Hexane on top of water?

Yes. If you put water and hexane in a beaker or a container together, the hexane will be on top of the water. One way to see this is to dye the water. They do not mix because water is polar and the hexane cannot dissolve in it. It is on top because, guess why? It is less dense than water. That is why anything floats on water... it is less dense! Hope that answers your question!
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Why does a needle float on water but not on hexane?

Technically, a needle is heavier than water, so it doesn't really float in the usual sense of the word. It is suspended by surface tension between the water molecules on the s (MORE)

Are water and hexane miscible or immiscible?

hexane and water are not miscible as the water is a polar solvent and hexane is a non polar solvent ,hence its immiscible.There is a proverb that like dissolve like.

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Why do water and hexane do not mix?

Water is a polar molecule (is a dipole, has a positive end and a negative end), hexane is a non-polar molecule. Like dissolves like. Water will dissolve other polar molecules, (MORE)

Hexane solube in water?

NO Hexane will phase separate when added to water. The hexane will form the top layer , as it is lighter than water

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Why mineral oil dissolve in hexane and not in water?

  Polar substances are miscible (will dissolve) in each other and non-polar substances will dissolve in each other. "Like dissolves like!" Mineral oil is non-polar. Hexane (MORE)

Can water form hydrogen bonds with hexane?

No, hexane is a non polar molecule and can not form hydrogen bonding with itself, water , ethanol or any other molecule.

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Is hexane soluble in water?

No hexane is insoluble in water. "Like dissolves like" meaning the more alike (chemically) two things are the more likely they will be soluble in each other. Hexane and water (MORE)

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