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The digital boxes are NOT for hd converters. They are $40 coupons designed to provide those households hooked up to an antenna or rabbit ears to receive the digital signal via the converter box. They convert the digital back into analog signals so older televisions can receive the "over the air" broadcasts only. Households can request up to two coupons , but since they are limited, please don't order them if you have a pay service. The boxes are scheduled to be priced between 50 and 70 dollars each and should be sold in Walmarts, kmart, Best Buy, Circuit City, etc. To order call 1888 388 2009 or go online to www.dtv2009.gov
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Where can you get a coupon for a free converter box?

The government CECB program has expired so there are no more vouchers available to purchase converter boxes.   Converter boxes are relatively inexpensive though, costing les

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Is an HD ready TV compatible with a non HD sky box?

  I have a full HD TV, but I haven't yet upgraded my Sky digibox. I prefer classic programmes, and I hardly watch sport - so the benefits of HD satellite for me are moot.
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What is the cheapest HD cable box?

The probably cheapest hd cable box costs about 35 $. It is sold by Samsung. Its full name is: "Samsung Full Hd cable box 244002". You can buy it in every Samsung hd cable box