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Well, the first person to make a dramatic film that ran over 60 minutes is "The Story of The Kelly Gang". This movie is considered the first full length film ever made and it was directed and written by Charles Tait.
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Who was the first person to make maps?

he identity of the creator of the first map is unknown. The first recorded maps were discovered around the ancient city of Babylon. The maps were created on clay tablets aroun

Who was the first person to make the violin?

Very hard to know, considering the violin evolved from the Viol family. New techniques made the instrument much louder than the viol it eventually replaced. It was probably in

Who was the first person to make soap?

Well, this is a very broad question. There is a rock that can be used as soap called Lava Rock, and obviously nobody invented this rock, aside from the mother nature and fathe

Who was the first person to make tea?

the first ever cup of tea was made in Poland in 1598 by a lady called Christini Schostakowitsch. People praised Christini Schostakowitsch because she made this "tea" just bef
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Who is the first person to make a bulb?

The light bulb was invented by roughly 23 people. Though the first  person to create somthing that resembles the light bulb we have  today would probaly be Joseph Swan. (Tho