Haw far is norsborg from farsta via subway stockholm?

21 km .

farsta to T-Central-Station is 8 km . ( green line ).
T-central to norsborg is 13 km ( red line ).
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So since you're the alcohol expert, what are three drinks everyone should know how to make? How do we make them?

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What is a subway?

  An underground series of tunnels with trains running through them. They are used as a form of mass transit allowing pedestrians to get across big cities generally quicke (MORE)

What is via?

via means through. better yet, it also means by way of.it was derived from the latin word "via" meaning Road
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Does Stockholm have a nickname?

In Swedish there are plenty, both flattering and and not so flattering. Among the nicer are Venice of the North City on the Water
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What is a via?

Via generally means through. It is a Latin for path or way. The  word is often used for electronics.
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Who discovered Stockholm?

  Once upon a time, there lived a fisherman was in Bishop of Strängnäs' service at the castle of Tynnelsö. On an especially beautiful day the fisherman caught an enormo (MORE)

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