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Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus was an Italian navigator who sailed through the Atlantic Ocean and reached the American continent in 1492. He was not the first explorer to reach America but he established permanent contact between the Americans and the Europeans.
swords,and other things they made because they did not have much back then
Christropher Robin had two main obstacles on the way - one was that the clouds on the horizon often looked like islands and there was often floating thick reeds which would slow them down.
He would be very old, in fact he would be 559. (If you don't believe me, do this simple calculation 2010 - 1451 = ????)
Christropher Colombus , was on a conquest to find Japan and had actually gone westwards from Spain , and what he discovered was actually Cuba in the West Indies and he had thought that Cuba was the Indian name for Japan.
Columbus Day is celebrated in the United states in October. In2014, Columbus Day will be on Monday, October 13th.
He didn't. In fact he was off of Flordia.
slaves of native origin americans, banana, tobacco,potato...canabis
He found North America (which Spain didn't know about) and broughtback gold and stuff they didn't have in Spain.
He killed them, chopped off one of their hands when he didn't bringgold to Columbus, and wrote in his diary they would make goodslaves. At first he wasn't sure they were human.
He didn't find it. Cocoa comes from South America and Mexico and was never in those regions. Spanish explorers brought it back to Europe along with corn, tomatoes, and other things.
He never was north. All of his voyages were in the Bahamas.
Well Christopher Colombus didn't sail in the two smallest ships. Those were his brothers who were sailing them. Christopher Colombus sailed in the SANTA MARIA...
Christopher Columbus landed on Guanahani Island, Bahamas, whichlocated southeast of Florida, on October 12, 1492. But actually hewas searching for India and believed he actually found it.
During his first voyage in 1492, he reached the New World insteadof arriving at Japan as he had intended, landing on an island inthe Bahamas archipelago that he named "San Salvador". Over thecourse of three more voyages, he visited the Greater and LesserAntilles, as well as the Caribbean coast of...
Vikings in the 11th century, but the never established a colonythere.
Columbus was never involved in the triangluar trade. There is about 200 years difference between the two.
He didn't. This is a fable. The ancient Greeks knew it was round.
He wanted to sail the deep dark ocean to get to china or spain
700 islands are there in the archipelago of the Bahamas,cannot believe you out there did not know that.
It depends on how you mean the question. If you are referring to the city of Columbus, NO, it is a city inOhio. If you are referring to the explorer, YES, Christopher Columbus isburied in the floor of the Seville Cathedral in southern Spain.
colubus came to America with three ships returning with 2 on another voyage
Yes, he kept a diary of his thoughts and travels. He wrote in Spanish and today these are located in Madrid. He wrote on Friday, Oct 12, 1492 " In order that they (the Tainos) might feel great amity towards us, because I knew they were a people to be delivered and converted to our holy Faith rather...
He was the first of the European invasion of North America andbrought old world disease to the New World. He wrote in his diarythat he thought the Native Americans would make good slaves.
He didn't because he never got to the continent. He was only in theBahamas.
Sailors. Astrolabe. Books. Pens. Pencils.
He attended Prince Henry's school of Navigation. He was from Spain ( not Italy) and was a cabin boy at about 12 years old.
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he thought by sailing west he could get to Asia which was east of the map.
No changes. He did very little and wasn't where he thought he was.The contributions of Columbus has been overly exaggerated. He was afailure and a greedy mean man.
Christopher Columbus landed disputably in North America, some may say Central America. However, he still landed in the Americas and though he was in India; he named the Native Americans the name: Indians.
He called it San Slavador. Well, he was said to have claimed it, even though there were people already living there who had already named the island. So yeah, he called it San Salvador...
The Santa Maria is located in Santiaguito, Guatamala
The King is Head of State, that is, he represents the Country of Spain ceremonially to the rest of the world. He is also the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. The Head of Government, the person in charge of the government, is the Presidente del Gobierno Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.
The Latinized spelling of the explorer's name is Columbus .In the original Genoese Italian, his name was Cristoforo Colombo.
Diego Columbus, the Portuguese explorer and navigator, was born onPorto Santo Island in 1479. He died in La Puebla de Montalban,Spain on February 23, 1526.
No. He found an island name Hispaniola and never knew about the North America mainland.
He was searching for a shorter route to India so the cost of trade could be cut.
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.
Christopher (fill in the blank) Columbus
No. He was only on the East Coast of the Americas.
Cristoforo Colombo is an Italian equivalent of the English name "Christopher Columbus". Specifically, the masculine proper noun Cristoforo means "Christopher". The masculine proper noun Colombo translates as "Columbus". The pronunciation will be "kree-STOH-foh-roh koh-LOHM-boh" in Italian.
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Christopher Columbus sailed to America in 1492.
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Yes him and is expedition went on a sail to Asia and then prooved that Columbus was wrong and Vespucci was right. (my work here is done: A+) WOOT WOOT! (p.s i got an a on this answer so that means its right)
Christopher Columbus invaded the Americas in 1492. He is creditedwith discovering America but this is false as Amerigo Vespuccidiscovered the Americas.
He took ten men and women back to make them slaves.......
Nothing. They did have a man to repair the ship if it was needed, but they had enough to do to sail the ship.
Christopher Columbus departed the Spanish coast on August 3 of 1942for his famous voyage. After a stop at the Canary Islands, the shipreached what is now the Bahamas on October 12.
Spain, France, England, and Portugal.
He didn't make it to the Indies and only was at sea for 36 days when he landed on Hispaniola.
christopher columbus. names dont change across languages.
many years ago........ there was an argument that the world might be round but most people still thought it was round!! But now scientists believe that the world is round!
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Christopher Columbus first landed on an island in the Bahamas. Hecalled the island San Salvatore. He called the people Indiansbecause he thought he'd reached the West Indies.
Columbus never believed the earth was square, in fact, the myth wasthat he believed the earth was flat. However, in truth, Columbusdid not believe the earth was flat. Ancient Greek mathematicians,Pythagoras and Aristotle, proved the earth was spherical in shapebased on the shadow of the earth on the...
He discovered America
Absolutely nothing because he failed to explore what he thought was the Orient.
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Round. Want proof? Find a picture of Earth from the moon. In 1969 a Earth Rise photo was taken showing the Earth in space.
Christopher Columbus was married to Filipa Perestello e Moniz from1479 until her death in 1485. He never remarried, but had agirlfriend named Beatriz Enriquez.
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Christopher Columbus was a navigator.
Christopher Columbus discovered New Land for European Settlements.
money to support his voyage
I don't kow the answer. If an African sailor helped Columbus navigate the ship to America, do you know who he was?
No. It turns out that those are the ships that survived! All three ships made it to the New World on October 12, 1492. As for the rest of the voyage... "In November [1492], the Pinta disappeared in a strong wind. On December 25, 1492 (Christmas Day), the Santa Maria ran aground and was completely...