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To set up an audtion, call 647-1949.
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How do you get a contract with jive records?

My dad has jive records contract and they don't just hand it over you have to make a demo CD with info where they can get in contact with you and send it to them if they like

How do you submit lyrics to be recorded by a singer?

Mail the 1st copy of the song to yourself don't open it. Once you rec'v. it to yourself, then mail the copy to the artist you want it to go to. This is called a poor man's cop

Jive records phone number?

Jive Records is located in New York City, New York. The phone  number is (212) 727-0016. The address is 137 West 25th Street New  York, New York 10001. Jive Records has seve

What do singers do to become singers?

As i am a singer myself and only 10 here is what you do Practice singing, get lots of confidence and have fun but wait there's more. Start of just hiring a stage and performin

What do singers do to become a singer?

You start with singing lessons to improve your technique and improve your voice then you can start looking for contests and if you really want to sing hire an agent. Then soon

How can you get a record label for singing because i love to sing and im pretty good so how can i become a famous singer?

Okay - so take my opinion as exactly what it is. MY opinion. What I'm going to say may not work for you, but if you can make it happen, your chances of success should be much

How to become a singer?

Put a video on you tube . get known prove to people that u have talent . don't be shy or afraid to sing in public . YOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO SING THOUGH . Get peoples op

How many singers are there in Motown records?

56 ----- Tough question, and ambiguous. There were over 624 Artists and Group recording for Motown Records and affiliates from 1959 to 1979. Some were in 2 or more groups.

How do you become a singer?

There are many ways to become a singer 1. post a video on you tube. 2. take singing lessons. 3. make a band and perform small concerts ( then if a producer is there at one he

How do you play juba jive on the recorder?

Playing Juba Jive is simple here are the notes: G G A A G G E G G A A B A G G G A A G G E B A G E, quarter rest, E D E E , quarter rest, G A G G, quarter rest, E D E E, quarte
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What do you have to do to become a singer?

Believe in your self that you can do it. And if you believe in your self then you'll achieve your goal and if singing is what you want to do then that's what you'll be just be