Food in Congo?

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Congo's farmland is the source of a wide variety of crops. These include maize, rice, cassava (manioc), sweet potatoes, yam, taro, plantain, tomatoes, pumpkin and varieties of peas and nuts. These foods are eaten throughout the country, but there are also regional dishes.

Where is Congo?

Congo is in central Africa and is the rd most largest country by size
In Africa

What type of food is eaten in Democratic republic of Congo?

Cassava plants at a government showcase farm The major food crops are cassava, corn, rice, plantains, and, to a lesser extent, bananas, beans, and peanuts. Millet, sorghum, y

What are the favorite foods in the country Congo?

Typical Congolese meals consist of a starchy food with sauce orstew. Cassava is the principal starch, particularly in rural areas.It may be replaced by rice or corn if they ar