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Launched in 2007, “Poptropica” is an online game designed for children ages six to 15. Players can play games, travel, and compete with each other. The game now has more than 75 million registered users.
There is a arrow and you move the arrow and click.
I heard that you have to get all 6 parts of the torn picture andmatch the positions of 8 facial features, however you may have tolook at other related questions..
Once you complete the scooter chase, you can get the package at the museum that sends you to Early Poptropica. There is no key until then, so looking in Early Poptropica won't help. Once you get the message from the Curator, go to Early Poptropica and find her in the Pop Art Museum there.
Shes name is Black Widow and you get her in the investagation house! thx!
If it is triangular, area = height x base/2 = 5 x 6 /2 = 15centimetres squared.
Behind the exit of the underground tour.
You will find a pair of the mind-control rabbot ears in thePreparing Room. In the processing room, go right to the door thatsays "Drones Only". When you try to enter, a trap door drops youinto the machinery area. Make your way through the smashers andsquirters to reach the upper left, where you will...
Travel there on the blimp. There is actually a separate emulationof the island that you can visit. Meet the curator at the bottomleft inside the Pop Art Museum.
There are 6 pieces to find : . City Docks : top of the mast on the fishing boat . City Docks : sand by the Underground exit . Museum : on the roof . Museum : in the supply room . Underground : in the domed archway (climb the wire) . Moldy Baguette Inn : near the roof at the top right side
Just look at the other pictures around there and match them up! Youknow which ones are in the wrong place because a little hand willappear if you put your cursor on it. it's really not thatdifficult.
Go back to the Processing Room and free the drones from their rabbot ears. Then try the door to the Launch Room (Drones Only). You will find a pair of the ears to wear once you have dropped through the trap door.
The weird robot in jail explodes and you get the green fuel. To get in jail, hold the queen hostage. Just Kidding. All you do is go to the princess's crush's (his name starts with an M. I don't remember it. Sorry) old hideout. (There should be a robotic owl there.) Push the wall on the far left and...
Go into the windmill and you will find a platform. click on the bag of poo and then the platform will go away into the mud. jump on the platform - you will find an alien ship. put the fuel rod in, then type in the code (not the one from the paper, get it from the king.) Then you'll go to the moon -...
well first of all there is no ganster mine in poptropic.
Get to the basement by clicking on the Mcm shelf and the moldycheese is down there then go back to the mouse and put the cheeseon the floor and grab it.
Of course you can play when you are a new person... There's nothing stopping you! When I was a knew person I could play. I don't think it said in bold letters "NEWCOMERS CAN'T PLAY"...
Are you sure? Check your spelling. You get the command when you free someone from their helmet and they show you the paper. Then you put it into the computer and guide the bunny into space rock!
Dit is mogelijk te wijten aan het feit dat er soms veel mensenplaatsen vaak bestellingen en als zodanig bij de maximale zorg niet wordt genomenvan de bestellingen kunnen worden omgewisseld of soms de verkeerde dingen kan worden gegeven.
You hide in the trees! that is how you hide from the security girl!
On the Underground Tour, there is a high arch with a light bulb hanging down. Climb the wire, and jump to the right to get the picture piece there.
Not likely but it could happen
I don't know I played it when it was new so that stuff didn't exist. Try looking up a poptropica wiki. There has to be one out there with its popularity. Then if it's sorted by islands (or worlds i dont remember) skin through its contents until you find what you're looking for. Good luck!
Rabbit Behavior . Rabbits are verycommunicative and social and you can learn a lot about your rabbitfrom watching his body language. Visit the fascinating site TheLanguage of Lagomorphs to see photos and find out manyinteresting things about bunny body language. Below are someobservations about...
That lady in the place that sells carrot like food (the resturant), you know the one with the 80's hair style, she has milk. You get the bowl from the house and make her fill it with milk by pointing a gun to her head. Just Kidding. Ask her nicely.
