How Can you Stop your Brother from being a baby?

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Unfortunately, maturity cannot be forced.
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What are the odds of a baby being born mentally handicapped if its parents are half brother and sister?

Answer All I can say is the baby has and INCREASED chance of being born with a genetic disease. The baby will not necessarily be "mentally handicapped". If a disease (such as diabetes) runs in your family, the baby will inherit these genes from both the mother and father and probably suffer from it (MORE)

How do you get your mean annoying brother to stop?

Be mean and annoying back. Or you can rat them out! get them grounded for like 2/3weeks or something! If you really cant say anything because you cant think of anything, then tell him that he's really mean to you and tell your mum or dad what they've said. If your brother is older than you, they w (MORE)

How do you make your brother stop being mean?

just try to ignore him if he keeps being mean tell your parents or try to talk to him and straighten things out GOOD LUCK im 11 and i have the same problem i hope i helped you enough! I am so glad that I've found someone the same age as me and who has the same problem as me. I'll try to ignor (MORE)

How can you stop being you?

You can't; you are always you. The trick is not to stop being you -- it's to start liking you! If you don't like something about yourself, you can usually change it, but if you can't change, then you need to learn how to accept yourself for yourself instead of beating yourself up. If you think y (MORE)

My brother is being very standoffish?

give him his space. Let him go and talk to you when he wants to. trying to get him to warm up is a colossal waist of time. especially when he just makes it uncomfortable for you to go up to him, no point trying so hard then, I figure.

What to do when your younger brother is being abused?

you must report this right away to a trusted adult or teacher, if need be the police, they will help you to make sure that you and your brother are safe, please do this as soon as possible!!! you must report to an adult right away. if an adult is not near you DO NOT as a stranger. if the parent can (MORE)

Can an infection stop you from being able to have a baby?

The short answer is yes - certain infections that are either not noticed or treated late can lead to reduced fertility, especially in women. The ones to watch out for are sexually transmitted infections, such as chlamydia and gonorrhea, which can lead to a condition called pelvic inflammatory dis (MORE)

How do you get your brother to stop being mean?

Little Brothers: Little brothers are not old enough to get that they are misbehaving- or if they are old enough, they are trying to get attention. Try to be nice to them and give them attention. Explain how they can be better. Older Brothers: Older brothers are more mature and probably know they a (MORE)

How do you stop your brother being annoying?

What works for me is putting itching powder or scratching powder in his blankets during winter. The reason for this is that he doesn't want to get out of bed because he's cold and he will stay up all night scratching or itching which means he sleeps in. If this is no help to you be annoying back by (MORE)

How do you get your little brother to stop stealing?

If your brother or sister is stealing from you, take something of theirs. A game, ipod or sleeping things, tell them to give you your things back and you will give them their things back. If they tell your mom or dad, just tell them you'll give it back if they give yours back. It works sometimes, ma (MORE)

How do you stop annoying your brother?

You're annoying him because you're frustrated about something, and it may have nothing to do with your brother. Try to figure out what's bothering you deep down, think about how you're feeling when you end up annoying him. Can you figure out what it is? If you can, you're on your way to resolving it (MORE)

Why is your brother being mean to you?

because he is jealous of you. or that you have done something that he does not like and tries to pay you back. But know matter what the reason is, you are siblings so you will be mean to each other to tell the other one how tough you are!! :-D xxx

How do you stop your brother from playing on the computer?

If it's your younger brother, under 7, say " If you touch the computer, all the ghosts in the house will come and take you back in time and you'll never get to play again. EVER! You'll be a slave to the ancient Amazons!" If it's your older brother, password block it.

How do you get your brothers to stop being mean?

If your the only girl in the house you have to learn how to fight if you want to face your brothers. Take karate or boxing when they see that your just as tough as them they'll stop for sure!

How can you stop being afraid of being ridiculed?

If you are afraid of being ridiculed by other people, that can definitely be hard, and I think everyone goes through that where they fear being called names or being mocked because you don't have a designer wardrobe. You should ask yourself why you are scared of being ridiculed and make a list up of (MORE)

How do you stop a baby?

Well if it depends on what you are stopping it from. If you are trying to stop it from crying give it a bottle or pacifier change its diaper or take temperature and see if their sick. If your trying to stop it from crawling around put a gate up. If you don not want to conceive one then use some m (MORE)

How do you stop girls from stalking your brother?

Go up to them and say... "Hi, I don't think i know you (if you don't) but I've heard that you are stalking my brother. I know that it is none of my business but please stop because it is very annoying, and I think that is how my brother feels about it too." ...and if that does not work... "Hi, (MORE)

How do you stop fighting with your brother?

Ignore him. If he comes up to you and starts tease you just walk away. Or if he comes up to you and says your ugly just laugh and say thanks and just keep walking. I hope I helped you

How do you stop being ashamed of being tall?

There is nothing to be ashamed of about being tall. If people are making fun of you, that says something about them, not about you. You were born with the genes for tallness, and there is nothing wrong with that. So, be proud of who you are and don't let other people's prejudices or problems affect (MORE)

What to do when your brother is being very stubborn?

There are many different things to do but it matters the circumstances. As example :whether he is older or younger and what age. The "best thing to do" is opinionated but I would try to reason with him and conclude to a deal of some sort. There must be something he could agree with. If that is unabl (MORE)

How do you stop stop someone from being mean?

This is almost impossible to answer without more information. obviously, you don't tolerate it, but as far as appropriate/best course of action depends on who the person is, what they are doing/did, and if they are in a position of authority etc.

How do you get my brother to stop thinking that my iPod is his?

Get some decorative tape which will go well with your iPod from hobby craft. I have red. Trace the apple on the back onto paper and use as a template to cut out the apple shape. Be careful that the tape does not fold and stick together! Then stick over the top of the original apple logo. If you like (MORE)

How do you get you little brother to stop annoying you?

Tell on him or if u are an adult move away if you live with him. tell them that you love them and that will sometimes stop them my other answer is (wouldn't recommend) but punch them in the face to show them that you are not afraid because some little brothers say you are afraid , you are a wimp ,yo (MORE)

How do I Get my brother to stop being mean so I wont run away?

the two best ways are either A: assist him in the things he cant do alone, so that he needs you to do them... that way you can stop helping him if he is mean. If that doesnt work, you have to beat him with meanness. I remember once my brother was mean, so i went in his room and broke his stereo, per (MORE)

Why does a boy break up with you just because your stronger im mean like seriously stop being such a baby?

It is you that should grow up and be much wiser. No matter whether it's a boy or man they like to feel they are the ones that are stronger; perhaps also the feeling of being the protector of the girl or woman they are going out with or steady dating. A wise girl or woman of any age is smart to let t (MORE)