For fire safety there should be no heating cooling returns in what part of house?

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What should a parent know about child fire safety?

Start with age of the child ,and use age appropriate educational tools. . Common things that work are Stop, Drop, and Roll. . E.D.I.T.H. Exit Drills In The Home. Have two ways out -know your exits. Crawl low in smoke. Feel the door don't open it,. Schedule a visit to your daycare or school (MORE)

If you shut off the AC when you are gone from the house does it cost more to cool the house back to the right temperature when you return?

With air conditioning systems, the equipment runs at peak efficiency when it operates for long periods. Cooling your house back to the comfortable temperature will use less electricity than the unit would use cycling on and off for short periods to maintain the set temperature. If your house takes t (MORE)

Why is cooling a house more expensive than heating it?

Answer . It is not always the case that cooling is more expensive than heating. It depends on the type of system you have and your utility rates. It also varies based on your location. You can find out the most cost effective way to heat and/or cool your home with an advanced load calculation. Th (MORE)

Why is a foul odor coming from the cool air return vent when the heat is turned on in the house?

Answer . Can. Answer . Can any animals such as mice, chimpmunks, squirrels get into your chimney or any othe vent opening? Occasionally these things find a way in, usually down the chimney, get trapped and die. Other possibilities include a pet consistiently urnating by a register or return g (MORE)

When does house return?

Jan 19, which is a Monday. I believe that's why they took the break, to transition from Tue. to Mon.

What is fire safety?

Fire Safety is the paperback edition of the book by Home Office and Health & Safety Executive published by Stationery Office Books on December 31, 1998

What is a safety house?

A safety house is a house that children can go to if they are lost or in danger. Not all towns have safety houses. A safety house will have a special sign on it. When a child goes to a safety house the people their will help the child. The people who live in safety houses are usually elderly people (MORE)

For fire safety there should be no heating and cooling returns in what rooms?

The answer is garages.. Most codes provide many specific clauses for many specific areas for such reasons. It has been my experience that no heating & cooling returns or inlets attached to hazards areas or waste exposure to any normal occupancy type are shared with a common system.. They often (MORE)

Safety symbol for fire safety?

The safety symbol for fire safety is usually a little fire. This isto show that a substance is flammable for example.

What should you do if there is a fire in your house?

Get to the nearest exit as quickly as possible and do not re-enter the house - account for all family members but DO NOT RE-ENTER THE HOME TO LOOK FOR A PET - call 9-1-1 - if the house is not too involved get your vehicle away from the home - BUT DO NOT RE-ENTER THE GARAGE TO DO THIS. Maintain your (MORE)

Is fire cool?

If your talking about it physically , then no it's obviously not cool, but visually it is. ok this is another random person speaking blah

In heating liquids in a test tube why should you heat the test tube's upper part?

Heating the test tube just below the meniscus helps prevent bumping. Bumping is what happens when you form a pocket of vapor under a layer of liquid. The result would be the liquid splurshing (technical term) out of the tube. If you heat it at the top, the bubbles will escape without splashing an (MORE)

What part of the house should be most quiet?

If we were to assume that the house doesn't have a "library", the next most quiet part of the house should be the bedrooms. Uninterrupted sleep is important. If the home has a library or a "home office", either of these should be the quietest locations in the home.

What size house can a heat pump with a 3.5 ton compress heat and cool?

You should have an HVAC company perform a Manual J load calculation done on your home. for the best sizing . The old way here in the south USA dictates 3.5 tons cooling served most homes from 1500-1700 sq ft. depending on variables. BE CERTAIN get the Manual J calc. for best results. Tom H. ,HVA (MORE)

Should you leave the heat on in an empty house during the winter?

This depends on the quality of the home's insulation, the method used for heating (oil, gas, electric), the length of time them home is expected to be empty, the outside temperature, and many other variables, including the current price of the energy used. Generally, in a home where a person leav (MORE)

If there is fire safety are there more types of safety?

Yes, there are "types of safety" for just about anything dangerous that people perform while at jobs or while on public ways or in places open to the public. For instance, there are: highway safety for the roads and passenger safety in airplanes; "occupational safety" or industrial safety (OSHA a (MORE)

What should the temperature of air from the heat vents be in house?

On the vents closest to the main unit it should read around the same temperature that the thermostat is set to after its been running and then as the venting increases the temperature should be less, between 2 to 10 degrees different depending on how well the ducting is in the attic........

Return on investment and safety of investment?

Return on investment is the amount of profit on the invested money after deducting taxes, safety of investment is the risk factor involved in the investment. Such as risk is high safety of investment is less.

In which heat emergency should you apply cool packs to the neck groin and armpits?

Either heat stroke (the more serious condition) or heat exhaustion (potentially a precursor to heat stroke) may be treated with cool packs. --- Heat exhaustion (aka heat stress) is hyperthermia (overheating) brought on by dehydration (excessive water loss). It can be initiated by hot enviro (MORE)

How do you build a tree house with heating and cooling?

The easiest way to build a tree house with heating and cooling, is to build the tree house completely sealed, (By building the structure really tightly and then coating it with something that's air proof.) and then get the tree-house access to electricity and an air-conditioner. If you cannot do tha (MORE)

Why should you have a fire safety plan?

So you know how to safely get out of your house if there is a fire. Also, so that everyone ELSE knows that you are out of the house safely, and you won't have to risk the lives of firefighters frantically trying to find you inside.

What part of the cooling system serves as the heat exchanger?

Both the Radiator at the front of the vehicle (on most vehicles) and the Heater Core in the HVAC housing in the dash are heat exchangers. Some vehicles may also have cooling system heat exchangers to cool the engine oil, transmission oil, or exhaust gas recirculation system.

How can i get cool fire?

If you mean how can you get fire that is of a cool temperature, then you can't. But if you mean how you can get fire that looks cool then just get a lighter, fire looks cool no matter what. If you are referring to something like an item from a game then you will have to be more specific. Thank you!

What should one do in case of a house fire?

A house fire can be caused by many different actions but the solution should be the same. The first priority is to be get out of the house. If it is a small fire, one can try to stop the fire.