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Folk dance in davao del sur?

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Is a ethnic dance is the same in folk dance?

  no,because "Ethnic dance" is any dance form which can be identified as originating with an ethnic culture and expressing the movement aesthetics of that culture. while,"

Dance terms of folk dance?

Following are the terms used in fork dance :    Allemande    Arming    Back to Back    Balance    Back Ring    Basket    Box the Gnat    Cali

How was the Sierra Madre del Sur formed?

It is the result of the plate tectonics interaction between the North American Plate and the Cocos Plate.

What are the importance of dancing folk dances?

dancing folk dances is important because it helps to promote patriotism and nationalism...it also represents one's place and also to keep ethnic culture and to keep our cultu

What is dance or folk dance?

The term "Folk Dance" is sometimes applied to dances of historical importance in european culture and history; typically originated before 20th century. For other cultures the