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Where can you get dental insurance for an elderly person?

Answer . I just signed my father up for the dental plan through AARP. It's ~ $550 a year for insurance coverage but it's a good plan. www.aarp.com. Answer . AARP is goo

What is the difference between hospital services and hospice services for elderly patients?

  A "hospital" is a place where people go to get some medical treatment when they are sick or injured. Most major cities have several hospitals. When you go to a hospital,

Age limit for elderly life insurance?

  The age limit for elderly life insurance will depend on the life insurance carrier with whom you are applying for coverage. Individual carriers establish this limit as a

Can I get final expenses insurance for an elderly parent?

Yes, you may be able to get final expense insurance for an elderly parent. However, the insured person usually needs to sign the application for coverage and answer some que

What insurance does ucsd medical hospital accept?

I'm 73 and on Medicare. The insurance I have now for Victor Legner  UCSD primary care doctor will be discontinued Dec. 31, 2013. I need  to know what insurance (HMO's and PP

Life insurance while in the hospital?

  Are you asking if you can buy it while in the hospital? It depends why you are there. More than likely you would need to wait until you are out or buy a guaranteed issue