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Oíche mhaith agat (to one person)
Oíche mhaith agaibh (to more than one)
To one retiring:
Slán codlata agat (agaibh).
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Goodnight beautiful in french?

Bonne nuit ma belle or bonne nuit mon beau (depending if your talking to a woman or a man)

What is the Irish for 'me'?

Answer   Checking out any English-Irish dictionary would tell that the English pronoun "I/me" is said "mé" (may) or "mise" (mishe) in Irish. The second form is more emph

When do you say goodnight?

You would say, "Good evening," between sunset and about 8pm. After that, you would say, "good night."

Am I Irish?

If you were born in Ireland, have lived there most of your life,  were educated there and so on, then you are Irish. If you did those  things in another country, then you ar