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Tamil Language and Culture

Tamil is a language predominantly spoken in southern India and some parts of Sri Lanka. It has been used for over two millenniums, with literature dating back to 3 BCE.
Kalavaram or kuzhappam
It is called Sahiya Sodanai சத்திய சோதனை. I couldn't see download, there is a link to buy the book in the related links below.
AMMA...mother is called AMMA in Tamil
tuli- drop, tiny quantity tooli- cradle for babies made of cloth hanging from ceiling.
Tamils live all around the world. Here is a list of official. 1) India - 60,793,814 (2001) 2) Sri Lanka - 3,092,676 (2001) 3) Malaysia - 1,392,000 See the related link for further information.
Not particularly, it's north of the Equator.
Cheers in Tamil would be சியர்ஸ் or ciyars.
20% of people in TamilNadu are from Mutharaiyar community
Answer . Actually, I think it would be oneteen and twoteen. Eleven and twelve come to us from Old High German through Old English, and the beginnings of the words are related to one and two. einlif (ein meaning one) is the Old High German for eleven, and zwelif (zwe for two, which became twa in...
Nan A,P lirunthu varuhiren
"Document in Tamil" :)
I believe that Athi Palam is Fig and not Apricot.. The Tamil word for Apricot is Saara paruppu.
Vera yaaru?
There is an app called Fublish where you can read the Rajesh Kumar Tamil crime novel books, below in the relates links is the download link for the app in Apple and Android Store.
udara vidanam உதர விதானம்
\n. \nsample maths question paper\nand previous year question papers
yes, மன்னிப்பு (mannippu) it defines as: To forgive.
Buva Salvi also known as 'Shankarrao'.
there are many ways to say it. Eppadi sugam? - are you well? Eppadi irukira? / Eppudi Irukiringa(l) (informal/formal) how areyou? Sugama? - feeling good? நலமா? - Nalamaa?
yaaru(who is) andha(that) ponnu(girl)?
1st - illay thalapathy vijay 2nd - ultimate star ajith 3rd - rockstar surya
enathu makal 10 varai padithu ullar
what was make ur first care
The atmosphere is the mixture of gas molecules and othermaterials surrounding the earth. It is made mostly of the gasesnitrogen (78%), and oxygen (21%). Argon gas and water (in the formof vapor, droplets and ice crystals) are the next most commonthings. There are also small amounts of other gases,...
nan tamil nattil piranthavan
The Tamil name for pecans is "cuvaiyāṉa." Pecans are not commonlyused in Indian cuisine like peanuts and almonds, but they aregaining in popularity.
there are many ways to say it. :P most popularly used: Thaathaa (தாத்தா) (mom's dad) ammappa , Thaathaa (dad's dad) appappa , paadanaar
First , you control your otiose spending money from your hand
chumma can be used for "just kidding",or "just for fun".
Enakku ungalai pidikkum
amaithiya irukka mudiyuma?
malai's name - mountain's name
Because that's where mostly paddy fields are located. So when they have majority of food supply being rice, naturally food items made from rice becomes their staple
how do you write 1 -100 in tamil
Dread - Dhigil (திகில்)
Alagum,Arivum udayavan.... :)
St.johns vestry anglo indian higher secondary school
There are no known holidays for Bharath Bandh in Tamil Nadu.
in tamil it called as "Mathi Kavalai"
Tarragon is Paragon's cousin sister
There are two halves of 20 minutes each for men. and for women team each half contains 15 mins.
Words and phrases, when correctly translated, mean the same thing in all languages.
marandhu paitiya (pronounce- Ma-ran-du pai-ti-ya) :P
காலையில் நல்ல (Kālaiyil nalla)
Soul - Aanma Spirit - Aavi Body - Udal
amma our amma her name is jayaliathai
Informal way to say "Did you have your tea?" : Tea kudichia? pronounced: tea koo-ditch-ee-yah or in chennai they may say: tea sapitiyaa? *saapitiya actually comes in did u eat, but it isn't proper for drink , but commonly used in tamil nadu.
Answer . If you are referring to reading Tamil fonts in a browser of Windows 2000 system, then see http://thatstamil.oneindia.in/common/unicode/help.html
The second largest district in Tamil Nadu is Viluppuram.
depends on how u wanna say it. like in an informal way of "when are you going to study": "Nee eppo padikapora?" formal/respective way: Neenga(L) eppo padikaporinga(L) (sometimes the "L" isnt pronounced when spoken formally)
I do not know his residential address but his office address is Sri Petla Puri Jagannath M/s Vaishno Academy Plot No. 591, Road No. 31 Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad 500034
vijay surya ravi karthi srikanth prithviraj
The question is somewhat misleading. If your question is, "How many students are selected for IIT from Tamil Nadu IN A PARTICULAR YEAR?", then the answer is: There is no state-wise quota for selection in IITs. The selection is based on marks scored in Common Entrance Tests. If, however, your...
Most celebrities do not publish a way to contact them personally.It is best to contact their fan pages in the social media.
Amethyst is cukantiyum in Tamil.