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Heute kommen engel auf urlaub nach wien?

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Are the Engels coming to Vienna on vacation (holiday) today?
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What does 'was ist heute' mean?

What is today? is the direct translation of Was ist heute? It is a contraction of the phrase Was ist heute für ein Tag? meaning what day is it today? It translates literally

What is Wien Wien Nur du Allein in English?

Its the opening line of a song and translates as: Vienna, Vienna, just you alone

What country is Wien in?

Wien is the German name for Vienna, which is the capital of Austria.

What is the meaning of woher kommen sie in Germany?

Woher kommen sie? translates as Where are they from? Woher kommen Sie? translates as Where are you from?

Was hast du heute Morgen gemacht?

Was hast du heute Morgen gemacht = what did you do this morning

Who is Friedrich Engels?

"Fredrich Engels was the co developer of Marxism with his more wellknown colleague Karl Marx" Improved: Friedrich Engels was aradical thinker and is best known for his contr

Where did the surname Wiens originate?

The proud and noble Wiens surname is first found in Vienna,  Austria. Citizens of Vienna were known as Wieners. See the Related  House of Names Link listed below for more in