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Does a kodiak bear have a good temper?

Actually Kodiak bears are very tolerant of human beings and try to ignore them as much as possible. They are much less violent than other coastal brown bears and mainland grizzly bears. They will not stalk humans like a black bear might. In fact over the last 100 years or so there have only been two recorded cases of bear fatalities on Kodiak island. Kodiak bears do not eat human beings like other coastal brown bears in the mainland.. This being said Kodiak bears do not like humans and you can't pet them. Most Kodiak bears will turn around if they see humans and run away. If you corner a bear, particularly a sow with cubs you better watch out because she will fight you if she feels threatened. She will also fight to the death if a male tries to harm her young.. Many Kodiak bears located near the city of Kodiak are well adjusted to being around humans and normally are on their best behavior. There are times where a Kodiak bear will try to share your fishing spot with you and might even help himself to your catch. They are more interested in the fish than you. Unfortunately many local bears die at the hands of an inexperience woodsman who runs into a bear and starts shooting. This is usually unnecessary.. There is a well documented story in the recent past here of an intoxicated man stumbling into a sow and her cubs in the woods where he was wandering. He got too close to the sow and she basically tackled him and held him down while her cubs scampered away. She then let the guy go without biting him. What does that tell you about a Kodiak bear.. Kodiak bears live only on the island of Kodiak no matter what Alec Baldwin says in the movie The Edge. In fact the bear staring in that movie was Bart the Bear, who was a famous Kodiak brown bear"actor" in the 80's and 90's who died of cancer. Kodiak bears are larger than their mainland counterparts because of their nearly unlimited access to food. Kodiak bears like all brown bears are classified as brown bears even though they are technically grizzly bears due to their proximity to the coast line. All bears that live within 25 miles of a coast are deemed brown bears. No black bears live on Kodiak island.. Up to a quarter of the male bears will not hibernate if it is warm enough and there is a food source nearby. So does a Kodiak bear have a good temper? Not necessarily. They have just learned to coexist with their human counterparts. Probably better than we have.

What do kodiak bears look like?

Kodiak bears look much like grizzly bears except they are bigger insize and stature. Kodiak bears have a bigger, broader head thangrizzlies do, but have a very similar colouration that may easilyconfuse them with grizzlies and vice versa.

What is a Kodiak Bear?

The Kodiak Bear ( Ursus arctos middendorffi ), or Alaskan Brown Bear , is the largest subspecies of the Brown Bear. The Kodiak Bear lives in southern Alaska, and is endangered. Kodiak Bears can grow to be 3.2 metres (10.5 feet) long and can weigh nearly 700 kilograms (over 1,500 lbs), and can eat just about anything in Alaska. When Kodiak Bears reproduce, the litters average about 3-6 cubs. The bears have a light-brown strip from the throat to their stomach. Unlike some bears, the Kodiak Bear does not live in caves.. The Kodiak bear and the Polar Bear are the largest members of the bear family. [1] Though frequently referred to as the largest land carnivore, the Kodiak bear is actually an omnivore. [2] . One famous Kodiak Bear that has appeared in films is Bart the Bear.

How big is a male kodiak bear?

Boars average around 1000 to 1200 lbs. Some may be bigger, especially during the fall when they're fattening up prior to hibernation.

What are the Kodiak bear's adaptations?

An adaptation of the Kodiak bear is that they are able to hibernatewhen the temperatures are too cold. They also have long claws todig for food.

What does the kodiak bear weigh?

kodiaks weigh anywhere from 1000 to 1700 pounds but a bear that eats a divine diet has the potential to get HUGE!!!!, I am more in teressrted in individual beast as one grew to 2500 pounds, that is alot of predator, he is already pound for pound undefeatable The Kodiak is the stronger bear with a hevier build thicker bones, extra hump of muscle , and weight in the front of his body, a polar bear is a bold warrior build has a doofy long neck, extrame fat in his butt is not as powerful as a mighty kodiak, but on average a polar bear weighs a little more, he i is more like a big dog with lon g legs than a mighty beast worthy of the tittle king of bears Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Which_is_the_largest_bear_polar_or_kodiak#ixzz1lBzog9Nv .

How do you get coupons?

Here are some opinions from our users: . Coupons are available with numerous online websites, Couponshelp you to save money and purchase products at discountedprice. . You can get coupon in magazines (mostly those are groceries)but now the most practical and fastest way is by just browsing theinternet enter the name of store or grocery shop that you arelooking for a coupon and you will see hundreds of websites thatwill offer those coupons.

