Give me tips on how to paint over fiber wallcovering?

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Home Depot carries a fiber wall paint you could try.
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Why does fiber supplement give you gas?

Fiber is broken down by bacteria in the Large intenstine. The byproduct of this breakdown is acid and gases. Which sometimes may cause Flatus(gas).

Tips on how to paint over bathroom cabinets that have alrealy been primed and painted?

The best way to re-do cabinets is to strip old finish off completely, the reason for this is sometimes its hard to tell if the old finish is water based or oil based, I purpos

Do you have any tips on Watercolor painting?

Experiment! Try mixed media- sharpies, pen, charcoal, etc. over/together with watercolor! Also, I find watercolor pencils are very useful in the creation of watercolors. Have

How to paint the tips of your nails?

sometimes if you get the packs of nail paints they put little sticker like slits in, you can take these off and stick them on the top of your nail, or if your nails are long s

Can carbon fiber be painted?

Yes, and it's a good thing to do if the application is outdoors or elsewhere if it will be exposed to UV light.

Why are the propeller tips painted?

Props are painted with "flat black" paint to eliminate possible refliction and temporarily blinding of the pilot. With the prop spinning it is virtually invisible. But therein

What are some tips for painting?

Well first of all, name your brushes and create a pouch for them and write the name in its place (i.e. A4, A6...) It really helps with organization and to tell if a brush is m
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What are some tips for auto painting?

First, make sure the car area to be painted is very clean and well sanded. Also, use a paint specific to cars and apply several thin coats. Apply a top coat/sealer to finish.
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Where can one receive painting tips?

Painting tips for DIY could be found from your local hardware or DIY store. For Artistic painting; local artists often hold work shops. Many Villages or communities hold art c
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Where can tips on spray painting be sought?

Tips on spray painting can be sought at AZ Central, All things thrifty, Amazon, Ebay, Gleem paint, Mustangs, Kitchen Kool, Tipson spray painting, and Rustoleum spray paint.
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Where do you get your painting tips from?

And the questions get even dumber...I start using q tips but ifthey are too small i get paint brush tips by cutting off roadkilltails