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James Patterson

This category is for questions about the author James Patterson. Patterson is best known for his "Alex Cross" and "Maximum Ride" book series.


Yes, he has already finished the sixth Maximum Ride book and it is presumed that he is currently writing the seventh. He has a few series' going on, Daniel X, Alex Cross, Maximum Ride, Witch and Wizard, etc.
place of birth Newburgh, New York
no, not yet maybe he will die dramatically maybe he'll die of old age as of the 14 th book
No, Daniel X is a novel, made up by its author James Patterson.
Florida he says it in all the books maximum ride great books James I'm his wife sues goddaughter so I know where he lives he lives in palm beach Florida and it's right across from the ocean and they have a guest house that was owned by Paul mccartny and they also have a place in new York they also...
James Patterson family.
Are you sure you want to know? Scroll down for the ending A level 5 hurricane hits the Uber-Director's building as the flock is being auctioned for a half a billion dollars. A lot of dramatic flying through the air happens and they end up in the eye of the storm, then fly out once the storm dies...
Well.. no. For one, Robert is British. & for two, it's Robert Pattinson, not patterson.
the murderers husband was the famous author, nicholas janks. but in the end he was the one who was really behind everything.
From prior to 2003 to 2009, James Patterson has written around 63 books. If you go to this website you can see all the names of his books and the years they were published. http://www.jamespatterson.com/books.php
Seposely, James Patterson used to work in a hospital and had a lot of free time on his hands. He never really read before but with so much free time, he started reading. He then found out how wonderful reading was and started writing stories hopping that young kids, teen and adults will learn to...
He has not died yet.
No idea when it's coming out, but it's called Gift. Hope that helped
The Gift, the second book in the Witch & Wizard series, was released on December 13th , 2010. You can view the first chapter and more on Barnes&Noble.com
I'm not quite sure...but in The Angel Experiment ,Christianity was involved when the flock went to pray in thechurch.
He rarely writes his own books. He provides outlines to other people and let's them write.
In 3rd Degree by James Patterson, Jill Berhardt dies. She confides in the girls that her husband has been abusing her, and is later murdered (But not by her husband).
Jack Patterson is 15 because i checked it on chuchu
The eighth book is scheduled to be called The End of Maximum Ride.
absolutely nowhere believe me i checked.
Along Came a Spider, Kiss the Girls, Jack and Jill, Cat and Mouse, Pop Goes the Weasel, Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Four Blind Mice, The Big Bad Wolf, London Bridges, Mary, Mary , Cross, Double Cross, Cross Country, I, Alex Cross, Alex Cross's Trial, Cross Fire
James Patterson used to work long hours in a hospital. He never used to read before but with all his free time, he starting reading. He had come to loving it and to show the joy of reading to everyone, he started writing books.
james patterson's son is not named arie his name is jack and he was born in 1997 so he is 15 thanks alot for changing my old answer who ever you are
no, as far as i know, they have gills, can fly, and the can cook a mean lasagna. :)
4 brothers 3 sisters 1 wife 2 children
Daniel's little sister in Daniel X is named Brenda but nicknamed Pork Chop. She often annoys Daniel and is apparently a big fan of sarcasm. Daniel has to 'create' her along with his parents and friends. Daniel realizes in the first book that he often 'creates' his sister because his mother was...
James majored in English and earned his BA at Manhattan College in 1969 and his MA in English at Vanderbilt College in 1970.
The movie hasn't been cast yet. James Patterson wants new actors and actresses to star in the movie
James Patterson resides in Palm Beach, Florida, New York andBriarcliff with his wife and his son.
He is in the advertising business and has coined the phrase 'Toys R Us Kid'.
Well, if you want me to go into DETAIL, which I might, so hang on... well, Fang is about Fang, really. Max and the flock are in africa, helping starving kids, and fang and max are like boyfriend and girl friend, but the flock doesn't like it. Soon, Max gets kicked out of the flock and Angel leads, ...
James Patterson has one son, Jack Patterson. He is 18 years old(born 1988).
In 2009 sold 14 million copies of his books in about 38 diffrent languages, and has sold more since then. He has definetly sold more books than anyother author, and holds the world record for the most books sold!
he won the Edgar award in 1968
James Patterson lives in Palm Beach, Florida.
not sure but he live in florida.
the angel expirment, schools out forever, saving the world and other extreme sports, the final warning, max, fang
Yes. He has a son named Jack
Yes he has a monkey
James Patterson, the author, has only been married once and is still married to the same woman. His wife is Susan Patterson.
one hundred years in solitude by Gabriel Garcia
yes he has just written the adventures of Daniel X and witch& wizard
Periodical basically means it happened in different stages or periods. I.E He killed one man and then another two weeks later and then a third two days later. It was periodical.
1976 - The Thomas Berryman Number . 1977 - Season of the Machete . 1977 - The Jericho Commandment (published again in 1997 as See How They Run ) . 1980 - Virgin . 1986 - Black Market (published again in 2000 as Black Friday ) . 1988 - The Midnight Club . 1992 - Along Came A Spider ...
in 2008, his wife was 51.her name is Sue.
James Patterson wife is 10 years younger that him.
Yes but it does not dominate the series. There is romance between Daniel and Dana through all of the books and some romance between Daniel and other girls in certain books. Although to provide clarity Daniel is not cheating on Dana.
You can read a sneak preview of Angel by James Patterson at the link below.
Not yet he's not.
MAXIMUM RIDE THE ANGEL EXPIREMENT read it, its the best book ever(:!
The Lake House is a strange romance with love letters exchangedbetween a lonely doctor and an architect that used to live at theLake House.
No, they are two separate people and two separate authors.
No. As of today, his wife is still alive.
there very populars! so popular there the best books in the world (my opinion)
probably for us young kids.
Maximum Ride is a very interesting and a great series by JamesPatterson. The series goes in this order; The Angel Experiment Schools Out Forever Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports The Final Warning Max Fang Angel Nevermore
As of today, 30 July 2012, James Patterson is still alive and well.
No - you are thinking of Katie In London, part of the million-selling "Katie" series (which mostly feature stories about famous paintings). They are published in the UK by Orchard Books
Golf, reading, playing cards, and writing
three hundred seventy four pages.
well if i remember right he started with a book about max and friends because of his other book but it kind of took off from there.
James Patterson wife is white just like him.
When the Winds Blows and The Lake House are two of many books of James Patterson that are not part of a series.
James Patterson has had 105 books published to date.
Can't tell you or it would spoil it for the readers; well, heres how it goes..... READ IT FOR URSELF!
James Patterson doesn't write books, he writes outlines. He then gives the outlines to ghostwriters that then write the books under the 'James Patterson' name. After publishing James Patterson receives royalties and from that pays the ghostwriters a flat fee for their work. In short, he writes for...
James Patterson wrote Maximum Ride.
Spoiler ** Some themes of the novel: Family - in particular sticking up for/with them (applies to both Bennett and the Teacher) Affluence - especially snobbery that hides an ugly side (eg Erica and her parents. I like the line 'it costs a lot to be rich'. Erica's mum domineering behaviour...
He likes to write books. But in his spare time, he loves to play golf with his friends
I believe so. but will not be realised until 2012. Believe me i wish it was sooner also