How Arkansas get its name?

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Arkansas got it's name after the native american tribe Quapaw when European explorers met them. their nickname was Arkansaw so that's when they named Arkansas,Arkansas.
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How did Arkansas get its name?

The name is from the Quapaw people, Native Americans. It was spelled 'Arkansea', which was pronounced as AR-Kan-Saw. It is now spelled "Arkansas".

What is the connections in the names Arkansas and Kansas?

Both names come from American Indian languages and were given tothe areas by the French settlers. Although they both contain"kansas" there is no obvious link. Kansas comes fro

What Indians was Arkansas name for?

Not sure about the word "Arkansas," but the Ozark Mountain region in the northwest part of the state was named after the original French term "Aux Arcs," meaning "with bows."

Where did Arkansas get its name?

The legendary roman emperor named Arkansias, who ruled from 003-024, was a great military general. He took over after Clauduis died, and went on to construct many great monume

Who named Little Rock Arkansas?

Supposedly, it was a French explorer named Jean-Baptisted Benard de la Harpe who settled near a little rock formation on the Arkansas river, and named it (drum-roll, please) L

How did Arkansas bell hole get its name?

a bell hole is a hole dug in a upside down bell shape around a pipe sunk into the ground so it can be cut or welded. arkansas.... ozarks..... hills..... 45 degree angles.....

What is the origin of the name of Arkansas?

Many place names in our state, including the name of Arkansas (pronounced Ark-an-saw), are French pronunciations of Indian words. At the time of the early French exploration,

What is little rock Arkansas named for?

European settlers had supplies brought in by river (The Arkansas River). There were two landing sites in the same general area. River boats looked for landmarks to locate wher