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Tamil Language and Culture

Tamil is a language predominantly spoken in southern India and some parts of Sri Lanka. It has been used for over two millenniums, with literature dating back to 3 BCE.
1. Chennai   2. N.S.C(Chengalpattu)   3. Coimbatore   4. Salem   5. M.R   6. T.T   7. T.K
you can say either aamaam or sary. aamaam is used when you are asked a question. sari is used when you are saying ok to a person
Ungalukku enna aachu?
SathiyaBama University, Kalaisalingam University, Annamalai  University and more...These are most popular engineering colleges  in Tamilnadu... You can also check with Coimbatore location it will  be good.
tulasi is known as basil leaves
What else.. == Aparam enna..? or aparam ( used while chatting)
She is a good dancer and has her own establishment. She is Avery beautiful and active person settled in Chennai.
Type your answer here... Tamil naadu thiraippada iyakkunargal sangam,4th street,kumaran colony,vadapalani,chennai,elected committee members...president:bharathiraja,vice president:vikraman and sasimohan.secretary: rk selvamani,joint secretaries:linguswamy,ameer,ekambavaanan,tk shanmugasundharam...
i dont knw please say him number
"Coracle" is the English name of the Tamil word "Parisal".
Just by the way of thinking and way of treating opponants, deeds and dareness, "Vaanjinaadhan" (வாஞ்சிநாதன்) is commonly known as "Tamil BhagathSingh."
The caller tune can only be obtained by buying a soudtrack cd. Different codes will be posted for different phone models in a small sheet attached to the CD Case. Paiya's songs have been topping the charts even after one year of its release.
madurai is a second largest city in tamilnadu........madurai metro is over1700000 population at 250km area.city is over14laks population at 109.9km.but the corporation is over 9.29lak at 58km in 2001 census .madurai not get major industries so the growing rate is low compare to another metro cities...
Madurai.Madurai - City - View of Madurai Nickname(s): Athens of the East, Thoonga Nagaram Madurai Coordinates: 9.919662°N 78.119393°ECoordinates: 9.919662°N 78.119393°ECountry IndiaState Tamil NaduDistrict Madurai districtGovernment• Mayor V. V. Rajan ChellappaArea• City 248 km2 (96 sq mi...
Ajith Kumar is a Tamilian. His filmography is very impressive, as he has been around for many decades. His image has revolved through the ages to blend with youth interests.
Tamil Nadu is itself a state in southern part of India. If you mean districts, there are 32 districts in Tamil Nadu.
i want address of karthik and i want to be frieand.
நன்றி (nandri)
first tamil book (cathrila)in roman font was printed at lisbon, portugal on 11-02-1554. refer www.devasundaram.com
madurai meenakshiamman temple.
pretentious. I have found the answer, psychophant is a right word
Yes.. It was the last song of Kaviperarasu Kannadasan..
sugar sickness.or sugar sick.
s he knows to speak Tamil
Nagtataglay ka ba ng anumang problemang pangkalusugan na maaring humadlang para ikaw ay makapag-trabaho sa Dubai?
  There is no software, program, or pattern that transforms songs into HTML.
Tamil people always follow the word give respect and take respect and also helping others with good human beings. As all the entire people for the future world environment.
nichyam varuvaar veru uruvatthil rajabakshevai poda thamil eelam pera
Learn about the friendships of this area. You can use the  information that you find in order to write the paragraph.
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அரிசி (arisi) - rice.
Nan Unnai Kadhalikiren
  == Answer ==   How to tell it is not palsu?   Minta lebih banyak informasi. Request additional info:   Angsar? Mystical energy qualities? Tangguh? Date of Manufacture? Pande siapa? Who was the keris-smith? Berapa Luk? Undulation number? Genis Dapur? Blade classification? Ukiran...
== ==   no you cant get them anywhere
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Watch this link for more tamil guitar chords and leads http://www.youtube.com/user/vjseafarer Movie Ko , Song Venpaniye Guitar leads http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0i99UtQH2-Q&feature=c4-overview&list=UUvo7Qz2Ggny7XQKmpgbKqTg
i don't now can you teach me now
sappittayaa? sappitteergala?
For a long time it was difficult to get a comprehensive Tamil to English dictionary. In recent years though thanks to the Internet, you can access high quality translators for free.
As you may have discovered, Tamil is such an ancient and beautiful natural language - not just evident in the way it is spoken or written but the whole philosophy and art inherent in the language itself. It's easy to fall in love with the Tamil Language and culture; not to mention the landscape of...
I think it is "poy to varin".
kapil sibble is the education minister.
Bangaram means Gold      If the person asked this question is a kannadigan... then the Bang  Aram is the letter for gold in Telugu... Kannada and Telugu have  same word for gold.
To be Tamil you must have parents of a Tamil background. BE PROUD!!!
what is master of commerce in Tamil called as
Niruvanathin Nadathai / Amaippin Nadathai
" madhiya unavu saspteergala?"
All Tamil christian churches
Naam idhai thirumbavum seiyya maataen. naan idhai marubadiyum seiyya maataen.
What is brazil nuts called in hindi
i dont know how many townships available in tamilnadu. but I know two townships in tamilnadu 1- Neyveli - Controlled and Maintained by Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC), an unit of BHEL 2- Kailasapuram - Near Trichy - this is also known as BHEL township
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Let me answer the last part of question first. It is really an excellent game to play this game gives you a lot of movements that related to real life activities. But you need to be very strong in order to avoid serious injuries. This game is not a power oriented game it is a reflex, intelligent and...
Father in Tamil is Appa
Answer . Hi,. Hindu Festivals : Diwali, Pongal (Sankranthi), Ganesh Chaturti, Mahashivratri, Vaikunta Ekadasi, Holi, Chitra Pournami, Tamil New Year Muslim Festivals : Ramzaan, Bakrid. Christian Festivals : English New Year, Ash wednesday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday. Hope this helps
pathariya kariyam sitharipogum or patharaatha kaariyam sitharathu
Government of Tamilnadu approved the Tamil New Year as it was in ancient times of Tamil civilization in    14th of January every year! which is called as the starting of the month "Thai"