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Aesop was an ancient Greek story teller who invented moral stories using animals as the main protagonists. Various legends have grown up around the man, and many stories are attributed to his story techniques.


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One obscure fables of his 'Hercules and the Wagoneer' has given rise to the popular saying 'The Lord helps those who help themselves.'
He was a slave in Corinth. Was sacrificed to Aphrodities when he got too old to be of use. Was quite a witty fellow.
Fables, unlike parables, feature animals, plants and other non-human characters that are anthropomorphized (given human qualities) to illustrate the lessons (morals) of the stories. Aesop chose fables for his lessons because listeners of his stories could enjoy and learn from them without seeing...
He was owned by Xanthus and later Iadmon. Some say he later workedfor King Croesus.
Most likely Thrace. Its the area west of Constantinople. This area is presently divided to Greece,Turkey and Bulgaria.
After reading his stories and tall tales people started encouraging people to read and write and people also started doing it.
Because they were parables, an analogy.It wasnt so much the story but the meaning, the moral lesson behind it.
Aesop was a famous fable writer. Some of his fables impressed him and other people who read his fables
Samos seems to have been his home between 620 to 564BC
Aesop was a slave and could neither read nor write. All his fables come down to us through oral traditions.
aesops fables ( stories)
No, Aesop was a man living in the 5th/6th century BC, known for telling fables.
Very important. They (ancient Greeks) would teach Aesop's fables alongside Homers epics. Aesop used animals to teach life lessons to people.
they were animals and they could talk.
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People believe that he might have been blind because of sculptures  of him. They think in order to write his stories he told someone  else what the story was so they could write it for him
The Tortoise and the Hare, which were animated by both Disney and Looney Tunes.
Aesop lived in Greece where he told his fables. He then became famous for telling his fables and in a history book we have a chapter called Aesop's fables!
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he did because it was a way to make him and other people happy. whenever he told them they all had morals so that the other slaves he worked with all had a glimmer of hope that the days of torture would soon be over and the people who had bought them to work for them would drawv the short straw this...
Aesop might not have even been real, most think that his fables were just alot of random ones by different people collected under one name
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Aesop had a wife named Rhodope. They do not know if they had any kids because, shortly after they were married, Rhopdope was taken to Egypt to be a salve.An Egyptian account places him on the island of Samos as a slave who gained his freedom from his master, then going to Babylon as a riddle solver...
Androcles FableAvaricious and Envious FableBelling the Cat FableHercules and the Waggoner FableThe Ant and the Grasshopper FableThe Ass and the Lapdog FableThe Ass and the ChargerThe Ass, the Fox, and the LionThe Ass in the Lion's Skin FableThe Ass's Brains FableThe Bald Man and the Fly FableThe Bat...
  when he wrote them in 1205bc
Aseop major accomplishments was fables.He was known for one of the most fables which was "The tortoise and the Hare"
Writting lots of fables!
Most main characters were animals, and it would make for a pretty boring story if they didn't talk. :)
  There's a version of Aesop's Fables in Scots Verse by an author called Robert Stephen.
Aesop Rock was born on June 5, 1976.
Aesop Rock was born on June 5, 1976.
Aesop Rock (Ian Bavitz) is 40 years old (birthdate: June 5, 1976).
Aesop's Fables include: The Ant and the Chrysalis, The Apes and the Two Travelers, and The Bear and The Fox.
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egypt Corinthian Greece
Well, actually they "belong" to the world, they have been translated from the original Greek to Latin and now into most languages of the world including French, English, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, German and so many more. Since they are attributed to Aesop, a Greek slave and storyteller from the...
Aesop's Childhood   Not much is known about Aesop's early years, including his birthplace and where he grew up, but based on the likely origin of his name and the use of animals common to the interior of Africa in his fables, it is speculated that he grew up in Africa's interior.
  == Answer ==   the different kinds of fables are:   myth,legend,old story
Well they loved eachother very much. Aesop was very sad when Rhodope was taken away to a different country
Aesop was a slave and could not actually write. He told his stories and others wrote them down later. Therefore, it is hard to know which fable Aesop told first.
Aesop's Fables are commonly read by children, but they were originally intended for adults. Each fable contains a specific moral lesson, and the story made them easy to understand.
Aesop was a slave (later freed) on the island of Samos in Greece.
Who wrote famous fables with morals at the end of each one
They will be able to trace facts to substantiate the argument.
The Roman God, Jupiter. He was the King of Gods in Roman mythology (equivalent to the Greek's Zeus.)
His fables are used to teach a lesson about life.
The genre is mostly fantasy with all the talking animals.
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well, i do know that aesop wrote stories about animals that taught lessons, while herodotus was the father of history :)
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The best way is to read them to children.
Aesop was a who, not a what. He was a Greek slave and story teller who lived around 620-564 BC.
Aesop Rock's real name is Ian Matthias Bavitz.
History did show that Aesop migrated from Ethiopia. But other then that there is not much known about Aesop so he could be made up.
The following Bible verses may have been taken from Aesop:1. The Fighting Cocks and the Eagle Proverbs 16:18 "Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall." 2. The Mouse and The Bull Ecclesiastes 9:11 "The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong… but time...
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26 centuries ago.
Most ancient people had no "first" or "last" name, just a name. Greek citizens would have a patronymic, "Hippolytos, the son of Timon," but Aesop was a slave from Thrace, and his father's name is not recorded. Therefore, his only known name is "Aesop".  
Aesop was important because he made up his now famous fables.
Yes, he was. from ancient Greece.
he was framed for stealing a gold cup.was also considered a witchfrom his stories
Yes. The ant worked all summer preparing for winter.The grasshopper did nothing but play.When winter came the ant survived and the grasshopper suffered a miserable death.
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To tell the world a truth story.
The story of The Fox and the Crow: A fox was taking a stroll when he saw a crow in a tree, with a fresh piece of cheese in her beak. He thought that he should have the cheese, especially as he was very hungry. The fox called out to the crow, "O lovely bird, you are extraordinarily beautiful today....
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Aesop is a slave who became a storyteller.
Aesop supposedly stole a golden vase from the city of Delphi so he was executed.
Aesop lived between 620 and 560 B.C.
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Aesop's Fables are said to have been written in ancient Greece by Aesop, a slave. The dates of his birth and death are usually given as 620-560 BC. His name is pronounced EE-sup, with EE as in "Easter" and sup as in "supper". It can also be pronounced as EE-sop, with sop as in "sopping wet"
We don't know if Aesop had any kids because his wife was taken away to be a slave. -Ryan Higgins(323) 327-6164
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Yes, most people believe he is a real person.
Because there isn't enough evidence in which these authors exist.
No surname is associated with Aesop.
Aesop lived in Greece.
Fables are very useful as teaching stories. They each demonstrate one or more moral truths that are fun to discover, and that told in such a way that no person is exposed and humiliated. They are used to teach, not punish. Some of them are very ancient, perhaps tens or hundreds of thousands of years...
A fable is a short story that has a moral or lesson. It often  involves animals, plants, mythical creatures, etc. with human  qualities.    A fable can be a story about supernatural or extraordinary persons  or incidents; legend: the fables of gods and heroes.