Hi, I'm glad you asked about Poptropica! When I needed help I alwayswent to poptropicahelp .net because they have simple wordedexplanations, video tutorials, and pictures that I'm sure will helpguide you along! Don't forget that you can always search on youtubeand your preferred search engine ...
*You have to call Vince with your cell phone. His number is carved into your shovel, but here it is anyway: 555-6789. He will go into his tent searching for his phone. While he is inside, click on his bag. You should find a piece of Moonstone. Got to the top of the sphinx and go to your inventory....
You don't defeat the investigator -- Black Widow, an art thief, isposing as the investigator to steal The Scream. When you find thepainting in the investigator's cottage, she captures you and takesyou to her underground lair. (see the related question)
On Astro Knights Island, the small key opens the locked hatchbeneath the bales of hay on the farm near the mill. Push them apartto use the key, and you can enter Mordred's secret undergroundlaboratory. (Use the mechanical mouse to lure the robot owl back into the lab.)
Maybe complete the mission
Go to the far right end and talk to the conductor.
Collect the 6 torn pieces of the Dragon Face (2 at the docks, 1 atop the museum, 1 on the inn, 1 in the underground by the light bulb, 1 in the supply closet when you get the museum job). When you leave the museum after getting the last piece, it is night time. Go to the underground exit at the...
Go to the native in the tree and get what he needs then find thecannon and feed the shark
You take out your magic watch and turn the big hand to the twelve,and the little hand to the three. then you chant, "The beauty ofthe wonderland is now behind me." Three times. While you do thisimagine you are at home (or wherever you wish to be.) Side note: This works better if you are eating...
On Pixlr you press on the rope and trace over the item you want toswitch with and the once you have done that you go to the otheritem you trying to switch and do the same then you swap both
What you have to do is get all of the missing\ torn pictures andyou have to go to the docks at night and go into the undergroundtunnel and you have to find the ladder with 1 step broken, andclimb it. at the top there is a thing that you have to click on.then, you have to copy the dragon picture,...
this is just my opinion, but i think skullduggery island exceeds all the others by a lot
Hang on to the lamp above it.
No. it was cancelled June 15 2008
Hi I'm Danielle Emily Gray. Yeah, I know this one's real hard! You basically want to defeat her, by not trying to run into her green power laser thingies. You wont get it the first time, but try try again! You'll get at it. It took me five times to beat her. Who knows! Maybe you'll beat my...
Take good pictures for Big Zeke.
first, you go up to the painting on the wall, (pull the corner off) and theres the SCREAM! take it back to the inspector in the museum, she will tell you to look for the time, go to see the mimes, they will start to whistle, then go in the clown shop, ask the officer the last question, he will give...
You need the Laser Lance from the flowers below the landing pad. On the jungle planet, you must first recover the Laser Lance from the surface, which is down among the metal "plants". It is in a narrow spotlight just right of the landing site. Once you recover it, use the springy metal flowers to...
no there is not sorry i already finished that island so yeah
Balloon boy just flys off over the rainbow. He doesn't come back. You don't beat him. You see him on Reality TV Island on a TV in the TV Store.
Episode 1: Into the Deep Upon arriving on the island, you'll find that a filmmaker named CamJameson needs your help! Cam needs you to shoot underwater scenesfor a movie he's making. Click Start, and you'll automatically go talk to him. He'll giveyou his Sea Creature Files . Open up the files...
when your by the castle place keep going to the right your mousewill change then saying "go right" keep going right and the millthere also in the mud there will be the space ship. extra: secret Mordred's place is in between the 2 hay stacks.toenter the Attic from the mill jump on mill make the...
the answer to the question is it is the black thought you beat the black widow but you didn't.she is indeep in the sky on poptropica on every island you are on but you can't reach her.but even if you won the gold medalion you did not win the counterfeit island.i hope that answers your...
