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Jerry Spinelli

Jerry Spinelli is an author of fiction for young adults. He has written books such as Maniac Magee and Stargirl.


will, tabby (tabitha), mi-su, mrs.kelly, BT, dad and mom of will, jim,
yes he is. he gives numerous examples through his writing that he believes that there is a God.
Stargirl Publication Date: 2000
He changes his ways and doesn't do what he did when he was younger.
Jerry Spinelli is a well known author of books for adolescents. Heis currently working on a new book and lives with his wife Eileenin Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.
Jerry Spinelli is Christian. But I am not sure what kind.
this book is about a young kid named zinkoff and his family. this kid zinkoff is VERY different from every other person
His style is using lots of descriptive language and figurative language.
Norristown Pennsylvania on feburary 1- 1941
Some challenges were having at least 4 books rejected.
he will die when he hits the age of 97 he will die in his sleep ...
Loser is about a boy named Zinkoff and everyone thinks that he is aloser but he is actually a great boy.
Jerry has one sibling and his name is bill he is his younger brother.
Well, to answer this question, Will is growing feelings for Mi-Su and so is BT. BT and Mi-Su date, and well you read the book.
Jerry Spinelli doesn't have a sister, he has a brother named Bill. Read his autobiography, Knots In My Yo-yo String.
currently, he lives in Wayne Pennsylvania (as of 3-22-09) In Wayne, PA
Jerry Spinelli has seven children. Four boys named, Kevin, Jeffrey, Sean, and Ben. He also had three daughters named, Barbara, Lana, and Molly.
It takes him about 1 and a half years to write a book.
i am not too sure if Jerry Spinelli has published a poem but i am sure that in high school, he wrote a poem and 2 days later his dad published in the newspaper.
his motivation for writing was his life experience's he went through a lot and he lived in a dumpster as a kid the only sports he played were baseball and football but later on in life he wrote a football poem which was published after then he decided to keep going and become a writer
please I need the summary of chapter 1-3 the novel crash by jimmy spinelli
I'm not sure exactly if lesson and message are the same... lemme check. k, both are the same the main lesson that Misha learns is 'Being someone important doesn't mean you'll always be liked.' Take presidents for an example, some people hate them and some like them; therefore you will never have...
After World War II is over, Misha begins selling what he steals. Afterwards, Misha affords to pay for a ticket to America. While arriving in America, Misha's name is now changed to Jack Milgrom by an immigration officer. In America, Misha begins selling as his new job. Hope this helps!
It is about a little boy named Mishka who is Jewish It is about the holocaust and how hard it was to be Jewish in those days.
He got famous by writing books for kids
Well he normally writes a story about a kid who is treated or acts differently than most, and their life at a certain time period.
jerry spinelli's life as a child was as regular as any other child he grew up in pennslvania wanted to grow up and become a cowboy or baseball player went to college at Gettysburg and johns Hopkins university. Jeryy Spinelli obviously in his childhood went to the zoo all the time to see the...
Books live Stargirl and Milkweed are classed as for teenagers or young adults.
joanna colter his agent and c/o
he got into writing when he was about sixteen and he WA in eleventh grade and he got the idea then
He first wanted to be a major league baseball player. He first wrote a poem when he was sixteen about a high school football game win. Then he became interested in writing.
Yes. The website is called Jerry Spinelli.com
Jerry Spinelli has written 24 books.
Yes a brother named Bill.
Stargirl and Loser are both good books by Jerry Spinelli.
Andrew "Drew" Orwell Zinkoff's neighbor. He moved away from Zinkoff's town in 3rd Grade because his father got a promotion. Zinkoff meets him again in 6th grade; with his name changed to Drew. Polly Zinkoff's little sister. She's probably eight years old at the end of the book. Claudia A toddler...
Jerry Spinelli has written about 50 books and he is still writing.
You need to tell what you already know and I don't know what you think is interesting.
his first book was go sex your mother how bout them apples
Bean, Mutto, and Henry. They are the ones who peer pressure Palmer into wanting to kill pigeons. They are also responsible for Palmer to let his secret pigeon loose.
Its just a saying dummy. page#93 Because babies cant understand talk. page#80
Will is trying to kiss Mi-Su. Whenever BT and Mi-Su had kissed, Will became unknowlingly jealous and he just "had to kiss her".
well guys u should give up cant find the answer sorrry=(
Jerry Spinelli's hobby and talent is writing.
Uri hates Jackboots! Jackboots pick on Jews like him. He is notpretending to be one. He is a double agent trying to stay alive.Uri pretends to shoot Misha in the head but then moves the gun andshoots his ear to keep him safe as he said in the book "someday iwill have to kill you to save your life"....
he wrote, love stargirl, library card, forth grade rats, milkweed, maniac magee, eggs, loser, crash, wringer, report to the principal's office, do the funky pickle, smiles to go and i believe there are a few more.
For Jerry he always dreamed of being a writer for what it was worth , he was in the military though. When he was a kid he would always daydream about what a writer really was. So he worked in small places but not as big as an author. -Hailey. Ask anything I will answer with my knowledge.
Jerry was a bored man... So one day he decided to go watch a foot ball game. Then there was an accident on the field so that's what gave him the idea to write crash
Jerry Spinelli is an awesome author that writes books.
He used to have a pet rat and a chinchilla named Chichi, but both have passed away.
Norristown Pennsylvania
Norristown, Pennsylvania in his school your welcome
The turning point is when Will kisses Mi-Su on Valentines Day
i don't know how much money he makes i m asking u thats why i m asking u!
\n. good he played baseball \n.
All i know is he has 6 children . Their names are Kevin, Molly, Jeff, Ben, and Sean.
david is a boy who's mom died and he met a girl named primrose and they become friends for a long long time but in the end they get in a fight but make up once more and david says almost all secrets to her primrose doesnt like her mom but david helps her with situations and refrigerator john is...
Jerry Spinelli was jotting down some notes about an unusual person and that was how the book Stargirl came out.
They like going to archies house because they like to know newpeople by greeting and the nown each other for a while becuase theywere homeschool and they like to meet new people to become firends.
Jerry Spinelli is an American author of children's books. His firstnovel was Space Station Seventh Grade, which was published in 1982.
well i guess its like a book i already read so yes
I am because I've failed but I already did tried my best :))
Donald Zinkoff Hector Binns Andrew Orwell Bounce Mr. Yalowitz Miss.Meeks Polly Claudia