Formula for measuring heat loss or heat gain?

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Formula for Heat loss in a pipe?

pips are generally cylindrical in structure of amount of heat loss through pipe is given by the formula. Q= 2 pi k L(T1-T2)/ln(r2/r1). where. k=conductivity of material of

Formula for heat lost or gained?

Q = mcΔT. or. Q = CΔT. Where Q is heat transferred, m is mass, c is specific heat capacity, C is heat capacity, and ΔT is change in temperature.

Why heat gained and heat loss?

Since heat flows from high temperature region to low temperature region so when a hotter body comes in contect with colder body then hotter body loses heat to colder body unti

Liquid go to solid heat gain or heat loss?

When something goes from it's liquid form to solid, it is a heat loss. A simple example is making an ice-pop in a freezer. The liquid fruit-juice/water mixture has to lose hea

How animals obtain heat loss or heat gain?

Different animals have different ways of losing or gaining heat.Cold-blooded animals like snakes, for example, gain heat by lyingin the sun. Dogs lose heat by panting, and oth