mother o' mine, O mother o' mine I know whose tears would come down to me, Mother...
Yes. He married Caroline "Carrie" Balesteir on January 18th 1892
more books by her are the funny little woman
Rudyard Kipling has no direct descendants. His daughter, Josephine died at age 7 from pneumonia. His son, John, died in WWI at the age of 18 without ever marrying. His youngest daughter Elsie died childless in 1976.   William John Rouse
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no there is not a jungle book 3
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"Kim" first published in book form by Macmillan & Co. Ltd in October 1901. But Kim was published serially by McClure's Magazine from December 1900 to October 1901 as well as in Cassell's Magazine from January to November 1901.
Yes!! he had 2. one named john and one named Josephine
Rudyard Kipling speculated that his treatment at the hands of Mrs.Sarah Holloway who boarded children of British Nationals living inIndia may have instilled within him the desire to write. Herbullying technique of â??gathering truthâ?? from a child of 7 or 8necessitated him learning to...
Rudyard kipling won the noble prize for literature
The background in which the poem is written it is addressed to Kipling's young readers. The poem is part of the children's story collection Rewards and Fairies, as a companion to the story 'Brother's Square Toes' which is a description of George Washington and his leadership qualifies. Hence, the...
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the man was a black slave from africa who was carrying his white master,his name was Fenian Mandela
he has a little sister named alice kipling
The Title- As a word, If suggests the idea of conditional fulfillment, as reflected in the statement: If you work hard you will do well. That is exactly how the word is used in this poem. Fourteen Ifs begin the conditions that can make one the master of the Earth and a perfect Man. The assumption,...
The Jungle Book - by Rudyard Kipling
That europeans were responsible for educating non-civilized people.
I love h20. And rikki is my favorite character. I also want to be like her. Here is what I fave been doing, Get lots if red shirts and undershirts Braid your hair at night Do a mermaid spell Act tough
here the children are praying to god to enable them to serve theircountry .children are saying that their love and hard work wouldnever change towards their motherland in the coming years when aregrown up as citizens of india. whenever the children will call god for help god would help themwitout...
Apparantly the schooner the film is set on was the "Henrietta", a genuine Grand Banks fishing schooner, and after the film was made it was sold to a Bostonian called Pete Sawyer who held a seagoing masters ticket - this prior to WWII. He apparantly then used her for scientific expeditions to...
Rudyard Kipling was credited with reviving the short story in English literature
one day a high summer flood washed rikki tikki out of the burrow where he lived. then he found himself in the garden path very draggled, and that is how he got to the house.
A wolf. He's Akelas sucesor.
No Rudyard Kipling is dead.
Richard Adams wrote Watership Down , Rudyard Kipling wrote The Jungle Book , Jonathan Swift authored Gulliver's Travels and Dodie Smith penned The Hundred and One Dalmatians .
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In the book, he ran away and wandered to the jungle.In the Disney movie, he and his parents were on a boat in the river. His parents drowned, and he in the basket confusingly got on the land. I don't understand The Disney movie way, but the book way made much move sense.
Alice MacDonald. One of the four famous MacDonald sisters who are famous for marrying rich men!
He wants to stay in the jungle. But as soon as he's in the man village, he wants to go back to the jungle.
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Short story, novel, children's literature, poetry, travel literature, science fiction.
Who ever said "No dummy" is an idiot, he had parents, and his parents had siblings, and he had children, and his children had children, however i'm not sure if his sister had any?. Although I am related to Rudyard Kipling. :)
The Jungle Book, written by Rudyard Kipling, was authorised by Mary Carey.
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Kipling wrote it because after the World War1, people suffered alot. People got tired and confused. The Gods of the CopybookHeadings represents wisdom and virtue. Kipling writes the poem to encourage people to be the wise people.
  He wrote it about Dr Leander Starr Jameson who led a defeated rebellion against the Boers. This turned out to be a disaster as it led to the 2nd Boer war, but Jameson was portrayed as a national hero and the defeat as a victory in the British press.
  He was sent to school Southsea, England when he was six. Then sent to a military academy in North Devon when he was 13.
this poem is a noble piece of inspiration because everything that is said in the poem can be related to reality.
the poem describes how the white race is superior to all others.
Rudyard Kipling's (Joseph Rudyard Kipling) popular poem IF was first featured in "Rewards and Fairies," which was published in 1910.
== Answer i ==   An imperialistic poem published in McClure's Magazine in February of 1899, By Rudyard Kipling.   == Additional ==   Born in British India in 1865, Rudyard Kipling was educated in England before returning to India in 1882, where his father was a museum director and authority...