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Folk dance in davao del sur?

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Is a ethnic dance is the same in folk dance?

  no,because "Ethnic dance" is any dance form which can be identified as originating with an ethnic culture and expressing the movement aesthetics of that culture. while," (MORE)

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What are the costumes in maglalatik folk dance?

The costumes used in the Filipino Maglalatik folk dance are  coconuts on the chest, arms and legs paired with pants and no  shirts. The dancers are all male, and they perfor (MORE)

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What are the importance of dancing folk dances?

dancing folk dances is important because it helps to promote patriotism and nationalism...it also represents one's place and also to keep ethnic culture and to keep our cultu (MORE)

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What is kinaransa folk dance?

The kinaransa folk dance is a traditional Philippine folk dance. It  is common to see this dance performed at school basketball and  other sports games in the Philippines.

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How can you benefit from folk dances?

Dance traditions are passed down through generations of diverse cultures to celebrate important occasions and to provide diversion from everyday life. The benefits of folk dan (MORE)