Has Nancy Drew ever been gagged and bound in her movie?

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No, although Nancy was knocked unconscious twice and kidnapped after being chloroformed into unconsciousness, the bad guys never bound or gagged her, a big mistake on their part!
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Why were Nancy Drew movie ratings low?

Answer Because it was a good, wholesome movie. If thebmovie doesn't have people killing each other, no one likes it. Answer Assuming you are refering to the 2007 movie, I admittedly haven't read the reviews, but I did see it when it was in the theaters. In my opinion, it had a few strikes against it when it comes to ratings: 1. It was a simplistic, children's movie, and those never receive rave reviews - especially when the reviewer does not have children. 2. It was far-fetched. 3. Many people found the movie-version of Nancy to be irritating. 4. It was not accurate to the books. This may not have hurt its critical reviews, but it would have hurt fans' opinions.

How many movies are there about Nancy drew?

Nancy Drew Movie(Emma Roberts came out in 2007) . Nancy Drew....... Reporter(1939) . Nancy Drew Hidden Staircase(1939) . Nancy Drew Detective(1938) . Nancy Drew Trouble Shooter(1939) . (There is also a television movie that came out in 2002 NancyDrew)

What is Nancy Drew?

she is a teen detective that solves mysteries!. Nancy Drew is the main character of the Nancy Drew mystery stories, Nancy Drew on Campus books, and Nancy Drew Files books.

Have you ever been bound and gagged?

Yes, I have. Once for my fourteenth birthday my friend pulled a really cool prank and had me kidnapped! I was cleave-gagged with my hands tied behind my back and my ankles tied together. The dude who did it was seriously hot and he kissed me more than once. Eventually, i escaped and he became my boyfriend! Still is, too! Ha!

What are the other 2 Nancy drew movies?

There are quite a few movies, TV shows, games, books, etc. If you go to the link below, you will see movies, TV shows, and games. (P.S. Games will say VG next to them);. http://www.imdb.com/find?s=all&q=nancy+drew. Hope this helped :)

What songs are in Nancy Drew the Movie?

The soundtrack is: 1. Come To California~Matthew Sweet 2. Perfect Misfit~Liz Phair 3. Kids in America~The Donnas 4. Pretty Much Amazing~Joanna 5. Looking For Clues~Katie Melua 6. Hey Nancy Drew~Chris Price 7. Like A Star~Corinne Bailey Rae 8. Nice Day~Persephone's Bees 9. Blue Monday~Flunk 10. We Came To Party~J-Kwon 11. All I Need~Cupid 12. Party Tonight~Bizarre 13. When Did Your Heart Go Missing?~Rooney

Which books was the Nancy drew movie based on?

None to my knowledge. And they totally screwed up the personalities and whatnot and slapped the Nancy from the old books into the present, without modernizing her as the author did. Bad movie. Amazing books.

What does bound gagged and tied up mean?

\n'Bound' means unable to move\n. \n'Gagged' means unable to speak because a person's mouth has been covered with a cloth or something of that nature.\n. \n'Tied up' means a rope, wire or other material is constricting someone.\n. \nBasically the whole sentence means someone who is unable to speak or move because he/she is tied up and unable to speak because something has been placed in his/her mouth

Why do girls like to be bound and gagged?

Girls like to be bound and gagged for a few reasons. 1. It's fun. It's most likely never gonna happen for real so they play at being kidnapped. 2. If it is for real, it's exiting. Something might happen and you'll be totally helpless to prevent it! I mean, if some one's got you tied up and gagged, there's usually a reason. Maybe this person wants to have a little fun with you. 3. Sometimes its not the sensation of being gagged, it's looks. Who wouldn't love to be gagged by somebody hot?

Who is Nancy Drew and what does she do?

Nancy Drew is a young detective who has solved over 50 mysteries during the 1930's all the way up into the 1950's that I know of She also has her own PC games that you can play and as Nancy, try to uncover mysteries. I play them, and give them 2 thumbs up!

What movies have drew seely been in?

Another Cinderella Story(Joey Parker) . guest star on the suite life of Zack and Cody(David) . He also wrote music and performed in concerts and shows.

What women like being bound and gagged?

I am a what you might call the standard type housewife. I work part time when my husband is at work. The thing that makes me a little different and that none of our friends know is that i like to be totally dominated by husband to the point of extreme bondage and gags etc. I will let him do virtually anything to me and this mostly involves being bound in certain ways.. I dress normally, have no tattoo's or body piercings and have long blonde highlighted hair.. I am not quite sure why i like it but suffice to say that it is not all totally sexual as sometimes i like to be bound and gagged and just left for hours on end and then released with out any sexual play at all.

What is Nancy drew about?

Nancy Drew is a teen detective who solves mysteries. You can read about her, or you can play the games for the PC, Wii, and iPad. My favorites are for the PC, but that's just me. Nancy Drew is a lot of fun.