What is a coupon?

A coupon is a little paper or code you get that saves you money by presenting it to a cashier at time of purchase. And a Coupon is the promo code that you enter online at the time of checking out in order to get discounts.

Where can you get coupons?

You can get coupons by cutting them out of the newspaper, printing them off of an online coupons website, and some stores have their own coupons that you can use.. You can search online for keyword "coupons" or "store coupons", use either Google, Yahoo or Cool Cuil search engine.. You can search online for keyword "grocery coupons" or "grocery store coupons" Use either Google, Yahoo or Cool Cuil search engine..

Do direct mail coupons really work?

They seem to work best for the local community base that a business serves. I would keep the distribution within a 20 mile radius of your business anything further then that is a waste of your money. I have 35 years experience owning and operating my own companies and have found this to be true. Again it depends on the type of business you have.

Is the Kodiak stronger than the polar?

No. Polar bears are the largest species of bear in the world, which obviously would qualify it as being stronger than the Kodiak bear.

Where are kodiak bears found?

The Kodiak bear ( Ursus arctos middendorffi ), also known as the Kodiak brown bear or the Alaskan grizzly bear or American brown bear , occupies the islands of the Kodiak Archipelago in South-Western Alaska. Its name in the Alutiiq language is Taquka-aq . It is the largest subspecies of brown bear.

How tall is a kodiak bear?

Standing on all fours to the shoulder, a fully-grown male Kodiak bear can be 4.5 to 5 ft tall. The fully-grown male Kodiak bear is about 10 ft or 11 ft tall on hind legs standing upright.

Can a gorilla kill a kodiak bear?

Probably not. A bear, no matter what species, can easily kill and eat a gorilla.

What continent is the kodiak bear found?

North America and the continent most of the former USSR was on. Mainly Northern area there.

How do you get a coupon?

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Kodiak rifle who made these?

There are numerous results from an internet search on Kodiak Rifle. Without more information, can't help you.

What are Coupons?

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How big is the Kodiak bear?

Large males can be over nine feet tall and weigh 1200 pounds and more. The largest Kodiak bear was ten feet long, and weighed 1656 pounds.

What is a hello?

A "hello" is a way of greeting someone. The word comes from earlier forms such as hallo and hollo , where the Old High German form is similar to the Spanish (hola) but likely derives from a signal shouted to ferrymen.

What kind of oil for a Yamaha Kodiak?

Yamaha recommends 20W40. You can get some at O'reilly auto parts for sure maybe any parts house. You need to be careful to use motorcycle oil or heavy duty diesel oil in it, not car oil. Motorcycles use the same supply of oil for their engines and their transmissions, so it sees really hard service. Motorcycle oil and heavy duty diesel oil are made for things that chew up the polymers in oil...like motorcycle transmissions.

Is the kodiak bear endangered?

No, some races of brown bear are in some trouble, but as a species seem to holding on well.

What do kodiak bears eat?

They will eat most anything they can catch, like young deer, moose, caribou or elk, fish, especially salmon, they will scavenge carcasses, and eat berries, and grasses, and will rip logs apart for insect larvae, or dig for rodents.

How to find year of Yamaha kodiak?

The tenth digit in the VIN will tell you the year. 1 for 2001, 2 for 2002, etc.

What country do kodiak bears originate from?

Kodiak bears are a large subspecies of brown bear that are indigenous to the Kodiak Archipelago of Alaska, United States.

How do I send in a payment without coupon mailed just the coupon in the envelope but forgot to put in check?

How do I send in a payment without a coupon? I mailed the coupon but forgot to put the check in the envelope.

How do you adjust carburetor on a Yamaha Kodiak?

My kodiak 400 2003 idles well but when you throttle away it chugs like its no getting any fuel does any one have any clues

What is a kodiak bears lifespan?

an Kodiak bear is full grown at 10-11 years and has a life expectancy, without any accidents 25 to 30 years. Others have lived more than 36 years in captivity or zoos.

How do i get Victoria's Secret free panties mailed coupons?

Victoria's Secret often sends coupons for free products to theirsubscribed catalogue readers. In order to subscribe to a catalogue,go to the official Victoria's Secret website and apply for one freeof charge.

Is the kodiak bear extinct?

No, according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Kodiakbear populations are healthy and productive. The ADFG estimates thecurrent population of wild Alaskan Kodiak Bears to be in theneighborhood of 3,500.

