Have no checking account for loan but have a prepaid visa card?

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Credit worthiness/income determines wether you qualify. Having an acct does not impact your credit 1 way or the other unless it is negative.
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Can you get a payday loan with a prepaid visa card?

If you have a prepaid visa card with money in it, you certainly shouldn't need a pay day loan. Most pay day loan arrangements require a person to write a personal check. The p

Can you get a payday loan with a Prepaid account?

It is not likely you will get a payday loan with just a prepaid account. In order to get a payday loan, you need some guarantee that you will get your next payday. Lenders wil

What is a prepaid visa card?

A visa gift card is a visa card that has a predetermined amount of money on it, that can be used to buy things online and/or in stores (It is used like a regular visa).

What are Prepaid Visa Cards?

They are Visa cards that you buy from a shop and top-up with money before using. It is a bit like a gift card or a travel card. You top it up whenever the value on it is too l

Can you get a loan with a prepaid debit card?

The question itself, on my own perspective, has two meanings: 1. You are using the debit card to loan money from financial institutions or money lenders as a guarantee.

How old do you have to be get a prepaid visa card?

at least 18 but it depends on what you want to buy. If you want to buy things in online games and upgrade your online game account you may want to use a prepaid card called Pa

Is there an Account online to deposit money left from prepaid visa cards?

I have 16 prepaid visa/mastercard cards from giftcardbalance123.com and most of them have low balance ranging from $0.60 to $15. I use them to buy things of websites specialy

Can a loan be put on a Visa debit card even not having a checking account?

First of all, you cannot get a VISA debit card without having a checking (Or savings) account. A debit card does not exist stand-alone without a linked bank account. So, if yo

Are there any loans that need no checking account or direct deposit only a prepaid debit card?

Yes. Unsecured "payday advance" loans online don't often ask for these things. You pay for this conveniance in the back end with exorbant APR. Most lenders that would give yo

Do you need a checking account or will a prepaid debit card work?

I'm assuming here that this question is being asked in order toimprove one's FICO. Neither will directly work in that neither typeof acct. is reported to CRAs. However, a chec