Where is Nancy Drew from?

Nancy Drew (fictitious character) is from River Heights, a fictitious suburb of Chicago. The Muskoka River runs through it.

How many times has Nancy Drew been gagged?

Nancy Drew has been bound and gagged in dozens of books usually after she has been knocked unconscious.. An example is in Ringmasters Secret when Nancy has a cloth held over her nose and mouth and unable to breath, Nancy faints.. When she wakes up Nancy has been tied and gagged and dumped in a railway wagon

What other movies has drew roy been in?

iCarly (2009) as Griffin (1 episode) . Costa Rican Summer (2009) as Doobie . One Wish (2009) as Mitch . Tag (2009) as Josh . Greek (2007) as Omega Chi Pledge (5 episodes) . Blink (2007) as Jeff . Curse of Pirate Death (2006) as Boy Friend

What songs are in the movie Nancy Drew?

Come to California by Matthew Sweet. Perfect Misfit by Liz Phair. Kids in America by The Donnas. Pretty Much Amazing by Johanna. Looking for Clues by Katie Melua. Hey Nancy Drew by Corinne. Like a Star by Bailey Rue. Nice Day. Blue Monday by Flunk. We Came to Party by J-Kwon. All I Need by Cupid. Party Tonight by Bizarre

Will Emma Roberts be bound and gagged as Nancy drew in upcoming sequel?

If the sequel is true to the books, Nancy ( Emma Roberts)be knocked out at least twice once by a blow on the head and later chloroformed into unconsciousness and Emma will be bound and gagged while she is unconscious. Personally, I would love to see Emma faint after another girl hits her with a karate chop or sleeper hold as in the book Sisters in Crime and while Emma is unconscious she is tied and gagged and completely helpless

Has valerie bertinelli ever been bound and gagged?

Yes she was tied up in an episode of one day at a time, along with Bonnie Franklin. it was her birthday and she had to work at the sporting goods store, so they decided to suprise her, and a robber tied them all up

What is the best Nancy drew book ever written?

Its a matter of taste but I think Mystery of the Tolling Bell was the best and certainly one of Nancys most difficult cases about people selling fake perfume. Not only is Nancys father drugged but while conducting her investigations Nancy herself is drugged by fumes seeping through the rocks and faints. Nancy then has a multiple fainting spell as every time she comes to she is overcome by the fumes and faints again !! However, far from being put of when she revives Nancy is allthe more determined to solve the mystery and of couse eventually does

Who likes to be bound and gagged?

Me. I speak from experience. Once this guy really liked me so he had some of his friends come in and kidnap me! It was awesome. Especially once I realized what he was doing. First, they tied my hands behind my back and cleave-gagged me. My ankles were tied together and my knees. The friends brought me into this cellar and he came out. He picked me up and sat me in this chair. He brought over one for himself and said, "I'm just about to kiss you and your gonna like it." He kissed me through the gag and kept me as a prisoner for almost three months. Every so often he would change the ropes and gag and he had a new bondage style every time. One time he had a small party and showed me off to his friends (still bound and gagged) and they all thought I was hot. He changed my gag back to cleave and they payed him to kiss me. That night there were loads of bondage games, all involving who could tie me up the best or get the best kiss out of a good gag. I loved it. Then the next day he took me to this place where you could buy a girl and the owner wanted me. He didn't get his wish. Then my captor took me back to his house and we kissed through the cloth for like ever. After that was the worst experience of my life. Guess what happened? I woke up!

Will there be a sequel to the 2007 Nancy Drew movie?

I hope so! I did research on it because i am a Nancy Drew fan and they said there would be an Untitled Nancy Drew movie coming in 2011! I don't know if it's true, though. Emma Roberts will also star in a Warner Bros. movie called "Rodeo Girl" with the director from Nancy Drew, Andrew Fleming, the same year the unknown sequel to Nancy Drew is supposed to come out.

Has Ino yamanaka ever been gagged?

Gagged? Honestly, I have no clue what you mean by that. Except if you mean strangled, then yes. In one of Naruto Shippuden episodes, Kakuzu strangles her and Choji.

Does Nancy Drew ever die?

Yes, in "The end of Life" the last series Her Interactive Inc. will be coming out with. They will release this in 2012. Coincidence? I think not.

Did Nancy Drew ever kiss Ned Nickerson in any of the books?

There's a kiss in the "Mystery of the Moss-Covered Mansion". I don't know if its only a friendly gesture though. Here's the dialogue: 'Ned was the first of the boys to alight. Seeing Nancy, he rushed up to her. "How's my little sleuth?" he asked, kissing her.'

What are the Bound and Gagged comics about?

The Bound and Gagged comic strip is a comedy cartoon strip created by Dana Summers. Each new strip usually makes a joke containing observational humor or a simple play on words.