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Robert Burns

Robert Burns was a celebrated Scottish lyricist and poet (1759-1796) and is considered as Scotland’s national poet. He is best known for his poem “Auld Lang Syne” and “Scots Wha Hae” – one of Scotland’s patriotic songs.
Nowhere because he died in 1759.
Robert Burns revered nature, which reflected in much of his poetryand songs. After farmhand John Lambie, tore up a female fieldmouse's nest then chased her, intent to kill her, angry Robertstopped him, threatening to beat him. Still troubled by the event,the next day he penned "To A Mouse." "But...
Robert burns thinks were are all the same. :);)
he lived in Dumfries for most of his life because he is cool and he thought he would get allot of inspiration
Of Mice and Men is the novel written by John Steinbeck . The title of the novel is taken from a Scottish poem 'To a Mouse ' by Robert Burns.
No, Robert Burns was not alive during Queen Victoria's reign. Robert Burns died in 1796 and Victoria was not born until 1819, becoming Queen in 1837.
Mostly it was poverty. He had a big decision to make: whether to go to America and become an English poet or to remain in Scotland and become a Scottish poet. He was very poor at the time and the decision was not trivial.
From "To a Mouse", one of Burns' best known and best loved poems, first published in the Kilmarnock edition of his works. "The best laid schemes o' mice and men Gang aft a' gley" These lines were the inspiration for the title of John Steinbeck's 1937 novella, "of Mice and men."
Robert burns lived in a village called Ayr.
robert burns had 12 kids 2 sets o twins moms name was Agnes Browndad name william burns. dont know kids name but one named maxwellwas born on the day robert died on july, 21, 1796
he got married to Jean Armour in spring 1788.
Robert Burns was born on January 25, 1759.
Burns met Jean Armour at a wedding (not his or hers) in Mauchline in 1784
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Robert Burns Woodward was born on April 10, 1917.
Robert Burns Woodward was born on April 10, 1917.
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He was a Scottish POET!
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Meaning of ' the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry '. Answer 1: The most carefully prepared plans may go wrong. Everybody makes plans for the future, but often to those plans do not work out. No matter how carefully a project is planned, even though we...
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Robert is played by famous actor Rob Lowe.
Robert Burns married Jean Armour in 1788.
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He Have one Award and I think it's humanitarian Award.
He was berried in st. Michael's church , in dumfries
at a market fair held in maybole high streetin 1756 where willian burns met and fell in love with agnes boune
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Polytechnic Institute of New York, BS, 1980; Columbia University, MS, 1981.
Auld Lang Syne. Translates to: Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?
The names of Robert Burns's parents are William Burness and Agnes Broun.
There is no name for the Cottage. It is just bult in Alloway and is still there but is now a muesum anyone can go and see it . Thanks x
Robert Burns lived on a farm so he couldn't live on a street. : )
Timorous Beasties are from the poem Tam O`Shanter by Rabbie Burns
He worked as a tax collector. Writing poetry was his hobby.
"The fower wunds" was given to my eight year old son by his teacher to learn for the burns day celebrations. I don't believe for one minuite that it was written by Robert Burns, First I cant find any mention of him having written it, second, It mentions "grannies" and from the context I take it to...
He was married to Jean Armour from August 5, 1788 until his deathon July 21, 1796. He did, however, have three other children byother women, both before and during his marriage.
Although his fiancee Jean Armour lived with him in Edinburgh, they were married in Mauchline where her family lived, on August 5, 1788. (She had already had two pairs of twins by Burns: only son Robert survived infancy; his twin sister Jean was born and died in 1786, twin girls in March 1788...
'In memory of Robert Burns who died the 21st July 1796 in the 37th year of his age '
aloway ayr Scotland tarbolton ayr Scotland mauchline ayr Scotland
He was 15 and his first poem was a maiden and her man
Ayr United or Kilmarnock. Burns was from Ayrshire
Jenny Geddes was Robert Burns horse. The horse was named Jenny Geddes after an Edinburgh women who had famously defied James Hannay, Dean of Edinburgh by throwing a stool at his head. She was upset at the Anglican book of common prayer being used as opposed to Church of Scotland teachings. There...
BORN IN Alloway,AYRSHIRE IN SCOTLAND.lived and died in dumfries,ellisland farm
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Robbie burns had nine children!
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Robert burns achieved writing poetry he wrote his first poem when he was 15
Robert Burns was born in 1759. For the first 23 years of his life it was against the law for Scotsmen to wear a kilt (the Dress Act of 1746), unless he was in a Scottish regiment. It was repealed in 1782. Also, the kilt was the dress of the Scottish Highlander, not the Scottish Lowlander, and...
Scotland's, Robert Burns earned his living as an Exciseman, tax collector. In 1786, his only book of poetry POEM: CHIEFLY IN THE SCOTTISH DIALECT was published. He would not accept money for saving Scotland's treasured songs such as "Old Lang Syne."
i think they had about 14!!!!! The parents of Robert Burns were William and Agnes Burnes. They had seven children, four boys Gilbert, Robert, William, John and three girls Agnes, Annabella and Isobel.
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When Robert Burns was married he was 28.
"Scots Wha Hae," in honour of King Robert the Bruce's Scottish and their victory over England on 24 th June 1314. Scots, Wha Hae. Scots, wha hae wi' Wallace bled, Scots, wham Bruce has aften led, Welcome to your gory bed Or to victorie! Now's the day, and now's the hour: See the front o' battle...
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"Green grow the Rashes," "My love is like a red, red rose" and "A Man's a Man for A That"
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His parents wanted to call him that & he came from a strong traditional Scottish family & Robert was a strong name. .
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I'm not Scottish but they celebrate Robert Burns' life on Burns night
his friends do his funeral in Spain when he was coming to Spain and died they decided to do there