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Manufactured by Iver Johnson or J. Stevens for Montgomery Wards.


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What is the value and age of a Iver Johnson Canada Ltd Cobourg 12 gua Hercules side by side.

It's really a Stevens model 94. Hercules was a Montgomery Ward brand name. Hercules was made by Iver Johnson from 1918-1943. I have a Montgomery Ward Hercules 16 ga. double. Does anyone know who made it. There are no brand or model numbers.SN X76777

I too have a Ranger .410 sxs hamerless shotgun. I believe it to be made by Stevens. Possibly a model 311.

What shotgun?You need to list the maker of the shotgun,model number if there,type of shotgun(single shot,pump,semi-auto,over under,side by side.)gauge of shotgun(410,28,20,16,12)so that we can help you.

Yes, they have been made by many companies

Need a detailed description of ALL markings.its a side by side shotgun it was made by thomas bland the number is 15550.

Either the left or the right or both, depending on how it was made.

Your shotgun was made by MAVI di Salvinelli , Brescia, Gardone, VT, Italy and imported by Eagle Arms of New York, NY. Both of these firms are no longer in business.

Impossible to answer withou knowing who made it. Even then, records may not be available.

There are some sources for Crescent shotgun parts, but it is very possible that parts will have to be repaired/made.

Wards Hercules 410 was made by different manufacturers through out it's history. The early models from the 1920's had no model number just "PROOF TESTED 410 GAUGE" stamped on the left side and "SELECTED FORGED STEEL" stamped on the right side of the barrel. Model numbers were stamped on later guns. They usually don't fetch much $$

Store brand shotgun with two barrels, side by side.

It was made by CZ, or BRNO in the Czech republick.

These were made by Boito in Brazil. Depending on condition, $100 to $400 in 2012 dollars.

Numerous companies at the turn of the century made inexpensive firearms. No way to know if there are no other markings.

they are made to protect what ever is in side of the house and who ever is inside of the house.

Hercules never existed yet during the trojan war.

For the Stoeger side-by-side shotgun, your best bet would be to use any of the standard Winchester choke tubes. They should fit well for you shotgun.

Did you a mean Remington SPR220? Remington SPR220 is a side-by-side shotgun. You can get a schematic of this fine shotgun from down loading the owners manual from Remington. Kathleen

"Shotgun" means the passenger side.

Yes, if it is unloaded while the other is not.

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