Free music downloads for windows mobile 6?

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Well there isn't really a reliable source for free music downloads and it is illegal since the Artist won't get paid for their work. The best, and cheapest way to get music downloads is through They offer unlimited music downloads for only a few bucks a month. It's much cheaper than any other site I've came across and they are 100% legal paying the artist for their hard work in making music you enjoy. They also have just about every song in every genre. Check them out at when you get a chance.
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I m not sure if there are some mobile software to download video/audio. But i know there many software to download video from internet. Like leawo free youtube downloader,moye

How do can download music from laptop to my mobile?

windows media player. download it to your laptop first then get your USB connector and connect your laptop to your mobile [or MP3 player] and synch the music.[download it to y

How do you download music from you tube to your mobile?

Look up Youtube to Mp3 converter on Google or Bing. Then download the mp3 file it gives you and save it to your computer. Connect your mobile device, open up it's content fold
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