In order to power the Hoverboard, you need to go to the Mill. Talk to the man nar the 2 hay bales. He should give you a bag of manure. Go to the Hoverboard and go to your inventory. Click the Manure card and then click "Use." The Hoverboard willnow power up and carry you across the mud. Your welcome
The heavy door is meant to keep things out, like invaders. Also youhave a better way of escaping while under attack
I don't really think this is a question, I think this a statement
Yes. You must defeat all three planets to continue the quest. (see related question)
You climb the window shelves or use your other surroundings to climb up the building and plus it really depends on what island and the altitude
just click on him and he will foat up his mom will run to get him (he wants a green ballon from bobos clown store)
First you need to get the mask from the old lady at the end of the road. Then you must wear it, approach the guards, and the rest is a piece of cake!
The red-haired guard you meet at the Museum is at the Clown Store after the painting is stolen. The female guard is in the Security Room. Slip past her at night to enter the museum. The next day, get the timecard from the guy guard (at the Clown Store) and take it to the Security Room in the museum...
You just go to the county prison, and then click on the blonde lady in the white lab coat. Ask all of the questions that appear, and then after you ask the last question, which is 'So the criminals have super powers?' she'll give you green anti- power handcuffs.
On the train. For one of them.
by catching all the bad guys and before that talk to the nerd inthe comic shop
The final battle of Astro Knights Island is against Mordred and his robot suit. When you have beaten the three planets, and have all three knights with you, travel to the Giant Asteroid near X-11 Y-80 and pull out the Golden Key. Go to the bottom of the crystal gate and you'll see the Princess....
Sure.If you're a girl trying to be a bearded lady, I don't think it will work because i' ve tried. But, if you're a boy, I think it might work, but I haven't tried it as a boy. If you see another character, like, there's some guys with beards on Astro Knights island, so click on the green shirt icon...
there is something like it ,but you can not fly or go to different island.
When the baby sharks is in the moms stomach, sometimes they eatthere siblings.
wait until u get mail from the curator then go see her.
Torn Picture Piece Locations City Docks: look up on top of the mast on the fishing boat City Docks: lying in the sand by the Underground exit Museum: outside on the roof dome Museum: in the supply room Underground: in the domed archway (you need to climb the wire) Moldy Baguette Inn: outside...
I think technically they probably can. But I do think that most county animal control people like to see a happy resolution with the owner. Since I don't know the details of the case it's very hard to be more specific. They may take into account the nature of the violation. Most agencies would...
Take the lie detector test and you will be released. The painting was stolen after you were arrested, and the police are seeking the thief. Get the timecard from the museum guard, who is at the Clown Store, and go to the Security Room at the Museum to review the surveillance video.
Yes, I live on the just outside Birmingham AL and I found a blackwidow today while working on my house.
No, not in real life. In Poptropica, it is.
You have to go in the museum and go ask the (Assistant Curator) AC. then he says you need to fix the paintings
Ireland Holman 7, and Trinity Holman 10.
It is located on the island of Djurgården.
It is there. Go to the "Lewis and Clark" time (1805 AD). Climb tothe top of the big tree, where a squirrel (beaver?) goes up anddown with the stone bowl on his head . Jump just before hepops up to get the bowl. The "signaling bowl" goes to the left side of the Great Wall ofChina (1593 AD).
you can just have fun and monk around, meet new friends, look at stuff and more.. but i dont know me cause i didnt finsh.....
You don't. The glass has his fingerprint and you use that to unlock a door on the roof of the BAD Control Center.
It is underneath the tortoise at the Kaya Forests. You need to go to Blue Nile Falls, Giza, and the Mountains of theMoon before you can get the Ebony Elephant. 1) get the Blue Lily from the left side of the waterfall 2) swap the Lily for a desert turban at Nabooti 3) wear the turban and go to the...
just go on you tube and type in poptropica cheats for counterfeit island. and then you can cheat on it.
Learns about Lucie and Charles Darney's marriage.
Use the attached x-ray scanner to see the hidden message under the painting. You then go to Early Poptropica island, to the Pop Art Museum. The curator from Museum Fantastique has a key for you.