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Tamil Language and Culture

Tamil is a language predominantly spoken in southern India and some parts of Sri Lanka. It has been used for over two millenniums, with literature dating back to 3 BCE.
Tamil is the language the people of Tamilnadu speaks..
Kattuvasi in Tamil: Near equal words could be: "Residents of Forest". OR "Forest man" or rudely "Rough & Tough Person & un cultured".
Vadakku is North in Tamil.
before 200 years,before so many religions called saivism,vaishnavam and some other
Vandu is Tamil for beetle in English. Beetle larvae can be  differentiated from other insect larvae by their hardened, often  darkened heads, the presence of chewing mouthparts, and spiracles  along the sides of their bodies.
  No. GD Goenka Public School is located in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. GD Goenka World School is located in Sohna, Haryana. Some other franchisees of the school are due to open but none of them are in Tamil Nadu. For more info: gdgoenka.com
from all indications , Enochian is the common language of the angels and was around long before humans were around. to date, no one can determine how old Enochian is but it is believed that this was the language Adam and Eve spoke while in the garden of Eden and after being cast out they...
 aaj tum kya kar rhe ho
  Erode District is the largest district in Tamilnadu.   Second Largest is Coimbatore District   Third Largest is Vilupuram District   Smallest District is Kanyakumari District(Nagercoil), If we dont consider Chennai.
Tamil Music is presently called as "Carnatic Music" which means the music of the land which is full of huge rocks.
tamil name of wild yam
    The ArutperunJothi Ramalinga Adigalar, popularly known as VALLALAR, the Great Munificient, may be regarded as the foremost of the saints and ages of the nineteenth century, considering the heights, widths, depths and intimacies of his integral realisation of the Divine in all the "inmost...
Tamil is a language spoken predominantly by Tamil people of South India and north-eastern parts of Sri Lanka. It is the national language of Sri Lanka and an official language of Singapore and Mauritius.
Pressure Cooker= "azhutha sootadupu"
You might be able to learn when the school will reopen through media such as television, radio or the Internet.  If you cannot find out that way, you may need to call the school.
  if someone there has a computer then yes.
No. He's from Uganda
gautham is the name for a perfect naughty child . this name is for a naughty , good and funny person
she speaks four languages. Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, and English
South Arcot is a former district of India that was located in Tamil Nadu. It is impossible to say where the block development officer is situated for Kullanchavadi Panchayat union because the district no longer exists.
Translation Guide is a website that will translate languages to and from Tamil. Translated is another website that provides a Tamil translator. These websites also translate other languages.
The film Sathyam is about an assistant police commissioner, named Sathyam, tracking a mysterious criminal who turns out to be the police officer who inspired him to be a police.
There are many radio stations that offer live streaming of Tamil songs and radio stations. Some of these include Hello FM Chennai, Ilayaraja, Tamil Live Radio and UDM4.
There are many different websites where one can download Tamil songs free of charge. Therefore, there is not necessarily any cost to download these songs.
Tamil matrimony helps you find your life partner on line. You fill in your information and the site searches for a good match. It is much used in India.
Traditional Tamil stories in English language can be found at Amazon, Chapters, and Ebay. There are also a few Tamil short story plays that can be found on You Tube, they are worth a watch.
The language which is the closest major relative of Tamil is Malayalam.
Tamil language was originated during the interval of 9th century.
They speak English so it's the same, if you mean in French, another prominent language in Canada-so state.
I need you - Enakku nee vendum
Saffron - Kunguma Poo (in Tamil)
Scallop is "kadama" in tamil
Please revise. This came through as coding. Delete this comment,  adjust, and resubmit. Thanks!Witch hazel in Tamil is "cūṉiya vakai  kāṭṭu ceṭi." It is also used as an astringent in southern India and  northern Sri Lanka where Tamil is usually spoken.
First of all, 'Abhishekam' is NOT Tamil word, but Sanskrit word. The actual word in Tamil for it is... "Thiru Mulukku"The English word for it is... "Anointment."
Tamil comedy is a type of comedy that is produced in the Tamil Cinema. It is an Indian comedy that is featured in Tamil films and stand-up comedy acts.
India won both the men's and women's 2012 KabbadiWorld Cup.
Actor vijay sethupathi caste
Tamil peoples : 60%Kannada peoples : 30%Others : 10%wrong data. 2011 estimates of Bangalore was worked out to be 7.2 Million, Tamils forming 35% followed by Kannadigas 28% ( Tamil Thigalars also included), Telugu 15%, Urdu or Hindi 10%, Malayalam 7% and Others 5%.
  "Neha" is a Sanskrit girls name which means 'loving'.
There is no exact equivalent word or phrase in English for pudhu manai pugu vizha புது மனை புகுவிழா . It can be translated into English as "Housewarming ceremony". .
The translation of parrot from the English language to Tamil is "????". Another name for parrot in Tamil would be "????". If translated in English, this would be a polly.
There are two words that can be used to express "pity" in Tamil. The first is "_______," which is phonetically written as "Irakkam," and pronounced "ee-rok-kam." The second is "____," which is phonetically written as "Tayavu," and is pronounced "Tie-a-voo."
Tamil Nadu is the name of a state located in India. There are several forests located there with different names. They include Velli Malai, Amerthi Forest and Muthapettai Mangrove Forest.
The translation of the world forest from English to the Tamil language is "????". In English, a similar name to forest would be woods. The translation of woods from English to Tamil would be "??????".
The name for sunflower in Tamil is "___________." There is no exact way to transpose the Tamil letters to English. It is written in phonetics as "C_riyak_nti," and pronounced as soo-ree-ah-kaan-ti.
== Answer ==   i would try downloading Limewire, and then try to download your band from there. Limewire is excellent for finding many many songs!
You can get free Tamil songs from a variety of locations. You can try promotional sites from the latest Tamil movie and song releases, or you can try Tamil forums and torrent sites.
The Tamil Cinema is located in Chennai, India. They produce feature films in the Tamil language. Most of the movie studios are located in Kodambakkam.
There are many reference places where one can find information on a Tamil song. Try visiting such websites as Tamil Tunes, Paadal Varigal, Tamil Wap and Isai Tamil.
who is the Tamil nadu transport minister Mr.K.N.NEHRU
Online Google offers a free to use translation service. It is able to translate English to Tamil. Amazon has a good selection of English to Tamil dictionaries and phrase books.
One can listen to songs from the Tamil film industry in a variety of different places online. Songs from the Tamil film industry can be found at Music India Online or at other sites such as Youtube.
It stands for "welcome".
 from a poet called thiruvalluvar  
The meaning garnish in tamil is something (such as parsley) added to a dish for flavor or decoration
In tamil we call it "uttachathu"
புளி (Puli) is Tamarind; புலி (Puli) is Tiger.