Has Nancy Drew ever been gagged and bound in her movie?

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No, although Nancy was knocked unconscious twice and kidnapped after being chloroformed into unconsciousness, the bad guys never bound or gagged her, a big mistake on their part!
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Yes, I have. Once for my fourteenth birthday my friend pulled a really cool prank and had me kidnapped! I was cleave-gagged with my hands tied behind my back and my ankles tie

How many times has Nancy Drew been gagged?

Nancy Drew has been bound and gagged in dozens of books usually after she has been knocked unconscious.. An example is in Ringmasters Secret when Nancy has a cloth held over

Will Emma Roberts be bound and gagged as Nancy drew in upcoming sequel?

If the sequel is true to the books, Nancy ( Emma Roberts)be knocked out at least twice once by a blow on the head and later chloroformed into unconsciousness and Emma will be

Has valerie bertinelli ever been bound and gagged?

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Does Nancy Drew ever die?

Yes, in "The end of Life" the last series Her Interactive Inc. will be coming out with. They will release this in 2012. Coincidence? I think not.