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Has any computer ever passed the Turing Test?

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No. See the related links section for a link to the Loebner Prize website, which awards $5,000 annually for the chatbot which is "most indistinguishable from a human." There is still $100,000 reserved from Dr. Loebner for the first chatbot to actually pass the Turing test.
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Did Alan Turing invent the computer?

Englishman Alan Turing the "Father of modern computer science" provided an influential formalisation of the concept of the algorithm and computation with the Turing machine in

Where did Alan Turing invent his computer?

Alan Turing theorised about a computer but it was actually invented and built by Tommy Flowers, a post office engineer ! He spent 1000 pounds of his own money to ensure it was

What is the turing test?

  The turing test is a test to tell the difference between humans and computers. It works likes this:   * A person (A) asks questions  * Another person (B) answers  *

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What was the first computer of Alan Turing?

Alan Turing invented the idea of the modern computer in 1936. This  device became known as a 'Turing Machine.' It was a hypothetical  device that could help scientists compr

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What did Alan turing do for the computer?

proved "the halting problem" was false.

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Why has no computer passed the turing test?

Because a computer is limited - by the database of words it has stored on its hard-drive. The human brain is far more complex - able to form complex sentences at will. Also -
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Did Alan Turing ever take the Turing test?

Alan Turing invented the test which pits human vs. human or  computer, and then tries to statistically analyze the results. If a  human can be fooled into believing that he/

What was the Turing Test?

It's a test - of a machine's capability to mimic human behaviour so  precisely - that it is impossible to distinguish it from a real  person. The test involves a 'subject' p