Hades two side kicks from Hercules Disney?

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He has two sidekicks by the names of Pain and Panic. Pain is round and purple while Panic is very slender, has long horns, and is green.
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What did Hades do to Hercules?

Hades often aided Hercules in Greek mythology; allowing Hercules to take Cerberus, and to take two people from the realm and up to earth.

Who did Hercules save from hades?

Queen Alcestis; who had agreed to die in place of her husband Admetus. Also Theseus; at the same time as the Cerberus adventure.

Why was Hercules Hades enemy?

Heracles (Hercules is the Roman name for the Greek Heracles, by the way) wasn't really enemies with Hades. In the Disney film Hercules , Hades is painted as his archnemesis,

Why did Hercules return to hades?

At the same time as collecting Cerberus, he asked Hades for Theseus who had been entrapped there, he was also described as battling Hades for the life of Queen Alcestis, who h
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How is Hercules related to Hades?

Zeus is the father of Hercules, and Hades is the elder brother of Zeus. In short, Hades was the uncle of Hercules.
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What was Hercules side kick in the cartoon?

In the now-obsolete (sadly) independent cartoon on Hercules, therewere three main characters. Hercules, of course, his wife, Hera ( aBlonde looked like a Movie star in a modif