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C.S. Lewis

C S Lewis is well-known for his philosophical writings as well as his fiction. He has written in several genres, and for children and adults. Some examples of his works are 'The Chronicles of Narnia,' 'The Great Divorce,' 'Mere Christianity,' and 'Till We Have Faces.'


the lion,which and wardrobe"is a part of a set of stories  collection called what?
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No. RL Stine did.False, the Author of the Goosebumps books was R.L. Stine.
C. S. Lewis married Joy Gresham twice. The first time was a civil ceremony on April 23, 1956, when he was 57 years old, but the purpose of this marriage was to allow her to live in the U. K. The second time he married her, which should probably be regarded as his "real" marriage, was on March 21,...
Some include Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings
Albert James Lewis and Flora August Hamilton Lewis
Yes , it is called "The Dark Tower"
This question is a bit too general to answer - but I suggest that you try Googling C S Lewis and going to the sites that brings up. Alternatively, you could provided a clearer statement of what you want
Most likely, for writing The Chronicles of Narnia (especially The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe). During his life he was very well-known as a Christian apologist, also.
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University College, Oxford.
The following novels were written by CS Lewis: . The Pilgrim's Regress . Out of the Silent Planet . Perelandra . That Hideous Strength . The Great Divorce . Till We Have Faces: A Myth Retold . The Screwtape Letters
C.S. Lewis wrote The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe in the winter of 1949 and it was published in 1950. Although it was written first, it is the second chronological book in the series, after The Magician's Nephew.
It seems C. S. Lewis had a conversation with J. R. R. Tolkien about dehumanizing trends in science fiction, and he decided to write Out of the Silent Planet as a result of that conversation. He agreed to write a book about space travel, and Tolkien one about time travel. Tolkien never finished his...
No. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was written by Lewis Carroll. CS Lewis is best known for his series The Chronicles of Narnia.
C. S. Lewis lived in England for all of his adult life and enjoyed traditional British cooking. In his letters, he writes about enjoying kidney pie, bacon and eggs, ham, bread and cheese, tea, and, of course, beer! In his book The Four Loves, Lewis confesses that he loves to eat ham and eggs in...
This occurred early in his life when the family dog was run over by a car and killed. Jack announced that he wanted to be called by the dog's name "Jacksie", which was shortened to Jack. IMHO it is much superior to "Clive", his real first name.
what is his favourite animal
He received the medal for the The Last Battle, one of theChronicles of Narnia series.
yes his mother died of cancer when he was only nine years old
No - not a all. For example, he published "Letters To Malcolm", a very Christian book, after his wife (Joy) died. Also, you may wish to read the book "Letters To An American Lady", where some of his personal letters before and after Joy's death are printed. They display a robust Christian faith,...
He started writing as a child because he fell in love with the stories of Beatrix Potter and he never quit writing.
CS Lewis was married just once, and he married quite late in lfe.
He was a Christian and a member of the Church of England
CS Lewis was born in Belfast in 1898 and lived the first ten years of his life there. He was then sent to a private school in England. Lewis always considered Ireland his childhood home - when he married late in life (at age 58) he took his wife back to Ireland to see his "home country".
CS Lewis was partial to the music by Wagner, although (in general) he liked classical music.
The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is about the journey taken on the ship the Dawn Treader.
Yes, according to C.S. Lewis and Christian Theology--"In the End"--God allows the Rebel souls to have their way. God permits the Rebel Soul to have his free will to choose what he wants for eternity and the Rebel Soul chooses something other than God.So, "In The End" The Rebel Soul has a kind of ...
He was a devout Christian and a member of the Church of England. Try his book "Mere Christianity" to see what he considered the "core" of Christian beliefs.
yes he was married
I think he wrote the magicians nephew 1830 or 1840.
he lived for 64 years and nearly made it to his 65th birthday.
He wrote books and took care of his stepsons when his wife Joy Daividman died of cancer? I Guess that's the answer but if that didn't help you I'm VERY SORRY
Not much...but probably helped people understand meanings of the bible more, since the Narnia series is an allegory based on the bible
Lewis wrote it in his home, the Kilns, in Oxford. He may have also done some work on it in his office at Magdalen College of Oxford University.
