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Yoruba Language and Culture

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Yoruba is a language predominately spoken in West Africa by approximately 20 million people. Ask questions about Yoruba language and culture here.
Labaja is a Yoruba word that means somebody, nobody, anybody oreverybody. It perfectly depicts the anonymity of the so called"common man".
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The arts of the Yoruba are as numerous as their deities, and many objects are placed on shrines to honor the gods and the ancestors. Beautiful sculpture abounds in wood and brass plus the occasional terracotta.
It means " I want go to Europe also" or "I want to go to Europe too"
Edo Akwa-Ibom Rivers, Delta Ondo Oyo
Oruko mi ni ....... [Owe-roo-kowe mee nee] or .... l'oruko mi [low-roo-kowe mee]
Awon ebi nkan [ah-WON ay-BEE nn kon] Ebi nkan Ebi yin nkan [ay-BEE yeen nn kon]
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E kaaro e jire Depending on the time of the day, the situation and the mood of the orator; greetings are often expressed with these in mind.
eithnic group of yoruba tribe
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it means my love in yoruba
Yoruba People are a very large group of people residing mainly in the Western part of Nigeria. Nigeria resides in West Africa and is the largest country in West Africa. There are about 30 million Yoruba people in Nigeria with a few million residing in the Diaspora like Europe and America. During the...
ode means fool and kola means get lost
Hey'yiaah.... Pkẹlẹ.
Mainly in Nigeria, but also in Togo and Benin, which are western African countries.
The war was between the Oyos and the Ekitis. Oyo been a very famous tribe in Yoruba land tried to show supremacy over others by appointing District Officers of Oyo origin to rule over Ekiti towns. Ekiti refused and it led to a civil war, because other Yoruba ethnic groups that were not Oyo supported...
O dabo-- Bye, bye O dàroo-- see you tommorrow E gbadun eni--- enjoy today (but noone really say ) There is not a literate " have a nice day" Hope this helps.. somehow
it means when you have $ex for along time and you dont even like the other person :) or have a threesum :)
Yoruba was a pre-slave trade African ethnic group that was organized mainly in the modern country of Nigeria, but it also spread out into Benin and Togo. Today, it is a people who continue its traditions and speak its language, but since the slave trade, what might have been a country has died out,...
Mo ma n so édé yoruba.
At least 40,000 years old.
Iya-mother Iya mi-my mother ebi-family
ti nnkan ba le awon ti won ni iforiti lo ma laa ja
Olorun a da fun e Olorun - (God) a da fun (will bless) e - (you)
It's the sacrifice to get rid of bad energy and too have a freshstart or to prevent stuff from happening to you. It also is to feedthe entities that take care of the world with all of them aredifferent characters of god.
Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther was the first to translate the bible into Yoruba Language
Fish in Yoruba Language is called Eja.
E ku odun, e hu iye' dun!
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The Yoruba name for basil plant is Efinrin and you can identify it in the market by its minty scent. It may interest you to know that Basil plant belongs to the family of Occimim plants. The botanical name is Occimum basilicum. I hope this helps.
E karo or generally karo or eku ojumo
the first ever sheller in yoruba is abdullah mudasir a student of gold academy in nigeria.
in Yoruba cinnamon is called Tejpatar, tejatti, or tejpat.
Swahili doesn't have a noun with this meaning. Aliyeokoka ,one who was saved or has been saved. Ni wa pekee wa familia yakeanayebaki , he or she is the only one left of his or her family.
It is also called Yoruba. It is currently spoken by about 20 million people.
Aremu means someone that you take special care to have or raise
they made them look realistic.
spinach in yoruba means ewedu
yes it got spread over there
ife je owun edun okon wa to je wipe a feran enikan bi ara wa
In the Yoruba language, happy is lálàfiàníroranínúdídùn and sunday is ôjô kíní ösëôjô ìsimi
Analfabeta is an Italian equivalent of the Yoruba word puruntu . The feminine/masculine singular adjective and masculine singular noun translate into English as "illiterate" in the sense of not knowing how to read and write. The pronunciation will be "a-NAL-fa-BEH-ta" in Italian.