Food in Albania?

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Alot of bread, meat, and cheese!!!

although lately influenced by international cookinga nd stuff albanians will alays have their own yummy special food like: meatballs;pie(not American way)and uch things as rice shoved into pepperoni or tomatoes(called filled pepperonis alb.translation:speca te mbushur)and we also love meat!! yep we do.theres no celebration where we won't cook our own meat.and what about bread; we use it like hell....idk why we just do....and we r not so healthy this way aren't we?(told my parents so)anyway albanian cooking is gr8
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Where is Albania?

Albania is located in eastern Europe across the Adriatic Sea fromItaly. It is north of Greece, west of the Former Yugoslav Republicof Macedonia, and south of Montenegro and Ko

Where is Albania by?

Albania is located north of Greece and unfourtunately by Serbia and Monternegro.

What type of food is in Albania?

feta cheese, kulac, cabbage and meat, meat, lamb meat, homemade bread, maz te ziem, various stews and soups (ex. bean stew), pite, byrek, file, trehana, baklav, kadaif, tollum

Does Albania have English food?

This question doesn't makes sense. Yes in Albania has English food. What do you think Albania is???????????????????????????????????????????????????????A place in the past !!!

What is the lanuage in Albania?

In Albania, most people speak one of the two dialects of Albanian. The standard dialect is Tosk Albanian, which is spoken throughout the country and has the most speakers. Ghe

What kind of food is Albania known for?

Albania is known for its pite which is a pie, there are a variety of them if you, and love meat then try a burek, its a meat pie it can also just be filled with cheese. Althou

What are some famous foods in Albania?

Veal or Chicken with Walnuts (Albanian Name: Gjellë me Arra) Baked Lamb and Yogurt (Albanian Name: Tavë Kosi) Albanian Vegetable Pies (Albanian Name: Byrek shqip
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What kind of food does Albania people eat?

Albanians eat a lot of meat and vegetables. Albanian food is very rich and heavy, although tasty and well cooked! Usually the meat Albanians eat is home raised and vegetables
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Why was Albania named Albania?

Albania means, Land of the eagle, and it was named that because two eagles saved a king of Albania [ named Pirro ] from death in 600 B.C.