Digory's actions are a good place to look for such examples. For instance, he is the one who wants to try jumping into the other pools in the Wood Between the Worlds to see if they lead to other words. He also is the one who reads the inscription below the bell and decides to strike the bell in...
When Aztlan was missing he was found by his brother and sisters.
Whilst C S Lewis is most famous for the Chronicles of Narnia, he wrote many more fiction and non-fiction works. Fiction works include: "Pilgrim's Regress", an unorthodox take on John Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress", but which was based on his own experiences with his departure from and return to...
John F Kennedy died on the same day as C. S. Lewis
It's tone is casual or familiar, as it was adapted from a series of radio addresses given on the BBC by Lewis. However, it's arguments for Christianity are very thorough and sound.
CS Lewis was not eligible for a Newbery Award. He was not an American. And he did not live in the United States.
CS Lewis has written about 58 books
He died at the Kilns, his home, in Oxford, England
No. After he was converted to Christianity as an adult he became a member of the Church of England and remained a member there all his life.
The basic thrust of this essay is that humans have no right to expect that life will make them happy, and especially that there is no "right to happiness" that permits you to break moral codes to make yourself happy. One example that he uses is a married couple where one of them, say the wife,...
C.S. Lewis wrote The Chronicles of Narnia.He also wrote a short series of three books known as the Space Trilogy: Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra (aka Voyage to Venus), and That Hideous Strength.
There are really isn't one. But I would say all three of the kids.
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An interesting book by C.S. Lewis, in my opinion, is " The Magicians Nephew.
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the Magicians nephew , the loin witch and the wardrobe, the horse and his boy, Prince Caspian ,voyage of the dawn treader, the silver chair , the last battle
Yes, they were. Tolkien helped lead Lewis back to Christ and theystarted the group called the Inklings together.
The C. and S. are Lewis' first and middle names. They stand for "Clive" and "Staples".
No, Clive Staples Lewis died in the 1960s.
There are many different solid spirits mentioned in "The Great Divorce" by C. S. Lewis. These spirits represent souls that have moved from the physical world to Heaven.
JRR Tolkien was actually involved with the conversion of CS Lewis, being greatly influential in CS Lewis becoming a Christian.
The writing group that C. S. Lewis was a part of held the title "Inklings". The "Inklings" were a group of writers, including Clive Staples Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, Lewis' brother, and many other writers. They met at a pub and shared their writings with one another.
Clive Staples Lewis was often called "Jack".
His pet horse which was also called Bree
It was a total of 4 years.
He has written about 58 books
all I know is that C S Lewis was raised a christian and was provoked into atheism by a particular quote regarding worldly suffering (i can't remember what it was) - he was reconverted to Christianity by college peers, i think.
cs Lewis's mother died of cancer when he was just ten years old, in 1908
His most famous work is probably The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.
CS Lewis's novels come under the genre of Fantasy.
The Screwtape Letters is a novel written by C. S. Lewis that is so named because it is a collection of fictitious letters written by a powerful demon to his nephew.
Irish writer, novelist, and essayist
C.S. Lewis was born in Northern Ireland but spent the majority of  his life living in England.
c,s lewis's career was book writing
C. S. Lewis wrote Till we have Faces in 1956. Later in his Life he said that this novel was the favorite one he wrote, out of around forty others
Douglas Gresham was C.S Lewis' son. (actually Gresham is his step-son)
The setting in C.S. Lewis' 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe,'takes place during the World War II blitz of London. The childrenhave been evacuated to a large, unfamiliar house in the Englishcountryside for safety, so are already taken away from what isfamiliar to them. In the strange new home,...
he died in his house " The Kilns" and he died 7 days before his b-day. he died on November 22, 1963 and he was born on November 29, 1898 in Belfast, Ireland.
One of C. S. Lewis' closest friends was J. R. R. Tolkien.
He thought about what it would be like to walk into a world with talking animals and magical lands.
Although he was not religious earlier in his life, he later joined the Church of England and became a very devout Christian.
C. S. Lewis met with a group of other authors, including hisbrother and J. R. R. Tolkien. They often referred to themselves asthe "Inklings".
Since he was a Christian, I imagine.
Pictures can be found online under his name.
C. S. Lewis is no longer living.
C.S Lewis died November 22, 1898 you are unable to contacted at all. Tough luck isn't it?
C.S. Lewis passed away 22 November 1963 .
No. He was from England.