Heavier than tungsten lighter than osmium?

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Is oxygen heavier than air or lighter?

Oxygen o 2 only is slighty heavyer than air. o 3 (ozone) is around the same weight as o 2 ,but the ozone layer is at a hiegher altitude because it is created when o 2 come

Is hydrogen heavier or lighter than air and why?

Hydrogen is a specific element. "Air" is a mixture of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide and various other elements and compounds. In its elemental gaseous form. Pure (H) or hyd

Is tungsten heavier than gold?

Yes. According to most sources, tungsten is a bit heavier than gold. It is definitely much more durable/strong also.

Is a blimp lighter or heavier than air?

Trick question, the blimp is heavier than air, the gas in the blimp is lighter than air. The volume of gas in the blimp is such that it overcomes the additional weight of the