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Hast du einen schoenen Tag heute?

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How do you answer wann hast du geburstag in German?

The reply to wann hast Du Geburstag? is normally ich habe am ........ Geburtstag or mein Geburtstag ist am ..........

Was hast du heute Morgen gemacht?

Was hast du heute Morgen gemacht = what did you do this morning

What does 'haben Sie einen grossen Tag' mean?

This sentence is badly constructed, it seems that it is a word for word translation of "Have a great day" The correct wording would be "Ich wünsche Ihnen einen schönen T

What is the meaning of the song Du Hast?

The song "Du hast" by the band Rammstein is a bit of a word game. When one hears the lyric "Du hast" (from the German verb "zu haben" (to have), the first thought is, that the

What was the Battle of Hastings?

The Battle of Hastings occurred on October 14, 1066 in England. The Norman army of William the Conqueror combated the Saxon army of Harold II. The cause of the battle: King

What does was hast du so gemacht mean in English?

"Hast du so gemacht" means "Did you make that?", literally "Hast thou that made?". ======== Was hast Du so gemacht? is a German colloquialism that would come up in mid-convers