Has the issue of child abuse become worse over the years?

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No. Child abuse has always existed but laws did not exist to make it illegal, and therefore trackable.
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Who is likely to become a child abuser?

%DETAILS%%FOLLOWUPS% Studies have shown time and again that a child who grows up in an abusive environment will most likely grow into an adult who will perpetuate the cycle o

How has child abuse increased over the years?

Child Abuse incidents have NOT increased, child abuse just receives more attention now. Many people overlook abused children, and just think the child has misbehaved or someth

What are the legal issues for child abuse?

Legal issues regarding child abuse generally revolve around whatcounts as child abuse and what doesn't. For example, some peopleconsider spanking child abuse while others cons

When did verbal abuse become an issue?

From research it appears there is no date as to when verbal abuse became an issue. There are many research papers done on physical abuse and most likely from hearing enough st

Has flooding become worse over the last hundred years?

Sort of. With urban areas growing more and more houses are put up close to water, so when flooding occurs the damages are greater. What might just have been a meadow 50 years

How has child abuse changed over the years?

Child Abuse really has NOT changed over the years. The ways children are abused have been used since child abuse began (with the first children on earth). Words and emotions a

When did child abuse become a problem?

Child abuse has been a problem since the earliest known civilizations (approximately 1692). In 1825 states began enacting laws to remove children from homes and the streets. C