For fire safety there should be no heating cooling returns in what part of house?

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Why is a foul odor coming from the cool air return vent when the heat is turned on in the house?

Answer . Can. Answer . Can any animals such as mice, chimpmunks, squirrels get into your chimney or any othe vent opening? Occasionally these things find a way in, usua

For fire safety there should be no heating and cooling returns in what rooms?

The answer is garages.. Most codes provide many specific clauses for many specific areas for such reasons. It has been my experience that no heating & cooling returns or i

What should you do if there is a fire in your house?

Get to the nearest exit as quickly as possible and do not re-enter the house - account for all family members but DO NOT RE-ENTER THE HOME TO LOOK FOR A PET - call 9-1-1 - if
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How do you build a tree house with heating and cooling?

The easiest way to build a tree house with heating and cooling, is to build the tree house completely sealed, (By building the structure really tightly and then coating it wit
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Why should you have a fire safety plan?

So you know how to safely get out of your house if there is a fire. Also, so that everyone ELSE knows that you are out of the house safely, and you won't have to risk the li
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Can you install heating and cooling returns in a bathroom?

no not a good idea you should never have a return in the bathroom or the kitchen the return will recirculate the smell through out the house bathrooms need an isolated vent th