For what god was the valcano named?

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It was named after the Roman God Vulcan, God of smiths and then volcanoes. His name in Greek was Hephaestus.

How do you make a valcano?

use some clay fake trees plastic dinosaurs baking soda use food coloring in the baking soda to make it red for the lava and last but not least stand back and let it erupt

Does Saturn have valcanoes?

No, the planet Saturn does not have any volcanoes. However, one ofits moons Titan does have an ice volcano.

Types of valcanoes?

There are four basic types of volcanos. They are cinder cones,shield volcanoes, composite volcanoes, and lava domes. Compositevolcanoes share some characteristics of all the o

What is the biggest valcano?

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What is the name largest active valcanoe in the world?

The world's largest active volcano is Mauna Loa, on the Big Island of Hawaii. It is 120 km long, and 13,680 ft. above sea level. It is goes for 13 km. below the sea level as w

What are all the names of valcanoes and where are they?

the answer to the question is as impossble as the question:our planet is dotted with thousands of v o lcanos, some dormant, some very much alive and active. It was once though

How does valcano occur?

Volcanoes occur when two techtonic plates come together, like an earthquake- which sometimes causes the formation of a volcano, push through the crust.
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How did valcanoes get their name?

Volcanoes have their name derived from from the name Vulcan. Vulcan was the god of fire in Roman mythology. The original name, Vulcano, was first used to name one of the Aeoli