Reliability of a Mac OS Kodiak?

The Kodiak version of Mac OS X was a public beta test of the then new Mac OS which Apple first released in 2000 and expired in 2001. It was generally reliable but Apple made many changes to the system and user interface after feedback from users of the Kodiak beta.

Where can get coupons for gluten free products that can be mailed?

This link to a website below is a great source to have gluten free products and coupons shipped to you for foods you may not find in stores!

How do you do coupons?

Well you can obviously take them to the store and get the Value taken off your product. Why, when you can purchase a generic for way less? True, you would want to maximize your coupons value. How? Wait for Rockbottom price, look at the store ads/sales and use your coupons to maximize your savings.

Which is the largest bear polar or Kodiak?

The Kodiak is the stronger bear with a hevier build thicker bones, extra hump of muscle , and weight in the front of his body, a polar bear is a bold warrior build has a doofy long neck, extrame fat in his butt is not as powerful as a mighty kodiak, but on average a polar bear weighs a little more, he i is more like a big dog with lon g legs than a mighty beast worthy of the tittle king of bears

How many miles from boston to kodiak?

They are 7560 miles (Approx.) away from each other. Note that this is a straight distance between the twoplaces. The actual distance may vary according to the flight path or road/sea routechosen.

When do you get your coupons?

When I want to get discount on product, I search for coupons because by using coupons I don't pay full price.

Do entertainment coupons ever come in the mail?

You can apply to get coupons in the mail through various retailers or by signing up with online sites that offer coupon services. Valpack is one example of a coupon mailer that often offers entertainment coupons.

How many seats does the Chevy Kodiak have?

The Chevy Kodiak is a great car to choose if you are planning on having a few kids. There are five seats located in the care. There are three in the back and two in the front.

How do you delete mail on hello kitty big city dreams?

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Can a kodiak bear kill a moose?

Yes, if the kodiak bear avoided the moose's hooves and antlers (if it is a bull moose). Even a grizzly bear or an alaskan brown bear could kill a bull moose, but not when it is on the rut.

Kodiak vs. aligator?

I think a Kodiak could pick up an alligator and chomp it right in the abdomen and that would be all of the alligator. On the other hand, the alligator, when picked up by the bear might snap around and take the bear's paw off rendering the bear helpless in controlling the alligator.

Where do you get the coupons?

I print coupons, get them in the newspaper, get then off products (peelies), get sent coupons, and request coupon books.

How often do Bath and Body Works coupons get mailed out?

Bath and Body Works coupons are mailed out seasonally and with the launch of new products.

How does one get their name on a coupon mailing list?

There are many ways in which to get subscribed to coupon and company mailing lists. Providing email and home addresses to individual companies is one way. A more efficient method would be to submit to a large catalog service which would submit all information to many lists.

Where can you get coupons from?

There are many websites that offers coupons for online shoppers. Ifanyone looking for groceries coupons then EzCouponSearch.com is thebest source. One of the oldest website with updated offers. You can also try CouponLocate.com

Where can one find coupons for a free Sunday Mail newspaper?

One can find coupons for a free Sunday Mail newspaper inside the Daily Mail newspaper during the week. One can also find coupons inside the papers collected at a building's recycling center.

Where can one buy Kodiak trucks?

Kodiak trucks are available through Chevrolet. One of the places these may be found is in the Chevrolet sales lots and used sales lots for these cars and trucks.

Where is the Kodiak Military History Museum in Kodiak Alaska located?

The address of the Kodiak Military History Museum is: 1417 Mill Bay Rd, Kodiak, AK 99615

What is the record weight for a Kodiak bear?

According Gary Brown's Great Bear Almanac , the heaviestrecorded modern (non-extinct) bear was a Kodiak Brown Bear thattipped the scales at an amazing 2,500+ pounds (1,134 kg)! Forcomparison, the heaviest Polar Bear weighed about 2,210 pounds(1,002 kg). As an added bonus, the largest bear of all time, theSouth American Giant Short-Faced Bear, weighed an astonishing 3,500pounds (1,587 kg), with the leg bone of one specimen in theSmithsonian Institute comparing nicely with the corresponding bonein the skeleton of a juvenile elephant!

Which is stronger a Kodiak bear or a lion?

Considering the average Kodiak bear is three times as large as theaverage lion, it is a fair bet that the bear would possess a hugestrength advantage.